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Karla Catalan
um the dough isnt stretching it keeps snaping back into place how can i fix this?
Comment from : Karla Catalan

okay, my dough did not look like the one in the video xD but the pizza ended up being decent. small and crunchy
Comment from : B A

madiha rehman
Can anyone half this recipe and tell me the measurement its a lot
Comment from : madiha rehman

Whale Cat
That was NOT enough cheese
Comment from : Whale Cat

Just let out an loud orgasmic "YESSS" at my job when she added the pesto to the ricotta cheese🤪💦

utkarsh yadav
Trypophobic people:7:41😫😵
Comment from : utkarsh yadav

Meanwhile me having 3 frozen pizzas from store in freezer...
Comment from : Dogster

Digitalgirly Plays
People be watching to keep them busy
Comment from : Digitalgirly Plays

Neftaly Ruiz



Home out

Scale ends



Comment from : Neftaly Ruiz

Jimi Umi
I hate the voice overs; I find the American disturbing
Comment from : Jimi Umi

1000 subs with no videos Plz
You can eat this music
Comment from : 1000 subs with no videos Plz

Sting Z
Mission failed
Comment from : Sting Z

Chris Ss
Her vocal fry is so annoying
Comment from : Chris Ss

Sugar? Really... i guess not everyone knows how to make pizza dough. That's ok, it's not for everyone. I mean you know flour has natural sugar in it already.
Comment from : VampCaff

Karla Catalan
do i let the dough rise on the counter or in the fridge?
Comment from : Karla Catalan

Karla Catalan
uhh my dough is breaking anyone know why and how to fix this
Comment from : Karla Catalan

Vitou Tit
Thanks Tasty! I have a free-topic presentation due tomorrow and I just wanna do something crazy so I chose the topic about making the best pizza 😂💗
Comment from : Vitou Tit

Boost &
Non si mette lo zucchero nella pizza che fastidio
Comment from : Boost &

0:45 i litteraly had a mini heart attack watching this video with my friend
Comment from : FaiNted

Pizza hut is my home
Comment from : MoonFlake

Jay R.
Why is the audio mixing on this so deafening
Comment from : Jay R.

adle adledin
I can smell the izza
Comment from : adle adledin

Mishka Waheed
This is one of the best! Cooking videos ever! .This, channel is really helpful Subscribe To Tasty!.
Comment from : Mishka Waheed

Nimo Gachui
Comment from : Nimo Gachui

1:18 cough, the music, cough
Comment from : LolBye

Eli Gil
I dont like pizza.
Comment from : Eli Gil

Reid Taylor
You burnt the cheese .
Comment from : Reid Taylor

Diksha Agarwal
Amazing recipe... Turned out really well
Comment from : Diksha Agarwal

anshul luv kid jain
Love your voice 😍
Comment from : anshul luv kid jain

Salt for flavour?🙄🙄🙄👆
Comment from : jayachandraraj

Pikavincy 21
Strunzi la migliore pizza è quella italiana
Comment from : Pikavincy 21

Juan Chirinos
Comment from : Juan Chirinos

safa sofi
I did tried it and it was great 👍 thanks for that
Comment from : safa sofi

I love how they blurred out the flour they don't want them do know their secrets
Comment from : Ladynoir

Rubbish I feel sick 🤢 what do you make it 😳 it’s not a looks like a pizza 🍕
Comment from : SH M

Andrew Bino
I love the recipe .... em trying pizza for the first time and it came out really well😄😄
Comment from : Andrew Bino

apple theocolor
I have a proplem. Everything is great when i finish making the pizza but the dough is super tough. I kept it for 24 hours so it can rise. What am i doing wrong? Please help
Comment from : apple theocolor

alayssa logrosa
I've made this. Best pizza dough.
Comment from : alayssa logrosa

Albert Laccrey
Forget the pizza...I just cant get over how beautiful she sounds.
Comment from : Albert Laccrey

Joe Abi khalil
1:44 haha
Comment from : Joe Abi khalil

Satan Herself
Who else is missing pizza so much during the lockdown that they’re tryna make it at home😭

Comment from : Satan Herself

Man Man1243
Do they add anything else in the pizza sauce?
Comment from : Man Man1243

Fleury Jamen
I hate Pizza 😠
Comment from : Fleury Jamen

AliceAzureTV 123
AliceAzureTV 123. Very good.
Comment from : AliceAzureTV 123

AliceAzureTV 123
AliceAzureTV 123. Very good.
Comment from : AliceAzureTV 123

If you can make it for me I’d eat it
Comment from : CobraEatz

I’ll make this
Comment from : NOAHIZZY

Brian Kucera
0:45 it sounds like phub XD
Comment from : Brian Kucera

Ajeet Pinto
Comment from : Ajeet Pinto

Kevin Ward
The background music totally detracted from the presentation, making it difficult or impossible to clearly hear what was being said.
Comment from : Kevin Ward

