GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony - Mission #21 - Dropping In [100%] (1080p)

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Название :  GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony - Mission #21 - Dropping In [100%] (1080p)
Продолжительность :   10.58
Дата публикации :  
Просмотров :   401.553
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Кадры GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony - Mission #21 - Dropping In [100%] (1080p)

Описание GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony - Mission #21 - Dropping In [100%] (1080p)

Коментарии GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony - Mission #21 - Dropping In [100%] (1080p)

nothing to see here :D
All this started because luis called him an ape
Comment from : nothing to see here :D

Simo-Pekka Sunila
Ray Bulgaria
Comment from : Simo-Pekka Sunila

Vic does gaming
4:00 + should have hired niko instead of screwing him
Niko is the perfect contract killer

Comment from : Vic does gaming

Tom Pegorinno
Anyone actually likes Timur's guitar moment?

I really wanna know what name of the song is.

Comment from : Tom Pegorinno

Lyndon Catcheway
You mean you after you killed his special team of cops that's werid do you want me to negotiate with him
Comment from : Lyndon Catcheway

8:53 this mission is a lot harder to finish on an xbox360/one because you are not using a mouse. it's harder to shoot them when they are hiding behind shit and it's virtually impossible to do headshots with a xbox controller. you have to rely on the automatic aim(it shoots them in the center which requires like 5 shots for them to fucking die)
Comment from : gooker

I really just sat there for 15 minutes trying to kill all the people at the end wondering why I kept getting killed..... not knowing I had to jump out the window
Comment from : K W

Love that you include the pre-mission calls on the video

Neil Parker Jr
If GTA HD Universe had real-life electric guitars (Just an idea):
1. Fender Stratocaster
2. Fender Telecaster
3. Fender Jazzmaster
4. Fender Jaguar
5. Gibson Les Paul (Standard and Custom)
6. Gibson SG
7. Gibson Flying V
8. Gibson Explorer
9. Gibson ES-335
10. Ibanez RG
11. Ibanez S-Series
12. Jackson Dinky
13. Jackson Rhoads V
14. Jackson King V
15. Epiphone Riviera
16. Gibson ES-175

Comment from : Neil Parker Jr

''So fucking what?''
''What's up, br-''
''Fuck off.''

Solid lol

Comment from : TheFlyingDutchman

Crackhead McGee
"I ain't a hitman, bro. I mean, I'll fight anyone, do whatever, but I ain't a contract killer."

Later: "Not really, bro. I like killing for money."

Comment from : Crackhead McGee

La Mélancolie
1:35 Timur was killing it.
Comment from : La Mélancolie

200 subscribers before I die?
So I am the only one who kept shootong them until I realised I am an idiot becuz they will never stop coming
Comment from : 200 subscribers before I die?

niko Bellic
stick you gitar up your fucking ass say luiz lopez hahahahahaha lol
Comment from : niko Bellic

Comment from : EvasivePredicate

Chandra Jackson
Also, when Luis dropped from the helicopter they saw him on the roof with a camera.
Comment from : Chandra Jackson

Chandra Jackson
When Timur got of the car he just kept driving😂😂
Comment from : Chandra Jackson

VEVO Music Dude
“You want I should stick 50K dollar guitar up your ass”
Ouch that would hurt and a lot of money

Comment from : VEVO Music Dude

Augustus Caeser
Dang man Timur got some bomb guitar skills, I wish I could play like that
Comment from : Augustus Caeser

I lost $30K on hospital bills until realizing that I actually have to jump off the window, not kill those infinite ruskies
Comment from : Shark171

Agingger Gown
Goons in 7:28 : I'm going to shoot this bitch in the balls

Goon later : *get shot in the balls

Comment from : Agingger Gown

Akram Akram
Russian hardness

Comment from : Akram Akram

Megumi Bandicoot
You want I should stick fifty thousand dollar guitar up your AZZ?

~ Timur, 2008.

Comment from : Megumi Bandicoot

A Guitar
he’s a hitman
Comment from : A Guitar

Evelyn Camacho
You let learn this tricks😂😇
Comment from : Evelyn Camacho

The Station Of Awakening
0:31 that's the motherfucking green sa–
NVM, it's a clover
Also, this mission reminds me of "tagging up turf" for a strange reason...

