Pokemon Detective Pikachu Full Movie Breakdown! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

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Название :  Pokemon Detective Pikachu Full Movie Breakdown! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!
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Кадры Pokemon Detective Pikachu Full Movie Breakdown! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

Описание Pokemon Detective Pikachu Full Movie Breakdown! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

Коментарии Pokemon Detective Pikachu Full Movie Breakdown! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

Ivan Ooze
is there a ninetails any in the movie that i missed?
Comment from : Ivan Ooze

Gavin's friend
Ludicolo is love, ludicolo is life
Comment from : Gavin's friend

There was a poster on Tim’s wall that had a articouno fight
Comment from : Tigergamer

5:50 I'm sorry, it's a NeverMelt Ice. 😂
Comment from : Helbert737

Christopher Nixon
Dousing Mr. Mine with imaginary gasoline

Pikachu: Wow...this got dark fast

Comment from : Christopher Nixon

Box boi
I wish there was a nod to ash, but it's still a good movie
Comment from : Box boi

Naznin Sultana Shima
The avg. anime film is better.
Comment from : Naznin Sultana Shima

Giratina The Renegade pokemon
5:38 Those 3 Get all the love

and what do i get


Comment from : Giratina The Renegade pokemon

Tom Ambler
Pikachu in that movie was really cute
Comment from : Tom Ambler

Minty demicraft
I personally think this could be an Easter egg but Tim's phone looks like a Nintendo Switch with the red and blue on the sides. And the reason it could be an Easter egg was because the newest pokemon game when this movie came out was on the Switch
Comment from : Minty demicraft

Tom Carpenter
I honestly that was Jessie from team rocket
Comment from : Tom Carpenter

Kevin Valdez
How dare you call baseball cards dumb?!
Comment from : Kevin Valdez

Donnie Gonzalez
Good movie
Comment from : Donnie Gonzalez

Baltazar Osilva
Wait a moment, If the is an Ash Ketchum in Detective Pikachu Universe, he is like 30 years old and Professor Oak is probably dead?! LoL
Comment from : Baltazar Osilva

Ritsuka Kouran
3:21 those ears are from My Hero Academia. this is Izuku's bed
Comment from : Ritsuka Kouran

Xavier Sotelo
Can they do a sequel to this movie please. Also I don't like that they didn't mention. Team rocket at all
Comment from : Xavier Sotelo

Pronounces Arceus correctly, but immediately screws up Dialga. HOW?
Comment from : AbyssalSkittles

Emilie Gate
the part with the balloons was a reference to 1989 batman.
Comment from : Emilie Gate

After seeing this movie I love this movie more, I never realized how much Easter eggs and nods there are
Comment from : PvP

gua doang nih orang indonesia
Comment from : THE KING OF FARIZ pakeZ

Kinichi Kun
I saw rayquaza on the wall of his room too
Comment from : Kinichi Kun

no one ever noticed that at the end of the movie when Tim and his dad are walking away and the camera zooms out if you look a little towards the middle you can see the Squirtle Squad
Comment from : MadEagle

Anna 13580
Can you please make more videos of animations and animated series
Comment from : Anna 13580

courtney parrish
They should have had the black boy off On my block play him
Comment from : courtney parrish

Truong Hoang
Let's go: "Dialja", "Arkeus"
Comment from : Truong Hoang

Logan Salinas
you missed one. lucy makes pokemon top ten lists online which is a potential reference to candyevie, a youtuber whose real name is lucy and... makes a lot of pokemon top ten lists...
Comment from : Logan Salinas

sarosh ENCORE
This movie is so Underrated tbh. As a person who doesn't know anything on Pokémon, I really liked it.
Pika Pika Pikachu!

Comment from : sarosh ENCORE

Also can someone explain pikachu gaining the memory back that if it was the dad all along he would have already known or what???? I’m confused, was it the dad all along or still pikachu?
Comment from : Aminin625

You completely missed the Melmetal ! I just noticed them today in the shot where you pointed out the growlithe and slaking there’s two of them!
Comment from : Aminin625

Undertalemastergaming 503
My favorite character in detective pikachu is at 4:04
Comment from : Undertalemastergaming 503

Jonathan Santiago
I think the 1000 steps, refers to the old pikachu, tamagotchi type thing. In it, pikachu leveled up the more steps you took. (Or the more someone who was lazy gave it to a baby to shake it).
Comment from : Jonathan Santiago

AttackOnPony Productions
My favorite part was seeing eevee. I of course yelled at my TV when I came to the realization asshole used a stone on eevee to make it evolve but hey, still cute.
Comment from : AttackOnPony Productions