Hammy Lindholm
God damn.
Comment from : Hammy Lindholm

Peggy Wimbeley
Aways this making real hungry.
Comment from : Peggy Wimbeley

Nicole Natașa Irina
Neah... I will just buy a pizza .
Comment from : Nicole Natașa Irina

I just came back to this video for 3:38 part


Comment from : harshiita

John Cipolla
Ok I rean into the problem with the shaping. ill try it next time. I can use the dough for something else .
Comment from : John Cipolla

Jesse eats
I don’t understand why people blur food brands literally makes no sense someone else in the world will buy it too!!!
Comment from : Jesse eats

Shaquan Smith
I just came from doing this recipe.the dough was sooooo fluffy and tasted amazing. I love it😭🙌❤
Comment from : Shaquan Smith

Oliver Joyce
My favourite food is pizza.🍕
Comment from : Oliver Joyce

Never knew that Angela white can make pizzas
Comment from : DreAmOfThouGhtS

Pigeon Suspicion
Me watching this at 3 am: 👁👄👁
Comment from : Pigeon Suspicion

Khushmita Harjani
So I tried this today kneeding the dough was so damn difficult. It took me an hour😂
Comment from : Khushmita Harjani

George Gamez Everything
Title: "The Best Homemade Pizza You'll Ever Eat"
My Italian Grandma: fite me

Comment from : George Gamez Everything

sig. temperabiscotti
Belle ste crostate.
Comment from : sig. temperabiscotti

I’m sure the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would approve of this!
Comment from : UP5853

amil hussain
Comment from : amil hussain

Ermal Goxhaj
Lockdown isnt real
Comment from : Ermal Goxhaj

kumar abir
very undelicious
Comment from : kumar abir

Manya Prasad
I made it, it's amazing 😍😍
Comment from : Manya Prasad

Are we just not gonna talk about the background music
Comment from : g0at

Emanuel Vazquez
DUDEEEEEE I just had dream I was eating Pizza
so now i'm making Pizza

Comment from : Emanuel Vazquez

Jo An
The thumbnail is so deceiving than the actual thing
Comment from : Jo An

Daphne Bailey

- 2 1/2 cups - water💧
- 1 tsp - sugar
- 2 tsp - yeast

- 7 cups - flour
- 1 1/2 tsp - salt🧂
- 6 tbsp - extra virgin olive oil





Comment from : Daphne Bailey

Damodar Sawant
Welp my friend hates pizza hehe
Comment from : Damodar Sawant

Merc Comm
Why are you torturing us with that annoying background music?
Comment from : Merc Comm

Lets Cook and much more
I have a super easy pizza on my channel guys ..check it out
Comment from : Lets Cook and much more

Madame Coral Garden
I Like it burnt on top!
Comment from : Madame Coral Garden

okay, i made this and it tasted AMAZING
Comment from : Naku

Mpho Lerato Mafata
Where is the meat?
Comment from : Mpho Lerato Mafata

Katalonian Extras
I am disliking this cause I can't make it lol.
Comment from : Katalonian Extras

why am i here i dont like pizza x.x
Comment from : FrnchFriez

Aryan Monga
Ive watched this at least 20 times just because of how satisfying her voice is...
Comment from : Aryan Monga

Jay's Lego Builds
I will keep watching this until I can make a pizza myself
Comment from : Jay's Lego Builds

Varun Singh
I cany eat a pizza without meat
Comment from : Varun Singh

Vedanshi Seth
Is it instant yeast or active yeast?
Comment from : Vedanshi Seth

My Mythology
How much degrees the oven should be set??
Comment from : My Mythology

Mia W.
Do you let rise on the counter or in fridge? I just made the dough. Plan to leave for 24 hours. Thanks! Awesome video.
Comment from : Mia W.

German Rodriguez
When they put the music before the instead of the of the ingredients
Comment from : German Rodriguez

Anirudh Rakesh
The BGM at 0:46 sounds awfully familiar.
Comment from : Anirudh Rakesh

Kermit The Frog
What do I do..I cant find any yeast
Comment from : Kermit The Frog

PM-I-54 Nida Akbar
I love pizza 😍
Comment from : PM-I-54 Nida Akbar

Hansn Dew
I prefer the thin Italian Pizzas, but this looks good too.
Comment from : Hansn Dew

Edster Gaming_22
Comment from : Edster Gaming_22

allen zhou
is the flour all purpose flour?
Comment from : allen zhou

Edster Gaming_22
Comment from : Edster Gaming_22

divya subburaja
I love your video's🍕🍔🍟🍽🍽
Comment from : divya subburaja

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