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Alabi idowu Oluwafemi
Arsenal for eternity
Comment from : Alabi idowu Oluwafemi

satu dua
Good game from ozil. I love your playing
Comment from : satu dua

Ivan Juka
Comment from : Ivan Juka

anônimo silva
Metade fos comentarios exaltam somenteum jogador .,ozil ozil 1000 vezes
Comment from : anônimo silva

Sanket Pawar
What's song name
Comment from : Sanket Pawar

Abang Alai
We love you arsenal..never give up on you
Comment from : Abang Alai

gunasekar shankar
Who criticised Ozil watch this video
Comment from : gunasekar shankar

Феня Фет
Do you remember Arshavin Fabregas Nasri Van Persi?
Comment from : Феня Фет

Unbeaten 49
Messy ozil is not very very unselfish
Comment from : Unbeaten 49

SupeR EM
HENRIKH MKHITARYAN IS VERY SMART AND KINDE FOOTBALLER, PEOPLE 🇦🇲👏🏻👍🏻💪🏻✊🏻⚽️🌐🇦🇲👏🏻👍🏻💪🏻✊🏻🌐⚽️🇦🇲👏🏻👍🏻💪🏻✊🏻🌐⚽️🇦🇲👏🏻👍🏻💪🏻✊🏻🌐⚽️🇦🇲👏🏻👍🏻💪🏻✊🏻🌐⚽️
Comment from : SupeR EM

Bigin 14
I love arsenal
Comment from : Bigin 14

still no EPL hahahha
Comment from : rockychieng88

Lameck Mukala
Sometimes I ask myself, what the hell? When we are doing well, why do our managers change things around? First half of the season, we were outstanding. Laca and Auba didn’t always start together. Idk if pressure came from the fans, second half on the season was bad especially the last games. We had the chance to first 3rd with the easiest games, and we just capitulated. Please emery if something is working don’t change
Comment from : Lameck Mukala

Daniel Maluenda
Being from Chile, i hope Alexis comes back to Arsenal. I love the way they play, and Alexis was best with Arsenal.
Comment from : Daniel Maluenda

Moeketsi Ramosana
1:42 Absolutely fantastic peach of a ball!!!
Comment from : Moeketsi Ramosana

this is how arsenal will beat man city next season hands down


Comment from : WIRED MATOOKE

Yuvin Kang
On a good day, arsenal are better than liverpool
Comment from : Yuvin Kang

I am a proud arsenal fan and one of our non smart plays is playing mustafi
Comment from : URLFluffy

Hamlin A.
Perfect team, 2.00 minutes özil perfect asisst.
Comment from : Hamlin A.

ozil is a magic player
Comment from : TIRMIZI NAFI'U

Erma Heni Surya
Ozil makes football beautiful...
Comment from : Erma Heni Surya

fouad AHMANE
Ozil = the art of playing football
Comment from : fouad AHMANE

Haris Firdaus
Komen to 300
Comment from : Haris Firdaus

Sushan Saakya
66 people disliked because the video was too short....
Comment from : Sushan Saakya

nikko kapetanos
Beautiful Football, love this club
Comment from : nikko kapetanos

Wan Najmi
King ozil
Comment from : Wan Najmi

I like your videos, but your music choice is absolutely horrible mate
Comment from : MrJadi9

I’m not an arsenal fan but your videos are so amazing and also the music that you used made me love them
Comment from : Ahmad

Clement Namwakira
Nice Ozil.
He is not mean.