Swagr Jackr
This movie would have been a great pokemon game better than maming it a movie
Comment from : Swagr Jackr

My review:
Basically the Zootopia of pokemon
Very confusing
Ryan Renolds is HILARIOUS
Bulbasaur is frigin adorable

Comment from : gshockgshock

Aaron James
Just saw this movie yesterday! I loved it!
Comment from : Aaron James

Ponce Juergens
Comment from : Ponce Juergens

Michael Robles
Yo, they burned Mr. Mime alive. How are we forgetting about this? How am I supposed to get Mr. Mimes face knowing it would be his last moment alive as the fire approached him.
Comment from : Michael Robles

jfor juan
Comment from : jfor juan

SimplyEmily -
Did u just said dialja
Comment from : SimplyEmily -

Aelita Balcrut
Yes awesome but seriously don't be lazy go out and play and sweat and all that good stuff
Comment from : Aelita Balcrut

I just dont like that all tim had to do to win the final battle was remove the guys head thing
Comment from : XRaptor

Lyall McIntosh
Comment from : Lyall McIntosh

William Bayliss
favourite scene was every scene
Comment from : William Bayliss

Steven Feige
Am i the only one who is hoping for a live-action version based off of Pokemon Emerald? With May or Brendan? I think that'd be dope and they could set up a cinematic universe from it. They could title the movie "Hoenn" or "Emerald".
Comment from : Steven Feige

Anime is Beautiful
Such a beautiful, satisfying and pleasantly surprising movie, seeing Ryan Reynolds at the end of the movie as Harry was just sooooo good , it was the cherry on top ,and then I was sure the Pokémon live action movie universe has a bright future ahead and wow I just loved this movie and Psyduck was sooooo cute and funny
Comment from : Anime is Beautiful

Conryn Le Fleur
The Pokemon animated series is actually called the Pokemon anime
Comment from : Conryn Le Fleur

i thought you'd see more different pokemons but after like half of the movie you have literally seen all the pokemons you'll see and they just reuse the models
Comment from : neiljuice

Not 100% sure, but I think that the one scene in the stadium when Gengar and Blastoise are fighting is a nod to a scene in Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You (2017), when the same ones are fighting. Just a guess, though.
Comment from : KrispyPoptart

asha green
There is an O seen above the battle area when they first enter (it’s the place where charizard and pikachu fight) and in Howard Clifford’s office there is a similar O displayed idk if it’s a coincidence but it would make sense bc that’s where they tested the R

You can see it in the corner @ 5:49

Comment from : asha green

catbug ;3
I luv pikachu singing the theme song lol me and my fam was coughing in laughter lol my bff was there being blocked by people.
Comment from : catbug ;3

6:02 you also see him in the background when tim goes to see lucy in the cnm tower!!
Comment from : hoor

Jesse Solomon
Only I'm confused with in this movie is how long was his dad in pikachu? Does anyone have any idea
Because pikadad talks like he was pikachu for years but with scene with charizard it seems to say that the kids dad wasn't in pikachu not so long ago like a week or a day
Or a weekday lol

Comment from : Jesse Solomon

Shubham Singh
PIKACHUUUU volt-tackling Mewtoo
Comment from : Shubham Singh

Shubham Singh
PIKACHUUUU volt-tackling Mewtoo
Comment from : Shubham Singh

Mr Mime got his Basic Instinct on! Had me creased up
Comment from : Kryz

Comment from : TheDragonaf1

Heroic Pandaa
YOOOO . My friend had a theory . What if R is pokedust because in pogo you use pokedust to level up a Pokémon to make it stronger , and what does R do in the movie , it makes the Pokémon stronger
Comment from : Heroic Pandaa

Y'all getting real lazy!!!
Comment from : HIMANSH

I suspected Pikachu to actually be Harry almost from the beginning of that movie...I was pissed, when it was revealed, that I was right
Comment from : jupamoers

Jari Fuller
saw it today
Comment from : Jari Fuller

PDP takes place in the same universe as Home Alone confirmed!
Comment from : ThatmovieEditorialGuy

It's crazy that this movie exists. I still think the World of Warcraft movie is the most "I can't believe this actually happened" video game movie, but this is a close second. Just like with Warcraft, I'm so blown away with how good the movies both look. Video game movies guys! Remember what they used to be like? How far we've come...
Comment from : Bluemilk92

Br00ka - Minecraft, Vlogs and Gaming
Did anyone else call Harry being Pikachu before the movie came out?
Comment from : Br00ka - Minecraft, Vlogs and Gaming

Nick Bernal
Tim: “yeah, of course, you are my partner.”
Pikachu: “yeah, that’s right, I am your pa...”

