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Название :  Nodata
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Rhys H
Architects - Hereafter !!! Please!!
Comment from : Rhys H

Ryan Gibson
Please react to some more architects 🙌🙌
Comment from : Ryan Gibson

Hayden Carr
After the Burial - Lost in the static !!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Hayden Carr

If you like this band, check out royal beggars by them. It has the perfect balance of heavy and soft
Comment from : theharbinger19js

Jose Moreno
Dude check out these songs by Architects. A Match Made In Heaven, Naysayer,Hereafter,Gravity,Death is not defeat. Those songs are all freaking amazing and I guarantee you'll be an Architects fan for life. I've listened to them since 2006 and it's amazing how theyve progressed into an amazing band. Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see you check out more of their stuff bro!!🖤🤘
Comment from : Jose Moreno

Andrew Shirley
I'm loving your work dude, you love music and it's clear. Personally, for polar opposites, I'd say check our fit For An Autopsy - Black Mammoth and Purity Ring - Vehemence. FFAA are a socially conscious and almost political Deathcore band and Purity Ring are a beautiful Synthpop act. Bangers through out both bands.
Comment from : Andrew Shirley

Andrew Shirley
You might like Misery Signals - Five Years if you like Melodic Metalcore. It's my favourite song ever. If you wanna do a new one, they have released The Tempest and River King from their upcoming album in August called Ultraviolet. After 11 years away, Metalcore fans are framing the fuck out over it, as should everyone.
Comment from : Andrew Shirley

Odin Son
🔥 🔥 🔥
Comment from : Odin Son

Putu Andis
Ey yo try "Memphis May Fire - No Ordinary Love" ☺
Comment from : Putu Andis

Tracy Traylor
We need more people out there like you who are willing to give things a shot. Your videos have helped me get through a couple really rough days. Thank you man. Keep up the great content!
Comment from : Tracy Traylor

Craig Sater
Bleed from within - alive 🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Craig Sater

Budi Haryono
No one is gonna recommend periphery or while she sleeps to him? :(
Comment from : Budi Haryono

bernie mcfadden
Hardclre metal fan subscribing. I want this channel to grow cause i want metal to grow
Comment from : bernie mcfadden

bernie mcfadden
I love it, his reaction is so genuine, his face says it all
Comment from : bernie mcfadden

sour mcnuggets
bro like you dont even know. please do poverty of self by currents. it will literaly give you goosebumps on top of your gooseumps
Comment from : sour mcnuggets

Adam M. Francis
2 videos into discovering your channel. Subscribed!
Comment from : Adam M. Francis

Just subbed. Welcome to the metal world my dude. Just hint for future vids you can use J and L to FF and rewind. Can't wait to see some more videos.
Comment from : Lost_Phobia

SnakeDoctor 87
i started listening to architects when Hollow Crown came out. They were freaking awesome then and have evolved so much since the death of Tom. They have come from strength to strength and remain one of the best metal bands to date. Check out gone with the wind, the lyrics will make you tear up knowing the song is about Tom.
Comment from : SnakeDoctor 87

BeHereNow Dragonfly
Bro I didn't realize you started reacting to metalcore....this is dope
Comment from : BeHereNow Dragonfly

Arman McCutcheon
Do of mice and men - relentless
Comment from : Arman McCutcheon

Gone with the wind
A match made in heaven
Royal beggars
Holy hell

Enjoy my friend and welcome to the best metalcore band out there right now.
R.I.P. Tom Searle

Comment from : Ep0nz

Michael Williams
Should do Monster by Starset or MAKE TOTAL DESTROY by Periphery :D
Comment from : Michael Williams

Justin Deshong
I dunno who asked for this group, but damn they’re good. Now I’m looking em up lol 😂 ty
Comment from : Justin Deshong

Comment from : BLASTOISE ox

John Reeves
One of the best metalcore songs ever written. The end.
Comment from : John Reeves

Straight Talk w/ Stanton podcast
Bro love that your open minded to all artist.Love your videos.Electrofy Productions approved dude.Keep it up
Comment from : Straight Talk w/ Stanton podcast

The best reactions on YouTube!
Comment from : GregoryCrimson

Silent planet- Native Blood
Comment from : hhoskins23

Jamie Ortiz
Comment from : Jamie Ortiz

David Birowski
I think you'd love Norma Jean - Anna
In my opinion, these guys are the best of the genre. Thanks for having an open mind to new styles of music. It's inspirational.

