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Название :  Nodata
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Elyse’s freestyle, holy shit.
Comment from : Wheatless

Brock Newton
Find it funny that Elyse checked her hair even though she's married
Comment from : Brock Newton

Takeo Weatherby
Lol Calum is Australian not Canadian
Comment from : Takeo Weatherby

Bradyn Westbrook
Adam dropping the roach at 8:52
Comment from : Bradyn Westbrook

Stan Caj
How are you getting at Johntron for making a racist comment when you guys have made 5 in this video alone and do all the time
Comment from : Stan Caj

I just realised these guys archetypes

Bruce is the funny guy that got all the pussy
James is the hot guy that got all the pussy
Laurence is the geeky/smart that got all the pussy
Adam is the angry guy that got all the pussy

Elyse.... She's the pussy that James got, maybe she got all the pussy too?


Comment from : EgoCityGaming

did I see a video of Adam dropping joint??? dislike
Comment from : xFWG CHAOS

Adam Hickey
fuck the giants... love you guys but your love of california baseball makes me wanna prolapse constantly
Comment from : Adam Hickey

katie Barber
the nancy drew bit at 10:37 is amazing
Comment from : katie Barber

Kody Schulze
can we just recognize that Elyse's rap was not bad
Comment from : Kody Schulze

Purple Face
Man April was full of good vids
Comment from : Purple Face

this Jon tron shit is annoying. they're making it sound like what he said was crazy.
Comment from : EternalLurker

Immortal Natives
Comment from : Immortal Natives

George Baldry
I miss black Mark Twain
Comment from : George Baldry

Juh Fuh
Anyone know if there's video of Lawrence and jack rolling on top of each other? haha
Comment from : Juh Fuh

Yo Dawgz Gaming
I'm so glad the video capped with Elyse's amazing Jamaican impression
Comment from : Yo Dawgz Gaming

We need more black Mark Twain!!! He's making black history!!!
Comment from : valkirie19

i wish there was the second rap of Ellyse
Comment from : Rémi

good shit
Comment from : Shaya

I miss Don. RIP Don. #GoneButNotForgotten
Comment from : SilentKnight284

Alright Elyse rapping is like heaven to my ears
Comment from : LickAStix

Frakon .Elite
Has james forgiven bruce for breaking the leprechaun?
Comment from : Frakon .Elite

can we get bruce's song of funhaus on itunes? cause i would get it!! amazing voice bruce! love it (;
Comment from : Jocelynn

Matt McC
"Ah" - Matt Peake
Comment from : Matt McC

Daniel Arriola
When Adam drops the joint at 8:52 the over reaction 😂😂😂
Comment from : Daniel Arriola

Nick Burgess
Lol Calum Von Moger at 7:57
Comment from : Nick Burgess

Luka Vrataric
You're the only channel on youtube for which I turn my adblock off! You deserve it all!
Comment from : Luka Vrataric

ThatOne Antihero
Hahahahhaahahaha Lawrence at 11:38

Comment from : ThatOne Antihero

I could watch this on loop...

Comment from : RewdAwakening

what did Adam drop at 8:51 ? is this the resurgence of Adam 4/20blazin Kovic?
Comment from : Konstant_K

Ben Hawking
Cameo appearance from Callum Von Moger
Comment from : Ben Hawking

The Posh Ninja
We need a rap album with Elyse and Jeremy
Comment from : The Posh Ninja

I'm from Argentina and I've never heard anyone saying that thing about stereotypes
Comment from : AlfioBot

Nahuel Gallo
I am a filthy Argentinean and that's how Mark Twain sounded!
Comment from : Nahuel Gallo

Simon Urdanegui Wu
Comment from : Simon Urdanegui Wu

Sauce Boss
Gimme that black mark twain
Comment from : Sauce Boss

Akira - warrior
We're Funhaus! we play videogames , we're Funhaus! pretty sure we're all straight... (sings along). Bruce have you guys ever thought of making a Funhaus musical album? I would totally buy.
Comment from : Akira - warrior

Tom Shaked
Comment from : Tom Shaked

I swear this is the best creation mankind has ever done! Thanks to all of you! <3
Comment from : JegEnBulldozer

Zack Wartman
Elyse's rap and rasta game are unmatched
Comment from : Zack Wartman

Talking Stalkings was absolutely incredible :')
Comment from : jadeyxboo

Andrew Hanson
How do i make Steves baby voice my text alert message and Bruce singing my ringtone?
Comment from : Andrew Hanson

Did pikachu's tail ever have a black tip on the tail?
Comment from : AmericanGoonerMax

I got the moose-fucking cuts followed by a dating app...
Comment from : InformalNarwhals

Adam's slightly disinterested head rocking and Elyse's god-like bars at 1:34
Comment from : nerdbullier

Emerald Ivory
Rahul sure looks a lot like Bodhi Rook...
Comment from : Emerald Ivory

Naughtius Maximus
So, no one's gonna talk about that catch?

