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S Jenn
Thank U Grimwade family for taking me on that outing with you, I enjoyed it because setting here in this house these walls about the closing in on me😁 so I really enjoyed going out and about with you guys today😉 even though this an old video I'm watching love you bye!!!
Comment from : S Jenn

No offense but what does Tim do? Does he ever help his wife?
Comment from : ProductReviews

Gladys Onyango
Hi grimwades I really like your videos xpecially this time I am 22weeks pregnant and I feel motivated but you guys are so lucky.....😊
Comment from : Gladys Onyango

Medi B
I know I’m watching this like a year later but I recognised the area because we live super close to it! Haha your kids are absolutely gorgeous! x
Comment from : Medi B

Luv the videography.
Comment from : Mrsdevsgirl

Antoinette Gordon
Ella you're so beautiful and the children are so cute I love them like family that phrase cheap and cheerful I've heard in a long time 😂😂
Comment from : Antoinette Gordon

Holly Lou
your children are absoutly adorable ! new sub here. wowweee 5 kids whats your secret? lol 🙊 currently trying for baby number 2 & so far not happening . :( xx
Comment from : Holly Lou

Catching up Grimwade fam, love you fam.
Comment from : sidudumba

Kountrys Queen
You are so gorgeous i wish i had the confidence to cut my haor like yours it looks great on you.
Comment from : Kountrys Queen

Make Money With Cassie
Omg! Which mothercare is that? It’s huge!!
Comment from : Make Money With Cassie

Yarie Kay
Catching up on all the video. Congrats again on baby boy💛 my YouTube family 😅 #grimwadegang
Comment from : Yarie Kay

rachel tsiboe
Coolest family I know lol
Comment from : rachel tsiboe

I just subscribed because I find your family beautiful. Your children are bright and amazing. Thank you for sharing your life.
Comment from : pepesfrau

carol denison
Hi beautiful Grimwade family!! 😍 I can't wait to see the beautiful addition to the family, a baby Boy!! 💖💖👍👍
Comment from : carol denison

Tasha smith
Love you guys, great vlog thank you for sharing 😘
Comment from : Tasha smith

I loved the video. When the children sat and prayed I loved it. They are so lovely. Oh, I feel this baby will look like Tim. 😊
Comment from : Lorean68

Sandra Andrews
Hello, Ella, U L-O-O-O-K GREAT 4 someone about to conceive!! How sweet that the children want to help for the newborn. I wish u guys well. Love, as always, from Sandra in New York, USA
Comment from : Sandra Andrews

Porsha G.
Love the intro
Comment from : Porsha G.

New Subbie here... you seem like a nice family to look at so I subscribed after looking at a few videos..btw you have a beautiful family.
Comment from : OSI GD

Glaucia Bernardp
love the vlogs!!! keep them coming please
Comment from : Glaucia Bernardp

Sarah Ware
Another wonderful video from my favorite YouTube family!! Ella, you're beautiful...love your new hair color! You're always so bright & cheerful. Loved seeing the children hanging with you and Tim while shopping! Tim...on point editing skills!! 💕💕
Comment from : Sarah Ware

Latoya Stewart
Aww Heze is quite the gentleman, opening the door for everyone. Good job with the editing Tim, making lil Mcdonald's look all cinematic. Can't wait to see what you'll get up to when you get that drone.
And of course, Ella, you're Jamaican lol.

Comment from : Latoya Stewart

Linda Semmons
You have a beautiful family.
Comment from : Linda Semmons

sonia sandiford
Hello from Barbados you have subscribers from all over the world I guess. Your great personality keeps me coming back to your channel. It Seems like yesterday that you announced your pregnancy. Now you are so close to delivery. I wish mine went like that. Have a safe delivery and a warm welcome to the latest addition to your family. Bye..!
Comment from : sonia sandiford

kat best
Hiya Grimwade fam!!! love to you all from your friend Kat in Barbados!!! Loved the lickle shout out!!! :) Blessings to you all and prayers for a safe delivery Ms Ella!! (loving the hair btw) Your kids are too gorgeous and they are so well mannered...great job mama and papa Grimwade!!! Oh my daze love to see little Harper sucking on her 2 fingers!!!! lololol Anyhoo great vlog and have a fantastic week!!!! Hoping to visit the UK at Christmas with my kids...ever considered a meet and greet? Just a thought!! love you guys!!
Comment from : kat best

valerie davis
love your family bless ONE LOVE
Comment from : valerie davis

Christine J Leandre
My faves 💖 love from Haiti 🇭🇹 and the Turks and Caicos 🇹🇨
Comment from : Christine J Leandre

betty joggs
Great video... I really enjoyed it. I know you are tired.....try to rest as much as possible. Thanks for taking us along. The kids are dress so cute...You with your tummy always look cute... will share on my facebook page....got to get those numbers up...see you next week...
Comment from : betty joggs