Comment from : David Birowski

Blackbeard 007
Listen to gravedigger
Comment from : Blackbeard 007

Mike Bell
Architects "Gone With The Wind" is definitely worth a reaction video
Comment from : Mike Bell

Mark B
Love the “hey hey” while moving that head 🤘🏻
Comment from : Mark B

Saw them Live in Vienna so awesome and i love that you react to Metal/Hardrock now
Comment from : dominikskrapid

Danny Siavichay
I found out about Architects when I went on a tinder date 4 years ago. The only good thing that came out of that tinder date
Comment from : Danny Siavichay

Jorge Sierra
You should try listen to The Chariot or Converge
Comment from : Jorge Sierra

Robert Burden
Parkway drive: Shadowboxing
Comment from : Robert Burden

Gunnar Kranenburg
React to Hereafter by Architects
Comment from : Gunnar Kranenburg

Dillon U.
Polaris-Landmine please
Comment from : Dillon U.

jaysun wheeler
Comment from : jaysun wheeler

Michael Baltierra
the look on your face when you're getting into the music is classic! your reactions are awesome! keep it up!
Comment from : Michael Baltierra

The Plot In You - My Old Ways
Comment from : B REX

mathew yerry
Somebody get this guy to watch a fleshgod apocalypse video. Preferably epilogue
Comment from : mathew yerry

Aaron Potton
These dudes makes me proud to be British, I live 4 hours away from where they are from (Brighton)
Comment from : Aaron Potton

Cody Rajala
You just reacted to the best band of all time
Comment from : Cody Rajala

Marty Guthry
Dude please check out the amity affliction you will love them
Comment from : Marty Guthry

Ty Skull
This is both our first time because idk who architects were till now 🔥🔥
Comment from : Ty Skull

From 4:35 true words! You love music and that's why CLEARLY this is the most LIT raction channel on youtube!
Comment from : bbbusted91

Cam Jos
React to breaking Benjamin - give me a sign and try others to if you like it
Comment from : Cam Jos

A Competent Brit
Architects. GOAT. End of
Comment from : A Competent Brit

The song breaks me downs every time I hear it man. Such a strong one fr
Comment from : Spartacus

Dawson Abel
Bro!!!! Do Swallowing the Rabbit Whole by Code Orange!!!!!!!
Comment from : Dawson Abel

Brandon Huckabee
within destruction - void
Comment from : Brandon Huckabee

Rochelle Athena
RIP Tom 🤘
Comment from : Rochelle Athena

Mind Slayer
they shoulda won a grammy for this masterpiece
Comment from : Mind Slayer

Architects are to metal, what "The Legend of Zelda" is to video games.
You have so many inspirations, so many rip-offs, so many wannabes that saturate the market and make the pioneers of a sound sound bland... After 100 knockoffs, they lose their luster. They should be heard BEFORE their clones.

Comment from : Snooch

Eveyone head bangs

While this fellow body bangs


Comment from : Desmond

Ludwig Rio Lovete
try this one too
Hereafter - Architects

Comment from : Ludwig Rio Lovete

Kris time
check out upon a burning body - all pride, no pain
Comment from : Kris time

Matt Maxted
Even the way he talks is melodic 🤘🏻
Comment from : Matt Maxted

Discoverance Band
this is that vibey metal bro, its deep and real af a different kind of energy!
Comment from : Discoverance Band

Miguel Ibanez
Architects is one of my favorite bands, please react to "Royal beggars"
Comment from : Miguel Ibanez

Nicola Margini
‘Hereafter’ man,you will thank me!
Comment from : Nicola Margini

Mi'un Fore
Parkway drive - the void live wacken 2019
Comment from : Mi'un Fore

If you enjoy this, my dude- you have to check out August Burns Red- Mariana’s Trench. Gorgeous song.
Comment from : Vanillabear4am

Red Hood
Through struggle by As I Lay Dying!!
Comment from : Red Hood

Manson Winchester
Can you please react to Veil of Maya - Mikasa ? Please Please Please Much love from Germany
Comment from : Manson Winchester

These Colours Dont Run by Architects would be appropriate to the world atm.
Comment from : Redivh

banana BANANA
Guys stop requesting him metal songs ..he just doing it cuz alot of metlheads want to watch back peolle react to metal 😂😂
Comment from : banana BANANA

Arca Nem
For full disclosure, if you’re gonna react to metalcore, don’t stop if you expect a breakdown, as well as just play the songs the whole way through b/c you get more hyped when you don’t pause it—it also makes the reaction wayyyyy better lol. For ex: watch Jake Luhrs
Comment from : Arca Nem

