TRIPREPORT | Austrian Airlines (ECONOMY) | Vienna - Berlin Tegel | Airbus A320

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Информация о TRIPREPORT | Austrian Airlines (ECONOMY) | Vienna - Berlin Tegel | Airbus A320

Название :  TRIPREPORT | Austrian Airlines (ECONOMY) | Vienna - Berlin Tegel | Airbus A320
Продолжительность :   12.40
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Кадры TRIPREPORT | Austrian Airlines (ECONOMY) | Vienna - Berlin Tegel | Airbus A320

Описание TRIPREPORT | Austrian Airlines (ECONOMY) | Vienna - Berlin Tegel | Airbus A320

Коментарии TRIPREPORT | Austrian Airlines (ECONOMY) | Vienna - Berlin Tegel | Airbus A320

Willamis Bezerra
Exelente Vídeo Parabéns Muito bom

Comment from : Willamis Bezerra

Stanimir Iliev
Registracion on plane
Comment from : Stanimir Iliev

Why tho?
9:07 to 9:22 I was like wooooow.... I wish i lived about the clouds
Comment from : Why tho?

John Carlo Fernando
10:01 are those airberlin planes in service or waiting to be delivered to another airline or waiting to be scrapped
Comment from : John Carlo Fernando

The traveller Of Sunday
I love your trip reports 😇
Comment from : The traveller Of Sunday

Cool and Good 00
Anybody watching this in airport?
Comment from : Cool and Good 00

ʝųɭįąŋ Hąɓşɓųŗɠ
Austria Airlines 💪💪
Comment from : ʝųɭįąŋ Hąɓşɓųŗɠ

roland hempel
I dont u cant buy food intra Europe? I am flying Frankfurt-Graz + Vienna-Frankfurt I was told cannot buy food? would be great if it was possible
Comment from : roland hempel

Micha User
Das nenne ich Frühstück:-)
Comment from : Micha User

andrew rodrigues
Comment from : andrew rodrigues

milo tv
Felix dose look weird when he goes up to the mirror!
Love your vids :)
I wish I could as frequently as yous

Comment from : milo tv

Borna yt
Comment from : Borna yt

elsa endin
29.9 i will use austrian airway to berlin.
for the first time

Comment from : elsa endin

Strahinja Jovanovic
Very nice trip report! That breakfast really looks appetizing. Great work! :)
Comment from : Strahinja Jovanovic

Kannst du deutsch?
Comment from : zOIDAdaJulian

Kurdish SVR
Do you have the red Austrian airlines pen it's so cool I've just flown from erbil Iraq to Vienna and I have it it's so cool
Comment from : Kurdish SVR

1:20 Felix's face revealed

so,, two guys,right? felix.david

Comment from : Steven

Austrain Airlines ist die beste Österreichische Fluggesellschaft!!
Comment from : Paul.

Willamis Bezerra
Coisa linda de Jato
Comment from : Willamis Bezerra

Cool an A320 one of the most used aircraft in the world
Comment from : CM Yt

In the end you weren't on the inaugural flight to LA😔

Tashia Samarasinghe
Hey. Love your vids. It really interests me as I also love to travel. Btw where are the both of you from?
Comment from : Tashia Samarasinghe

thank you
Comment from : Gilbrand

Ukrainian Trip Reporter
I don't get it. They send an a320 to Berlin which is way closer to Vienna that Odessa and a darn old Fokker flies there...
Comment from : Ukrainian Trip Reporter

Still can't understand why people choose a aisle seat when there are empty window seats available on this flight... Theses are the bests!!!
Very nice trip report, do you have any flights with bmi regional planned? Would love to see a report in one of their tiny Embrear! :D

Comment from : GearDownTown

simon crawford
Thanks Felix for this great trip report. The breakfast looked good, and it made me hungry! Hopefully your can get on the Los Angeles flight if and went there add their WiFi to it. I look forward to that trip report. I've been looking for a good camera to do filming on, and after watching you guys, I think I'm gonna go for a Go Pro, along with my iPhone that is. Thanks again, loved the report, and always enjoy the work you 2 guy do🛩
Comment from : simon crawford

Probably somebody already asked this (and i didn't saw this question in the FAQ of your blog), but have either of you had any trouble with an airliner or a passanger because you were filming them (and then posted here on Youtube)? Maybe someday i see a "Congratulations! You are on a Simply Aviation video!" card around the neck :D (ahahah joking)
Comment from : ricigri12

SwissGVA Avitation
I Did Geneva-Vienna-Tirana With Austrian Good Service ☺
Comment from : SwissGVA Avitation