Comment from : Clement Namwakira

Maziar Beiramee
1:22-1:23 How does Auba miss that?
Comment from : Maziar Beiramee

Bách Vũ
Always love your videos. Keep doin' that bro 🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Bách Vũ

manu Kumar
Arsenal is waisting ozil talent
Comment from : manu Kumar

Mikael Nielsen
Arsenal founded 1886, and only 5 and a half minutes of smart plays..
Comment from : Mikael Nielsen

Nile Saulter
who chooses the awful music for these videos? truly. you listen to the lyrics?
Comment from : Nile Saulter

user one
this channel deserves more subscribers and views
Comment from : user one

Ozil is key to making top 4
Comment from : British

if Cazola + Ozil + Ramsey + Lacazette + Aubameyang, Arsenal is the other dream team again. 10+ years after Henry

front 2 and 3 in mid field

Comment from : ST1983

David Hunanyan
3:41 Micki🤘
Comment from : David Hunanyan

Abdi Hussein
I think some of us arsenal fans have heard that we have £45 million to spend but I know how we can get more

.Sell players

Ozil £90m
Jenkinson £20m
Elneny £15m
Mustafi £30m
Lichsteiner £10m

Now we have £210m

.We buy

De ligt (£80m)
Dybala (£100m)
Perisic (£30)
Godin (free)

We need our arsenal back

Comment from : Abdi Hussein

Anyone notice Xhaka missing in these videos :). Ah, sorry I just noticed the title.
Comment from : Neddie2k

su bid
Same old arsenal still I'm big fan of arsenal but also same old glitches
Comment from : su bid

Sbuyiselo Sandile
Emery is stupid for thinking we better without Ozil
Comment from : Sbuyiselo Sandile

Maisam Askari
Comment from : Maisam Askari

asyraf shukuri
Me feeling right now 😳😢😭. This song gets me so emotional. Keep up the good work bro #respect #coyg #gunners
Comment from : asyraf shukuri

Tuấn Nguyễn Anh
why ozil... i missed him...love the way he plays
Comment from : Tuấn Nguyễn Anh



Comment from : Tanbad

Mohammed Ibrahim
When Arsenal are at their best.. They play the most beautiful football in the world ❤
Comment from : Mohammed Ibrahim

wheres the creative of iwobi in the 1st 45 second match vs man c yesterday ? LOL 😂😜
Comment from : far8

Hidayah Tv
He not playing ozil that time vs manchester cuty
Comment from : Hidayah Tv

Dimitris k
I will never stop loving this team even though the times are tough!!! Love from Greece 🇬🇷🔴⚽⚪
Comment from : Dimitris k

Arsenal sucks
Comment from : 。想不到名字

Lil -Falafel
Mesut Özil is in all goals thé assist man
Comment from : Lil -Falafel

That's a great video because it even helps us realizing what Emery wants the team to do. Those small bits show the type of plays the manager is trying to implement. Keep up the great work, man.
Comment from : MrDahcookie

Didi Didi
#emeryout #teamozil
Comment from : Didi Didi

Alex Sur
Comment from : Alex Sur

Sapiq Ismail
Comment from : Sapiq Ismail

Napoleons Channel
Ozil ??? the pass master and now he stay a bench
Comment from : Napoleons Channel

Vishnu Charan
City 3 arsenal 1
Comment from : Vishnu Charan

Rezki Totti
Ozil the best of 😍
Comment from : Rezki Totti

Yieh FR Hk
Spanish , mentally is god
But it not going to work it out with footballs player
Arsenal team😜⚽️🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀

Comment from : Yieh FR Hk

Muhammad Muhammad
Ozil the best creative player🧠🧠🧠👨🏻‍💻
Comment from : Muhammad Muhammad

Muhammad Muhammad
Watch the last assist by kolacinac
Comment from : Muhammad Muhammad

Muhammad Muhammad
Kolacinac one of the Arsenal best player😎🧠
Comment from : Muhammad Muhammad

Mohd Shaiful
3-1 😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Mohd Shaiful

ok Betta
Comment from : ok Betta

CaterGenie_ 1297
Can you please change the music of the intro in my opinion it’s a bit old now
Comment from : CaterGenie_ 1297

Jonathan Rios
Ozil was in almost every play
Comment from : Jonathan Rios

Hortance brdei
Weather arsenal win or lose they will always be a top class team
Comment from : Hortance brdei

Ray Jay
I really dont know why Emery cant see Mezut is the most creative player in that team and should find a way to work with him.....Ozil is a wizard and he just needs 5 to 20minutes of his game to make a difference.
Comment from : Ray Jay