Jeremy Bouchard
Hey homie! Not sure if you've heard of them before, but give a band that goes by The Plot In You a listen! A great song would be RIGGED, or Premeditated 🤘🏻
Comment from : Jeremy Bouchard

Robin Mitchard
Please check out One Still Standing- Little Miss Arrogant
Comment from : Robin Mitchard

Jimmy's Mom
If you like this heavy stuff check out the band saviour. They're from Australia and they slap.
Comment from : Jimmy's Mom

Sam Jarvis
Love that you're checking out some UK metalcore! I highly recommend Malevolence, guaranteed to make you bounce (also from the UK!).
Comment from : Sam Jarvis

Joseph Power
This song gives me chills every time. Love Architects ❤️
Comment from : Joseph Power

Andrew Marshall
Every time I hear an architects riff my face is the same as his
Comment from : Andrew Marshall

Comment from : COLINE CANUMAY

Karsten Lueck
The Ocean

Comment from : Karsten Lueck

Jose Moreno
RIP TOM SEARLE🖤I've listened to this band since 2008 and they've progressed into greatness. This band is seriously the best band out there. They preach positive messages and they are such humble guys. When their guitarist passed away from cancer in 2016 it broke my heart. I'm so glad they got Josh Middleton from Sylosis to take place of Tom on guitars to continue the legacy for Tom and Tom's brother who is a drummer wrote all the music for the newest album they have out right now. Anyway you should check out A Match Made in heaven, Naysayer, Death is not Defeat,Gone with the wind,and Modern Misery. All great songs by Architects. You won't be disappointed checking out those songs brotha!!
Comment from : Jose Moreno

Thy art is murder- they will know another 🙂 would love to see your reaction
Comment from : Neverbloomgaming

Really Nobody:

jk bro! im loving the content! keep lit ma dude

Comment from : woutru

ᘻᘿᖶᗩ ᐺ
While she sleeps pleaseeeee
Comment from : ᘻᘿᖶᗩ ᐺ

Márton Hűvösvölgyi
RIP Tom ❤️
Comment from : Márton Hűvösvölgyi

Alex Chavez
You should check out The Amity Affliction- Pittsburgh
Comment from : Alex Chavez

Dennis Sorah
we need some ANIMALS AS LEADERS on this
Comment from : Dennis Sorah

2SRL Thimo
I think he should do Motionless in White
Another Life and Disguise are probably the best entry points

Comment from : 2SRL Thimo

Magic Chan
Check spite out
Comment from : Magic Chan

Wildwood Reptiles
Oceans ate Alaska - the escapist! Do it! The reaction won’t disappoint
Comment from : Wildwood Reptiles

any chances for reaction on northlane?
Comment from : Kirisakionelove_osu

Mitchell Doyle
Listen to While She Sleeps!
Comment from : Mitchell Doyle

I'm LOVING the metal reactions. Can't stop, wont stop
Comment from : PaigeArissa

Raghav Agrawal
Now react to
Bloodywood - Jee Veerey
Let it in - Dream on Dreamer
Walls - The Color Morale
Silence Speaks - While she sleeps
Blossom - Alazka
Empty Throne - Alazka
Edge of the earth - Volumes
Hollow Bodies - blessthefall
The Ghost inside - Aftermath (their track from their latest 2020 album)
The signal fire - Killswitch engage
Skin and bones - Fit for a king

Comment from : Raghav Agrawal

Manuel Hernandez
I don’t see a single linkin park song in here bro you should react to linkin park any song either the first or the second album you’ll
Love linkin park people
Like this comment so he could here linkin park

Comment from : Manuel Hernandez

robert milburn
Need a reaction to Kublai Khan or Dealer 🙏🏻
Comment from : robert milburn

A Match Made in Heaven by Architects would be a good song to react to as well. It has it all from killer riffs to nasty breakdowns. A real onslaught of a song.
Comment from : TylerOV

Architects - these colours don't run
Comment from : hipno12

React to Architects - Gone With The Wind/Dan speech (Live at Alexandra Palace) - From ''Holy Ghost''
Comment from : Overall91

Bradley Waring
Too Lit Mafia, very very quickly become my all time favourite channel on YouTube. I love you ♥️🖤
Comment from : Bradley Waring

Josh Esco
Check as I lay dying "only after we've fallen" august burns red "poor millionaire" and Thrice "artist in the ambulance
Comment from : Josh Esco

"nihilist' by them is fire! Try that one!
Comment from : L W

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