There was a typo when you wrote loooooong
Comment from : FroggymanMC

There was a typo when you wrote loooooong
Comment from : FroggymanMC

You should fly in Aeromexico
Comment from : Juanjo

but are you felix or david
Comment from : enovenn

Muhammad Akram Al Hanif
What Is Your Job Except Traveller?
Comment from : Muhammad Akram Al Hanif

Will you have a vlog Schedule?
Comment from : Alpha

jordi.234 jeff
Great Video!
Comment from : jordi.234 jeff

Your uploads never disappoint - keep the high quality content coming! 👌🏻
Comment from : ShamrockGoldCircle

Chris Holloway
On landing did you use a suction cup mount to hold the camera so steady??
Comment from : Chris Holloway

Comment from : IRetro

Very great! I love how you guys don't speed up the audio as you speed up the video :)!
Comment from : flightworks

Dean Kandi
that meal looks pretty good for economy
Comment from : Dean Kandi

I like turtles
Great video as always! :D
Comment from : I like turtles

john juanitas
Try to travel to the Philippines use Philippine Airlines or whatever try to get a cheapest airfare to go to the Philippines do the blog
Comment from : john juanitas

Albert N
Great!!!! ;)
Comment from : Albert N

Top! Du hast alle Schritte des Fluges ausführlich und interessant beschrieben. Weiter so! In der aktuellen oder oder letzten Skylines-Ausgabe wurde LAX als neue Destination präsentiert. Wäre top, wenn du dafür Ticket bekommst :D
Comment from : mflieger

Martin Pohl
War einer von euch schon in der neuen Weltbürger Lounge am TXL ?
Comment from : Martin Pohl

Life of Aviation
Tolles Video :D Kommst du am 1 April um 9:00 Sammlertag Flughafenfreunde Wien?
Comment from : Life of Aviation

AHS 786
Does anybody know if you can preorder food on short domestic delta flights on economy such as Detroit to Washington dc
Comment from : AHS 786

Vir Thanki
Love both of you guys and your awesome vids each week!
Comment from : Vir Thanki

Tim Nikitin
Love your videos, guys! Thanks a lot! I'm curious, how come do you get to fly so frequently? Do airlines promote you or it's all self-payed (just for the blog or you have some other job/business)?
Comment from : Tim Nikitin

Csaba Horváth
I wish there was a VIE-BUDAPEST-VIE trip report on a Austrian A320! Austrian Airlines fly to us to Budapest a lot with Airbus aircraft instead of the usual Q400,F70 and 100 even if the travelling time between Vienna and Budapest is only 2 hours and 30 minutes with car! Vienna-Budapest is a domestic flight if we look at the history :D Thank you guys for these videos and all the best to you from Hungary!
Comment from : Csaba Horváth

Planes Berlin
Sehr schöner Tripreport !!! Fliege am 9.4. auch mit AUA A320 von TXL nach VIE :)
Comment from : Planes Berlin

Nice report, Felix! It was fun to finally see you. It looked like a very nice flight, and a smooth-as-silk landing.
Comment from : MsKestrela

Raiyan Farooq
Can anyone explain the De-icing process?
Comment from : Raiyan Farooq

Cpt Frank
Great video really enjoyed it ✈️✈️🛫🛫
Comment from : Cpt Frank

Ive never seen deicing before... what is it? Water? Great Trip Report!
Comment from : Starchyy

danks brother
Comment from : danks brother

nice flight review , love it :)
Comment from : kRz24

Red's Report
i like trip report of felix LOL,
Comment from : Red's Report

Julian Munday
wow! 15 euros for that! That looks like business class quality to me!
Comment from : Julian Munday

Floathings Channel
Wait that is not david
Comment from : Floathings Channel

Sultan moinuddin Aman
thank u for a awesome tripreport i really enjoyed :D
now i understood who is felix and David:D
i m waiting for the long haul tripreports:D
and upcoming tripreports
waiting for u r reaply........:D

Comment from : Sultan moinuddin Aman

Matthew Baumann
Hey Simply Aviation!
I don't know if you remember me but can I suggest doing a video flying to Australia? Then doing some trips in the Australian Region? I am going on a holiday soon with my parents and I want to see some nice places.

Comment from : Matthew Baumann

Andrew Ta
Did anyone else hear that Monarch air is now giving free upgrades to first class?! All you have to do is to be extra polite to the staff such as check-in agents and you got yourself a free upgrade! Simply Aviation, you guys should try it out and tell us if it is actually true. No all caps this time. :D
Comment from : Andrew Ta

Another great video.
Is Tegel the main airport for Berlin?
To be the nation's capital city of the most powerful country in Europe. That airport looks old and not very pleasant.