Chantal Abraham
Trinidad & Tobago in the house!! 🙌🙌
Comment from : Chantal Abraham

Herina Achieng Aries
Ella you look awesome! Kids so well behaved and so groomed great parents you and Tim are. Regards and all the best as you wind down
Comment from : Herina Achieng Aries

Dorethea Ralls
Hello Ella, this is the great grandmother in the USA. Hope things are well with you. I want to ask you have you seen the vlogg of EVENLYN KLOMPMAKER.If you have not, check out that family. I love them like I love yours. She is pregnant with her 5th child also. She has three girls and a boy and she is having a boy due close to when you are due.
Comment from : Dorethea Ralls

Love your videos.. love your marriage, love your kids- love their manners, love to see your love on these vlogs..love all your fashion... love di patois..Ella:right de suh! Tim: what you say? Ella: right de suh! I am Jamaican you know..Big up JA👍🤗
Comment from : Morgie

Rashonda Young
i love love your family i can watch your videos all day can't wait to see the baby y'all are truely blessed💕💓💗
Comment from : Rashonda Young

Miss Alice
Ella I go to that mothercare, they are always so nice and helpful
Comment from : Miss Alice

I say this all the time ..idc tho, the children are so well behaved, thoughtful of each other, just so humble and loving, you guys are just an amazing family , baby boy has a beautiful family he's coming in the world to God bless and prayers for a healthy, happy big boy 💙👣💪mommy your looking so beautiful love the hair 👌
Comment from : LivingMyBestLife

Comment from : heartsprit

Blessings to u and your family. Yours kids are well mannered.The video is nice.
Comment from : Bronzeey1

Ava Pearce
Lovely family keep up the great works you guys🙏🏾🤗❤️
Comment from : Ava Pearce

Katalina Jackson
Your belly is so cute! And you have a very handsome husband! Do you wear a cover up on your face? I ask because your face is flawless as mine is. I never knew that my face was flawless until my daughters told me so. I am 62 years old and I have three adult daughters. The oldest has two children aged 19 and 8. 19 year old is a girl and she's a first year college student. I miss her dearly. Her brother is 8 years old and in third grade and he misses his sissy dearly. My other two daughters live in Maryland. We visit them on a regular basis. They do not have any children. I told all three daughters about your Channel. They love it! They love your children as well as the love that is shown in your home . The middle one accused me of sharing your Channel with her to force her to have babies. The younger one said they will be moving to your country because they can't find any decent men in the United States to have babies with LOL! Continue to give us the wonderful stories that you do! Thank you for sharing your family life with us.
Comment from : Katalina Jackson

Savoir Faire
Smashed the like button👍🏾 and this vid is Smashing and you guys look soooo Peng💯💥✨ love from across the pond🇺🇸😉
Comment from : Savoir Faire

Stuart Brighty
Another great vlog.....made me and mum laugh 😂! Love Dad xx
Comment from : Stuart Brighty

Lisa Parks
Love you guys ❤❤❤❤
Comment from : Lisa Parks

Samantha Paige
Ella even though you are tired your make up is on point to me. You look pretty.
Comment from : Samantha Paige

Hahaha Ella in Maccas (McDonalds in Australia) .. Wipes the tables and layers serviettes.. SO ME!!
Comment from : Tahneesmum

Ella.. Dont be too hard on ya self!! You have 4 kids and your GROWING another human!!! Be easy on you! Your body wants you to rest ( yeah right like that can happen!) so you can deliver your beautiful bubby! (No Sainsburys in Australia... BUT it is coming!)
Comment from : Tahneesmum

Ms. Sunshine52
Love your vlogs. You are glowing Ella
Comment from : Ms. Sunshine52

Ella I love your look in this video! The video flowed so seamlessly you guys are getting really good at this. I love seeing the gorgeous kids as always. Blessings to you guys!!!
Comment from : truebrowneyez

Rachelle Chery
I know it isn't easy to move around at this point in your pregnancy, but you're doing it! You're like a "Supermom" turning every stone to make sure everything is set and ready for your little guy. Your husband, Tim and your 4 little helpers were there to assist you in any capacity they can along the way. Great team work, guys and a beatiful bunch, too!!! You're almost there, Ella; just a few more weeks to go!!! You're in God's hands and I'm praying for a safe delivery for you, too. Have a great week!!!
Comment from : Rachelle Chery

Okay okay I like the editing in this video. I love the fact that all your children names begin with the same letter. I don't know why but my husband and I did the same for our five children and even the two we lost.
Comment from : Mrsshutup83

geni allen
Why dont you put your P.O. Box in your "about" it will be easier for everyone.
Comment from : geni allen