Comment from : The Station Of Awakening

Issa Abu Shreef
Comment from : Issa Abu Shreef

High Ground
9:38 Holy shit, most brutal moment only the noise
Comment from : High Ground

High Ground
3:00 Hey Sailor?
Comment from : High Ground

Timurs guitar looks like James Hetfields Flying V from the
”kill em all” days.

Comment from : SolidSalami

Killer Bee
Comment from : Killer Bee

Norman Carrigan
Comenting in 20 19
Comment from : Norman Carrigan

الفتى مجهول
Comment from : الفتى مجهول

Issa Abu Shreef
Comment from : Issa Abu Shreef

Andrew Burnes
Fucking horrible mission from start to finish. Single-handedly tanks this DLC.
Comment from : Andrew Burnes

Anthony Cambron
Nice Rock and Roll
Comment from : Anthony Cambron

My summer car bend you break
Dude im need help on mori's mission number 3 when im has go to car lot im has infinity loading what me do?
Comment from : My summer car bend you break

Say I Love You
The first time I did this mission I had no idea you had to fall with a parachute from window.
I waited in building and huge number of enemies keep on coming until i died.

Comment from : Say I Love You

Anthony Cambron
I like the rock and roll song from Timur
Comment from : Anthony Cambron

This mission was always so kickass
Comment from : Majik

Phantom Rider 2.0
Right...With Ray, he'll make it look like Russian Gang warfare. Guitars, guns, and booze all the way.
Comment from : Phantom Rider 2.0

I don't like an electric guitar, but when I wanna listen to it, I turn on 0:39
Comment from : Alinek

Sandvich Collector #TF2 for life
So... no one's gonna say that Ashvilli landed perfectly in 9:38 ?
Comment from : Sandvich Collector #TF2 for life

Tihetris Weathersby
0:39 1:35 2:58
Comment from : Tihetris Weathersby

I've Been Waiting For This For 10 Years!
Comment from : I've Been Waiting For This For 10 Years!

Adam Bryan
These missions have you flying. Constantly. What the hell
Comment from : Adam Bryan

Kevin Fuk The Token Evil Teammate
Luis: So?
Timur: So fucking what?
Luis: So, what's up, bro?
Timur: Fuck off.
Yep everyone despises small talk.

Comment from : Kevin Fuk The Token Evil Teammate

0:39 probably what everyone came for
Comment from : Alinek

It's sad that Bulgarin turned aggressive and didn't want an explanation that the diamonds were bought in an exchange deal with the chef, if Bulgarin would've let Luis explain, maybe Luis would see Dimitri after all and might even defend him, not sure. But jeez those russians in GTA games
Comment from : Alinek

Cheker puzzy destroyer
4:20 that was some oblivion level conversation
Comment from : Cheker puzzy destroyer

Give us fucking beat, man!

Comment from : MiamiSkies

d00mer 34
you can say what you want but the guitar part was pretty cool, also bulgarin is so big that he makes the AK look small lol
Comment from : d00mer 34

Princess Lara Vincenzo
I love his missions.
Comment from : Princess Lara Vincenzo

William Morse
0:39 - 0:48 If I ever had to dance with an AK-47, I'd dance like that.
Comment from : William Morse

Mohammed Hamed
The moment when Luis jumps out
Comment from : Mohammed Hamed

The opening cutscene doesn’t make sense, it seems like they’re sending Luis by himself, but then Timur joins him at the last minute.
Comment from : vadimzdonutube

John Allen
Fly as high as possible they say, in every mission that they say that, it is a fucking lie. The ring they have you fly through as a checkpoint is nowhere near as high as possible.
Comment from : John Allen

Robert Kenny
9:24 Markie Ashville you sick pervert you.
Comment from : Robert Kenny

what is it with tbogt and choppers huh?
Comment from : Paradox

Bandits Cheek bones
hard to land on truck
Comment from : Bandits Cheek bones

Mikayla Cryofrost
I love how ray is just fuckin jamming on his gun
Comment from : Mikayla Cryofrost

mori Kibbutz
bas rutten at 9:38
Comment from : mori Kibbutz

the reviewer
“you want i should stick fifty thousand dollar guitar up your ass?” lol
Comment from : the reviewer