Comment from : Naughtius Maximus

Man, we need more wrestling videos. Those are great.
Comment from : DarknessInferno15

Enrique Garcia
Adam shooting greengots in the legs didnt make it??? That was awesome thoughhhh
Comment from : Enrique Garcia

As a fellow black gentleman...MORE BLACK MARK TWAIN!!!
Comment from : PJΛZΞЯŁΛZΞЯ

Josh Mason
When did talking stalkings turn into the Eric Andre show?
Comment from : Josh Mason

Peake is the best. You can see at 4:44 that he doesn't want to ruin the bit but he also doesn't want Adam to break his bobblehead, so he just holds it up behind Adam. So precious.
Comment from : flashcre8or

That awkward moment when you already made a compilation called 'Best of Racism' but there's still more racism to use
Comment from : Kreddi

The best part about Funhaus to me is how each member is funny in their own right and cracks me up pretty easily.
Then Elyse just comes and bam! I'm dying from laughter

Comment from : NovusDundus

Tom van Zeist
Drunk James falling over has got to be the best thing in my life :')
Comment from : Tom van Zeist

More black mark twain please
Comment from : Raven431

emojis are like faces right? 😂
Comment from : Charles

Whether they see this or not, I just wanted to say thanks to the entire Funhaus team for getting me through a shitty period of my life.
Comment from : ChadSkittles

elyse might actually be the blackest member of funhaus. yes, including tyrone
Comment from : j2oorange

Buildin a sentry
"I was just trying to bang this girl, okay" story of my life
Comment from : Buildin a sentry

my favorite part of April was being introduced to the beautiful chicken boy Steven Suptic
Comment from : BigBoiBork

Justin Graham
Damn, April was a good month for Funhaus!
Comment from : Justin Graham

William S
The highlight was seeing the Brett Spider joke again!
Comment from : William S

Sweetness Kid
i would love if they would play "star trek vr"
Comment from : Sweetness Kid

Connor Cosgrove
When will Mark Twains illegitimate slave bastard son return?
Comment from : Connor Cosgrove

Tymon Nowak
7:38 poland, just Polska
Comment from : Tymon Nowak

Mr. Eugene Krabs
I'm black and I fuck with black Mark twain 👍
Comment from : Mr. Eugene Krabs

Reborn 43
"WE'RE FUN HOUSE" love that song
Comment from : Reborn 43

What a fantastic reminder of how great a character Black Mark Twain was. the fact that james was overly devoted to the character that everyone else hated only made it funnier than it already was
Comment from : Przyakaka

Damn, Elyse knows how to impersonate a Rastafarian too?
Comment from : Rithi

Prince Dillard
We really need more WWE videos
Comment from : Prince Dillard

I can't believe the part with James beating off Bruce happened last month. I honestly remember that and it feels like it was a year ago.
Comment from : CoyRex1

Jake Verrilli
My god that taking stalkings cut
Comment from : Jake Verrilli

bruce should go back to his bald look. bruce sins.
Comment from : __

Andrew Thomas
This whole video could have just been the Talking Stalkings video
Comment from : Andrew Thomas

Dustin Saunders
man I love rahul seems like an awesome guy.
Comment from : Dustin Saunders

Black Mark Twain is the uncle we all deserve
Comment from : thebigmcnasty2112

Jake G
Comment from : Jake G

Muse of Salzburg
"You're gonna wish you never sucked and fucked Frankenstein's Monster." XD
Comment from : Muse of Salzburg

Sam Alexandre
Fuck, Bruce's singing voice just gets me wet
Comment from : Sam Alexandre

rob p
I wonder when the Chris Cornell jokes will start
Comment from : rob p

I fucking love black mark twain
Comment from : oddzxc

Will Von Iderstine
When Bruce destroyed James's stupid toy that will always be one of my top five Bruce moments.
Comment from : Will Von Iderstine

Can you just give us what we want and switch over to black mark twain content only
Comment from : mitchell3

Else feels bad about that ponytail when she heard Bruce is disgusted by them. 14:55
Comment from : Cool_Dog

Patrick Reilly
Elyse's "HELP HIM!!! HELLLLPPPP HIIIMMMM!!!!" is arguably the best
Comment from : Patrick Reilly

Kevin O'Loughlin
Eyleae is always in the air gwm plays
Comment from : Kevin O'Loughlin

I need more Black Mark Twain in my life.
Comment from : TallulahSoie

Ian Sheppard
Damn it, Funhaus, god damn it. I know you work your asses off, but watching these highlight videos makes me crave more than 1 video a day.
Comment from : Ian Sheppard

Jacob Ehdoe
Elyse freestyling was definitely the best one! Someone needs to sign her stat
Comment from : Jacob Ehdoe

Nervereck Cloud
Don is great wish he was in more stuff
Comment from : Nervereck Cloud

Elyse's freestyle abilities are so horribly underused. There's some sweet, Canadian flow getting wasted over there O_o
Comment from : Cataleast

No deaf Paper Boy impersonations from Bruce and Elyse? I demand that Bruce calls me and leaves an "AH'M SAWEEE!" voicemail as an apology!
Comment from : Macephtophelesッ

Corey Ballenger
"Yer fuckin' drenk, Jacab!"
Comment from : Corey Ballenger

"Did black people make this game? " - Bruce Green 2017
Comment from : Hauntyu

Will Becker
I love when Lawrence opens his eyes at 11:54
Comment from : Will Becker

There needs to be more Don in your videos, what a guy
Comment from : FearAnLoathin

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