Comment from : avioncamper

Andrew Ta
Is Austrian Air a budget airline?
Comment from : Andrew Ta

FlyCruise Singapore
Nice review Felix!
Comment from : FlyCruise Singapore

Nate Don
You must have so many miles
Comment from : Nate Don

ZumbroAviation 17
Love seeing sunrises from the air! Great Video!
Comment from : ZumbroAviation 17

Omari Joseph
very hearty meal..cabin looks really nice..nice views from the window
Comment from : Omari Joseph

Nice Trip Report. What kind of food does the Austrian Lounge offer during the rest of the day (lunchtime, evening)? Cheers, Hannes
Comment from : AirportChannel

Do you travel for free cuz you travel around the world? I might be like you when I'm older
Comment from : SuperNIALL

that breakfast looked really good!
Comment from : fabinho

I wish I can afford flying a lot of the time D:
Comment from : mitchell

Comment from : Bikercad

Where can I enter a airplane registration to see the Details about the plane (age, schedule, etc) ?
Comment from : Nidcher

Mootje iPhone
Amazing trip report!

I flew Austrian 4 times from Amsterdam to Amman Jordan with a stop in Vienna its a perfect airline!

This year I'm flying to the same destination but with Royal Jordanian. You have to try this airline, it's also really great especially when you fly the route from LHR to AMM. They use a 787 on that route but in Europe they mostly use A320 family.

Comment from : Mootje iPhone

Can you you pls come to LA cuz that's where I live
Comment from : IRetro

Soccer. Golazos
Hey, I'm from Luxembourg. I would be so happy if you'd fly with Luxair from Vienna to Luxembourg 😃Danke
Comment from : Soccer. Golazos

Rhys Nadin
Looks great, keep up the great videos
Comment from : Rhys Nadin

adem nazlı
More Sky Videos please. Thank you for uploading :D
Comment from : adem nazlı

Ethan Brennan
I think someone else filmed this because when he was at the food bar if you look in the mirror it looked like a different person
Comment from : Ethan Brennan

Ich liebe das neue Terminal in Wien
Comment from : K N

That's a fantastic breakfast for 15 euros! :-)
Comment from : TakeMeThere🛫

Eğlence Kanalı
I think you should fly with Low-Cost airline called Pegasus Airlines to Turkey. Like to make diffrent type of airlines.
Comment from : Eğlence Kanalı

Michael Chicas
I wish there are flights from Dallas to Vienna cuz the city looks really nice ☺️ hopefully one day that would happen :-)
Comment from : Michael Chicas

Fraol Nigusse
Best youtubers ever! You deserve 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!
Comment from : Fraol Nigusse

William B161
Great video
Comment from : William B161

When I Travel The World
Nice short haul trip report from Felix. Keep them coming !
Comment from : When I Travel The World

My Tree
nice video
Comment from : My Tree

I never understood why particularly in Europe once you land they say you can use the wireless function on your phone if it is within reach but you can't make calls. In the US they simply say you can use your mobile phones (calls ane text) during taxi to the gate.
Comment from : TXnine7nine

Marcell Dzurdzik
Are you siblings to David?
Comment from : Marcell Dzurdzik

anthony vert
Great report. The whole team at simply aviation is simply the best. Keep up the great work :) cheers
Comment from : anthony vert

Jonathan CJ
any plans to travel in the phillipines?

great video

Comment from : Jonathan CJ

Saad Ahmed
Wonderful Trip Report!! I think Do & Co Catering is one of the world's best, your thoughts?
Comment from : Saad Ahmed

6.6L V12 Twinturbo
I miss your plane spotting videos :)
Comment from : 6.6L V12 Twinturbo

Bennet Daison
what are those paper boarding passes you use.....also u dont look the same as on other vids or vlogs of yours.
(just curious). 😊

Comment from : Bennet Daison

Pls fly with skywork there only 100%swiss airline not like normal swiss most of normal swiss is lufthansa and a hate it !!!!!!!
Comment from : XEØN 18

The Flying Potato
In a short-haul flight that meal for 15 euros!
That'a very pleasant suprice.

Comment from : The Flying Potato

The legroom of swiss on a319/a320/a321. Is shiti but on cs100 and b777/a330/a340 it s okay
Comment from : XEØN 18

Ayushman Nath
Great work! Hope to see you flying to India soon
Comment from : Ayushman Nath

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