I was not getting my notifications for your vlog, so went in and found that my bell must not be working. Story of my life. I admire the two of you packing up all your children to go shopping and they seem to be well mannered in the stores. You guys are amazing. I loved shopping with you. Having to shop alone is not nearly as much fun. Thanks! Love 🧡
Comment from : Joyce

Your videos always make me smile 😀. It doesn’t matter how late you start , as long as you start. 👍🏾👍🏾
Comment from : SandraExantus_Cree8s

Evette Jamison
Your hair is Beautiful. You are Gorgeous🌹. You had a full day of shopping with your family. Like how you cleaned the table off at McDonald's before you put your family's food on it. Can't wait to see your baby shower and your Beautiful Newborn. God Bless Your Beautiful Family 💞.
Comment from : Evette Jamison

Davine Hill
Like button SMASHED before watching bcuz I know I'm going to LOVE it 💗💗💗!! Heze picked out some really nice things for his baby brother!! Man do I just LOVE that little dude 💞💞💞. I liked the pants Halle picked out too 😉😉!! Ella you are not a 2 ton Tessy, you look radiant girl!! It's just your baby belly so you'll snap back in no time flat!!! Tim, your editing is AMAZING!! LOVED the montage with the music. Jamie Perkins is a marvel at it and yours was equally as great 👍👍👏👏👏 Love you guys, thanks for sharing!! Sidenote: I'm in the States - shoutout to my fellow Americans 😙😙😎
Comment from : Davine Hill

Toni Backus
Love your hair Ella. Especially this new color. You are so beautiful and you are blooming. I'm so glad I'm experiencing unusually warmer weather here in North Carolina. Also I love that you wiped off the MD table and put down napkins. That is exactly what I like to do with kids especially. You guys out a smile on my face. God bless.
Comment from : Toni Backus

Karen Kordei
We will be sending off are packages on Friday my sister and mom and dad wanted to buy something to put in the box as well
Comment from : Karen Kordei

kenny henny
Hi from st. Kitts and nevis
Comment from : kenny henny

Tashay Phillips
Hi Grimwade family, I love the fact that the other children are involve in the preparation for the baby. Tim and Ella you are doing a great job as parents👏👏👏
Comment from : Tashay Phillips

Puerta Door
Aye! I hear your patois Ella..."right deh so". Representing your roots... that's nice! One love.
Comment from : Puerta Door

Bcutie's World
Can't wait until y'all have baby boy, so excited for y'all, my hubby gets hangry when we shop too, lol
Comment from : Bcutie's World

Nakeia Simpson
Comment from : Nakeia Simpson

Ella so beautiful with burgandy/plum colour hair, LOVE IT!! He soon be here, can't wait, so excited for Grimwades family 🙏😍💖😙
Praying for safe delivery for mummy and Prince

Comment from : HRM_QUEEN_E

Nedra English
Excellent vlog! Next time, make sure your licence plate is not visible. That way fans can't "trail" you! Blessings all!
Comment from : Nedra English

cindy webb
Looking good guys i love to see all of you togather💜 my favorite utube family blessings 🙌🙌
Comment from : cindy webb

Renee Williams
Love the vlogs! The kids are such a great girl! Have you guys found a name you like yet?
Comment from : Renee Williams

P Bangs
Count the days..... !
Comment from : P Bangs

Gennie Jefferson
I really loved this vlog. Nice store full of everything you need for baby.
Comment from : Gennie Jefferson

Dearest Ella..you look so pretty in your grey coat... we love your family
Comment from : PM WILK

Gennie Jefferson
They are so adorable. Mom you always look great. Can’t wait to see the baby. Hurry up Ella😍😍😍😍😍
Comment from : Gennie Jefferson

sylvestina 53, poet/writer.
Having a baby is actually a very fearful time. I'm with you all the way.
Comment from : sylvestina 53, poet/writer.

nehomey brown
Hi Nehomey here just wanted to say you look blooming marvellous. love your family.
Comment from : nehomey brown

Jaquanda J
I love y'all💞💞💞 Thank You so much for this AMAZING vlog💞💕🙏 Sending y'all Positive vibes 💞💕💗💋🙏☝
Comment from : Jaquanda J

Dorethea Ralls
Enjoyed shopping with the fsmily. They had me picking out thingd. The last time I went shopping gorgeous a baby was my youngest grand child who is 27 years old. Now when I shop for the greats , I send the grandchildren to shop for their kids and I pay for it. I am hardly walking now, that makes it easier. Your Aniversary is March 7th did you say ? My 7th birthday is March 21st. Love you family . 👄💗💕💜💟👍
Comment from : Dorethea Ralls

Solanges Laurent
Yeah my fav family 🙏🏽🙌🏾😚❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇭🇹
Comment from : Solanges Laurent