9:28 that fps drop,when i see better,im happy that we waited for gta v 2 yrs for pc version,lol rather wait than play pc port of gta iv
Comment from : Daniel

Ray has so many other men yet he sent in one guy
Comment from : ThatGuyKhi

Kirc Cohen
This is how Rock Star(company) rock,guitar+AK47 lol
Comment from : Kirc Cohen

1:25 Money doesn't dance my friend :)
Comment from : Claudiu

"Hey buddy, Do not do that again!". Screw you, police
Comment from : BallXD

Comment from : Vincent

The casual
Just imagine some band and one of them waves an ak47 around
Comment from : The casual

In free aim, reticule health only appears in pc game...
Comment from : jrsrock

Vladimir M.
Bulgarin's legs are like toothpicks 😂
Comment from : Vladimir M.

Where's the fun in doing everything in Auto-Aim?
Comment from : BroadwayJosh

The Batman
9:42 Marki Ashvilli is a broken ass, literally!!!!!!
Comment from : The Batman

John Doe
"wait for me"
Steps on accelerator as soon as guy opens the door

Comment from : John Doe

Zeus - the king!
Timur- there's a chance that they come after my family
Luis- you ain't worried about my family
Timur- No!
Lol that was funny man XD

Comment from : Zeus - the king!

Dominic Adams
Shootout: 7:40-9:43

MeTV Buildings: Vladivostok FM- EFLC

Comment from : Dominic Adams

Dank Nerevarine
total fcking silence from here on in - Fargo reference
Comment from : Dank Nerevarine

Juan Carlos Rojas
Man, Timur's playing is the beast!!! I wanna know what was he playing.
Comment from : Juan Carlos Rojas

""I'm sorry. I wasnt talking about your career development, i was telling you WHAT TO DO! Now, fuck off and go!""

I love hearing this quote every time i start this mission, the acting makes it so fucking petrifying.

Comment from : CAPTAIN AZRALE

Jumper 360
I remember playing this
Comment from : Jumper 360

Now fuck off and go while I go dye my hair blonde to meet Niko Bellic
Also, it is weird how in Bulgarins missions, it always ends with a cutscene of Luis leaving them while they keep minding their own business, yet they immediately sit in a car with him after the cutscene

Comment from : ComradePopov

Fernando Torres Vera
i love gta tbogt finiched missions
Comment from : Fernando Torres Vera

Pewdiepie 0 subs version
this mission is pure cancer
Comment from : Pewdiepie 0 subs version

Failed the mission about 6 times in a row, because they game doesn't tell me to jump out the window at the end. Kept trying to fight that huge group of enemies. Finally had to watch this video.
Comment from : EarthboundX

10:32 ''Stick your guitar up your fucking ass''
Comment from : Andrei

Wes Sirius
anyone noticed the song on the motor?
Comment from : Wes Sirius

9:25 Marki Ashvilli you sick pervert.
Comment from : MrMetroid1998

4:15 this bridge of the map also reminds me of "Liberty City Stories". The game was meh tho
Comment from : Outscaled

Ali Aldahier
whats the of the first song plaing at 0.06
Comment from : Ali Aldahier

Kara with gun
"I'm gonna shoot this beetch in the bawls!"
Comment from : Kara with gun

Glue shoes
What is it called that Timur is playing?
Comment from : Glue shoes

Kevin Broderick
"You Spanish have the rhythm"
Comrade Bugarlin, you realize Luis is from the Dominican Republic?

Comment from : Kevin Broderick

Lmao, timur got rekt 1:46
Comment from : OG

Guys please if anybody can find that awesome song I would be forever indebted to you. Please if anybody finds it please tell me
Comment from : ItsRDR

"You don't drum, but you dance right?. Yeah but not with you Two".

Like if you think that luis is even better than niko.

Comment from : Albii2Pluto

total fucking silence....
Comment from : william

-What's up?
-Fuck off

Comment from : CzabiAlonzo

3:07 song name please?
Comment from : MrDoctorVegas

Agent 313
Ray Bulgarin, that bastard have a dimebag darrell guitar on the wall....
Comment from : Agent 313

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