Comment from : Nick Bernal

In the introduction video to ryme city, they reference the "Who's that pokemon!" With how they introduce bill nighys character
Comment from : AkselNeverAsked

Mr. Ugly
Its nevermelt ice
Comment from : Mr. Ugly

Buzz James
I'm glad I said No to this movie.
Comment from : Buzz James

Faith Armbuster
My favorite part was where Pikachu tried to climb up onto Tim's shoulder and Tim said Nope we're not doing that as he puts Pikachu down then Pikachu says Fine I'll walk I'm trying to get in a hundred steps. This movie was abousetly amazing and it was definitely worth watching first run
Comment from : Faith Armbuster

Seriously, ami the only one that thought of the smash brothers brawl reference? The giant pokemon floats where a reference to the games pokfoats stage, and mewtwo and pikachu were fighters in said game.
Comment from : Roseblossom9029

Jose Farias
There’s no ice stone!! Isn’t that the “never melt ice” and then he said DIAL-gee-ah instead of die-Al-ga
Comment from : Jose Farias

Thomas Higgins
Ash shows up in the train scene
Comment from : Thomas Higgins

Michał Jakowczyk
The Ditto-Terminator reference was great :)
Comment from : Michał Jakowczyk

Jack Rogers
That reporter is named Cynthia, shes a trainer in one of the games I don't remember which one
Comment from : Jack Rogers

I lost my pokemon cards about three years back. I'm still traumatized...
Comment from : Northie

Cuauhtemoc Delgadillo
“I cannot have fun if I sweat” 😂 I lost it there
Comment from : Cuauhtemoc Delgadillo

Bulbasaur! Nuff said.
Comment from : Kevin

I figured out that Picachu was Tims father from the first trailer, but not untill we finde out that mewtwo coulde do that body swtsh thing did I understand how.
By the way,did we know he could do that before this movie? I must have missed that.

Comment from : eventyraren

jampuan jampuan
I think the unown h shirt meant to be Harry which is his dad
Comment from : jampuan jampuan

Ciaran O Dubhgain
Zazie beets has a cameo.
Comment from : Ciaran O Dubhgain

I've been to Detective Pikachu Today
Comment from : Timmetje

I knew that pikachu was his dad!
Comment from : BMZ1004

Jake the Gaming Wolf
he said dalja it pissed me off its DILGA
Comment from : Jake the Gaming Wolf

Gabe Tanumihardja
I think that ice stone was the nevermeltice and I also saw one of the orbs from palkia or dialga
Comment from : Gabe Tanumihardja

Nicola Elsom
It's got to be Ryan Reynolds singing the Pokémon theme song... Just great!
Comment from : Nicola Elsom

It also didn’t make sense that ditto could transform into a human until i learned that they modified it
Comment from : rpgfan007

I thought this movie was meh the purple gas didn’t make sense to me and had alot of questionable moments in it and i thought the jokes were very corny
Comment from : rpgfan007

ulises nino
Was the soul transferring be a easter egg for Pokemon RESCUE TEAM WHERE YOU ARE A HUMAN TURNED INTO A POKEMON
Comment from : ulises nino

Reviewer Yyc
Gas in balloons like Batman :)
Comment from : Reviewer Yyc

There is no "ice stone". It's probably a nevermeltice on the desk
Comment from : Phil

Kamen rider drive is in this movie for like 3 seconds lmao
Comment from : Lynx

Totally Tommy
This video was quick
Comment from : Totally Tommy

Eugene Ke Wei Lau
It's kinda weird they named the reporter's name after the Champion of the Sinnoh region's Pokemon League.
Comment from : Eugene Ke Wei Lau

Comment from : NickStick

Mystic Neptune
I honestly loved the car scene and when Ryan Reynolds Pikachu says "I am strapped into a baby seat next to a BOMB!!"
Comment from : Mystic Neptune

Ryme City could be in one of the Ranger game regions.
Comment from : Ekkk

the_ fatkat
It would be cool if team rocket was in the movie.
Comment from : the_ fatkat

Kevin Slater
Can someone help explain what happens at the second half of this video?

I keep falling asleep at 4:16 for some reason ...

Comment from : Kevin Slater

Andrew Lowry
Steps is probably a reference to pocket pikachu.
Comment from : Andrew Lowry

Duncan Lin
I watched this vid late
Comment from : Duncan Lin

H can also be for Hero
Comment from : ProAfeefXY3

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