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Название :  Nodata
Продолжительность :  
Дата публикации :  
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Кадры Nodata

Описание Nodata

Коментарии Nodata

Eliete Dantas
Rosineide dos Santos Souza❤😘
Comment from : Eliete Dantas

Luz Dey Yalanda
Auxiiiiiilio😭😭😭 cómo se llama esta serie
Comment from : Luz Dey Yalanda

Erika Daza
Me encantan❤️
Comment from : Erika Daza

Ashu sena
Wer I find this series
Comment from : Ashu sena

Qual o nome da serie?
Comment from : ivoneteluiza

Raluca Elena helen
Que pasa con Alex y Rosaria? No sigue la serie?? 🤔 🤨 Porque no sique subiendo video?!
Comment from : Raluca Elena helen

N-n p-p
What name movie?
Comment from : N-n p-p

Vaffanqulo!?!?.. what a mouth!
Comment from : axeflanker

ميمي الدلوعه
Comment from : ميمي الدلوعه

Tbh Alex is such a child! Rosaria deserves better.
Comment from : Catarina

holmes martin
Guys how can I see full episode?help me out plzx
Comment from : holmes martin

Boredbored Panda
Alex is a badass hopping from different nest...dirty Alex
Comment from : Boredbored Panda

luna dodi
Alex is actually remind me of my ex girlfriend she was like that manipulative and bad/ass wath can I say it's heartbreaking on the same day she hurt me I drink to mush and slept with men to forget her
Comment from : luna dodi

reyna valencia
Holaaa alguien sabe si hay mas de estas historia Alex, Rosaria.LUISA POR FAVOR Y DONDE LA PUEDO VER GRACIAS 😀👩👧👍GRACIAS POR COMPARTIR .
Comment from : reyna valencia

Татьяна Сусекова
Comment from : Татьяна Сусекова

Seriously one mistake from Rosario and Alex is going off like this? Alex is acting like she's about to cheat. Rosaria should drop her ass if that's the case.
Comment from : tilly

Jazzy Lim
Too much jealousy’s out of control. One need personal space!
Comment from : Jazzy Lim

Dayana Bastidas
Genial.. Gracias
Comment from : Dayana Bastidas

Manuela Cortes
Merci beaucoup pour votre message à lundi alors encore un énorme merci beaucoup
Comment from : Manuela Cortes

the true
Rosaria u better live alex and life happy with anyone...hate alex.
Comment from : the true

May Hutchings
Poor Rosaria very much
Comment from : May Hutchings

Manuela Cortes
Svp la suite de la série svp merci
Comment from : Manuela Cortes

Mariu Coseddu
Comment from : Mariu Coseddu

Aroa Garcia
Comment from : Aroa Garcia

Alix Leary
What Alex is doing at the end, in the advance part? Is she kissing someone else? Rosaria seems upset...
Comment from : Alix Leary

Thank you again for posting and the translations. I saw this coming. Alex needs some space from being controlled.
Comment from : KimbaLion5

🤦🏾‍♀️ come on keep going girls!! Rosaria is jealous but it’s not a big deal
Comment from : yasou26

Islande Roche
Oh :( i'm sad for Rosaria she just wanted to protect Alex
Comment from : Islande Roche

Paola Lazarte
Oh muchas gracias genia!!! 😗
Comment from : Paola Lazarte

*_Nikaisha Kadena Deesheri_*
Comment from : *_Nikaisha Kadena Deesheri_*

Sakshi verma
Spoil every damn lesbian relship
Comment from : Sakshi verma

Amran Rhoune
Thank you for the sharing and subtitles.
PS: i knew they wouldn't let a lesbian couple with happy end

Comment from : Amran Rhoune

Eni Anggraini
I want a normal couple life ??????
Comment from : Eni Anggraini

2ne1Bigbang QueensKings
Moooreee videos uploading to this couple pleasseee haha thankyou
Comment from : 2ne1Bigbang QueensKings

thank you ;)
Comment from : Barb

Thank you!
Comment from : Cosmic

hakan can
Yes. Yes Ok Thank.you Nice Ilove.you 👌👌👍👍🌷🌺🥀🌹💔💟💋👄💕💖💔👈
Comment from : hakan can

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