Janis Young
Ella your hair color is beautiful! I love it! Your family really had a great time picking out outfits for the baby! Tim you just go with the flow! Grimwade family l really feel apart of the family! :)
Comment from : Janis Young

Lusungu Kondowe
Bless this family ❤❤🌸🌸
Comment from : Lusungu Kondowe

Anita Burge
March 14th is my birthday so I think that is the perfect for little Hosea's birthday!!:)..Ella is a little winded so maybe that may have caused the shortened shopping trip!! So sweet that the kids liked picking out outfits for little Hosea. Ella, you are as chubby as you are supposed to be and even more beautiful;, stop talking about how fat you are, you are all baby. Always good to see Tim!!
Comment from : Anita Burge

ladybug ivo
I enjoy your vlogs your children are so well behaved you and your husband are such a beautiful couple Ella love that hair color your baby boy will be here soon!!!!
Comment from : ladybug ivo

jessie marcial
Loveeee how they prayed b4 eating. Blessed Family!
Comment from : jessie marcial

Umeko Candy Kohn
Congratulations Grimwade Family for such a Great Vlog. And Ella it's Wonderful You have made it safely to almost time to have Your Precious Handsome New Lil one. ❤️🙏
Comment from : Umeko Candy Kohn

Allison Regis
Tim made me laugh so much thank you for the laughs Thank you Jesus we did go to only one shops oh and when you feed me am happy lol.
Comment from : Allison Regis

I just love your family❤️
Comment from : SR-HUSTON

joan Browne
Hi guys. I am from England, living in US. we do have ALDI nyc. Love you guy. good to see a Christian family having found. I can not wait to see the new baby 😇
Comment from : joan Browne

Life with MarQuita!
Hey Guys!!! The vlog was awesome!!! I think we all have tough days but you guys pull through! God is so Good!!!! I can't wait to meet Baby Boy Grimwade... 👶🎉🙌😍😘💕👌🙏
Comment from : Life with MarQuita!

Joseanne Nurse
Hey family got up from sleeping just in time for the video..( lol) again another great video. Love the shout to Barbados💙💛💙 wishing you all the best for the week and get some rest beautiful Ella.
Comment from : Joseanne Nurse

Hope Hutchinson
Comment from : Hope Hutchinson

Chloe Riccardo
Lmao!!!!! Love this video so cute. Tim you are killing it with the filming skills it's like an adorable romantic comedy film watching the kids grow up and prepare for their little brother's arrival. I would love to send you guys something and definitely will soon. Ella you looked like the true hero with the happy 😊 meals for the kids lol. So excited cannot wait for the next week or two when baby 👶🏽 Cinco arrives. All the best Grimwades we love you 😘 💖💞💕you guys around the world 🌎 🌍🌏all the best. Thanks for the tips on the stores when I get back to Europe and visit the UK 🇬🇧 will keep that in mind for baby showers too . See you guys soon 😘
Comment from : Chloe Riccardo

Rene Rene
Baby brain 😂 congratulations in advance wish you all the best I just had baby no.5, 3 weeks early very quick labour,so all the best to all the family stay blessed 😘 xx
Comment from : Rene Rene

Carolyn Flowers
Hello Family like the hat Charlotte, H. Is where I live.👍🏽You looks so beautiful your due date is soon I can see it in your face beautiful kids so well behaved. Beautiful family☝🏽️❤❤❤❤❤⚘⚘
Comment from : Carolyn Flowers

Regina Gillis
All the best at your Baby Shower.
Comment from : Regina Gillis

Miss Sade
Loved this vlog wish you all the best with number 5🍼
Comment from : Miss Sade

Selena Carr
A beautiful and amazing family. Be Blessed.😇
Comment from : Selena Carr

Swt Sadie J. TV
I Love your vlogs. Your children are so beautiful and well behaved. I enjoyed watching ya'll shop for baby number 5.
Comment from : Swt Sadie J. TV

Robin Leverett
Grimwades. Y'all are the best. Beautiful family. Ella your hair and dress.......has rendered me speechless. I have enjoyed this very much.
Comment from : Robin Leverett

Alison watson
Hi guys, awesome vlog. I really enjoyed watching you shop with the kids. I smiled and enjoyed every moment of this. Ok, I’ll write a letter soon.
Comment from : Alison watson

Katherine Simone
Praying all is well Mama Grimwade. It's not a Shegg Ting it's a Blessed Ting 🙏🏽
Comment from : Katherine Simone

Nice shopping video, and ofcourse Holland . oke I send you some nice cards. Greetings from Holland
Comment from : hiawata77

ßiTE SiZE ßAяßiE



Comment from : ßiTE SiZE ßAяßiE

ßiTE SiZE ßAяßiE


Comment from : ßiTE SiZE ßAяßiE

Renay Jackson
Yay a long video ❤️
Comment from : Renay Jackson

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