Fin Hills
Not only does this show how vital Özil is to our squad but also how Maitland Niles is underrated by fans who talk shit about him when he's out of position. He still puts in the effort passion and creativity and is still young That proves his quality and potential as an arsenal player

Comment from : Fin Hills

Andre Slonk
Comment from : Andre Slonk

Jonathan Joe
i'm not even arsenal fan but your video is so awesome. keep it up bro
Comment from : Jonathan Joe

king Ec7
There's no doubt that we have a great attack if we patch up are defence them well have a great team like if u agree
Comment from : king Ec7

Primrose Neog
What's the intro song?
Comment from : Primrose Neog

Ahmed Almohammdi
No Özil No party
Comment from : Ahmed Almohammdi

Ismail Gamer
Mesut Ozil the king of vision or assists
Comment from : Ismail Gamer

Petr Per
All I saw was Ozil being a genius in this vid! Play him or sell him!
Comment from : Petr Per

Nafri Dyas
u had the chance to name the video : 300 IQ PLAYS but nooooooo
Comment from : Nafri Dyas

Solar 07
Mesut özil👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Comment from : Solar 07

Abdulellah Madani
Love your videos bro
Keep it going mate😍

Comment from : Abdulellah Madani

Ykiesta Ug Philez
Mesut Özil
Comment from : Ykiesta Ug Philez

Great vid as per ususal
Comment from : Lewis

Ben Adebiyi
Comment from : Ben Adebiyi

Jani Pauls
This is why i love Arsenal! ❤😍
Comment from : Jani Pauls

Thomas Stimo
Was it Just me that got gooseflesh??
Comment from : Thomas Stimo

Mustakin Sekh World
Ozil ❤❤
Comment from : Mustakin Sekh World

Victor Chege
Özil has a vision like none other... 🙌
Comment from : Victor Chege

I'm Alex Iwobi's biggest fan
Comment from : CrispyBuda

I love GT-R
[ I love 💓ARSENAL💓 ]
Comment from : I love GT-R

Ozil has always at the creative moment
Comment from : れもん

Md Mahdi
What is Einstein doing here🤐
Comment from : Md Mahdi

Radik Arzumanyan
Mkhi best!
Comment from : Radik Arzumanyan

Kunwar Sagar
I don't know why some arsenal fans hate ozil... He is a gem. So what he doesn't run much... there are other 9 player to run.. His vision is amzing.
Comment from : Kunwar Sagar

joel fernandes
Ozil on fire 🔥
Comment from : joel fernandes

Olu Ade
There is actually a no 10 problem not just Ozil, Isco, Mata etc needs to evolve, most teams don't play a typical no 10 again as they go 4-3-3.
Comment from : Olu Ade

Rabbi shecklestein
great video!
Comment from : Rabbi shecklestein

Dennis Mwai
4:00 Ozil can work hard if he wants to, this is what he needs to produce every week, desire and determination!!
Comment from : Dennis Mwai

Jane Vi
Comment from : Jane Vi

AzmanTvh BLiNKsJiChuu
Man City Vs Arsenal prediction.

I'm not gonna talk about MC cause we know how they will approach this game. This type of match is for Arsenal to take. Arsenal need to win.

Whether Suarez start or not, I just hope Emery will not play back 3. I don't think back 3 did help arsenal defence whatsoever. I predict that Ozil will not start. Ramsey might have a go. Iwobi likely to play along side auba and laca. Question will be on defence. ANM probably play RB. Mavraponos probably too early.

Anyway, I hope Ozil start as No.10

Auba left and Laca striker. Iwobi right. Suarez and torriera midfield partner. I just want Arsenal to hold the ball more and be brave against man city pressing and counter pressing. Anyway I feel Man city still too much for Arsenal to handle. Arsenal need to take chance and not give away easy goals.

Final score: I want Arsenal to win so I go for MC 1-2 ARS

Prediction: MC 5-1 ARS 😂😎😚😙😧😬

Comment from : AzmanTvh BLiNKsJiChuu

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