Relaxing Jazz Instrumental Music For Study,Work,Relax - Cafe Music - Background Music

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Название :  Relaxing Jazz Instrumental Music For Study,Work,Relax - Cafe Music - Background Music
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Кадры Relaxing Jazz Instrumental Music For Study,Work,Relax - Cafe Music - Background Music

Описание Relaxing Jazz Instrumental Music For Study,Work,Relax - Cafe Music - Background Music

Коментарии Relaxing Jazz Instrumental Music For Study,Work,Relax - Cafe Music - Background Music

Cafe Music BGM channel
Relaxing Jazz Music.
Comment from : Cafe Music BGM channel

Sou músico...Gosto, amo música como um alimento diário...pois ela sempre irá te fazer bem...feliz, e aliviará eternamente sua mente de diversas preocupações... Flavio Sodré.

Ramon Antonny
Adoroooo jazz relaxa muito mesmo eu até dormi
Comment from : Ramon Antonny

Ricardo Fernando
I don't know about other people, but I listen to this playlist to study music and improvising. It really helps me a lot to understand musical scales and harmony.
Comment from : Ricardo Fernando

Carlos Enrique Ortega Mora
wow que musica ten buena :v
Comment from : Carlos Enrique Ortega Mora

Laurence Porter
.... truly awful ...
Comment from : Laurence Porter

János Pojendán
Comment from : János Pojendán

TG Green
Comment from : TG Green

Carlos Fábio Alves de Brito
Coisa maravilhosa é almoçar ouvindo uma boa música
Comment from : Carlos Fábio Alves de Brito

Dani N
thank you for making this man,
Comment from : Dani N

Лисов Алексей
шо це за
Comment from : Лисов Алексей

Gary Lamph
Tuesday June 24th. 2020 just after 3 P.M. here in Fukuoka, Japan, The temp. Is33.5 C(elcius) and it’s ‘muggy’ (about 50%), too. Anything less like ‘cool’ seems to be hard to imagine, but, I recently (about an hour ago)I ‘stumbled’ upon this nice “Cool Jazz” channel and immediately signed up. And, which I VERY seldom do, I felt like writing a comment, so, here it is, when I was too young to go to clubs, we went to a “Coffee House” to listen to this kind of ‘far out’ Jazz. Now it comes to me on my iPad, in my ‘pad’. Well, what else can you expect from an ‘old geezer’ (I’m 77 years old), and this is “like a breath of fresh air’. Keep it coming, please. Thanks, Gary, 🧸
Comment from : Gary Lamph

is a beautiful
Comment from : Josmos

Dorothea Cody
so relaxing therapeutic; as i teach a remote art lesson of animation drawing. Letting go all the stress and tension.
Comment from : Dorothea Cody

Eric Beaty Creations
2:05:32 - OMG, this sounds like the intro to the Bob Ross theme!
Comment from : Eric Beaty Creations

can i use this song as a background sound on my channel?
Comment from : GameplayST

Smart Move
5:19 am in the morning. This the perfect one to start your day <3
Comment from : Smart Move

Maria Juliana garcia Pereira
its very smooooooooth
Comment from : Maria Juliana garcia Pereira

Armyblink_ Foxy
my God this song is too beautiful makes me let my feelings out!
Comment from : Armyblink_ Foxy

Loving this music💕. Quiet afternoon, reading in bed. Feeling a bit on the downside.

Hope you are all having a good time wherever you are💞💞💞

Comment from : dp310860

Paul Sarmiento
y lo ve you music
Comment from : Paul Sarmiento

Miguel Somoza
Comment from : Miguel Somoza

PokemonTraenerC Vampires and bagels
excellent ❤️
Comment from : PokemonTraenerC Vampires and bagels

Relajante Música de Jazz
Buena calidad de sonido
Me suscribí a tu canal😘👍

Comment from : Relajante Música de Jazz

CJ Lumber
btw, the background is a little street in the Dutch town of Middelburg. You should really visit Zeeland ;)
Comment from : CJ Lumber

balqis ardawiyah
the best instrument
Comment from : balqis ardawiyah

TONY Rodriguez
This music is so soothing. I can feel my tension leave
my body.

Comment from : TONY Rodriguez

【紅魔族随一の爆裂魔法使い】 Megu min
Comment from : 【紅魔族随一の爆裂魔法使い】 Megu min

love it :)
Comment from : theworldisyours.94

Aaron *
Comment from : Aaron *

*The Men *
What i do if i want to know the name of the songs?
Comment from : *The Men *

Cloudy morning, coffee and a paintbrush with a cool breeze coming from the window, ah, perfect. This music is great , really helps the atmosphere.
Comment from : flyingsparks

Sylvia Johnson
Oh so relaxing 😎
Comment from : Sylvia Johnson

Raquel Carreon
Aww thanks. God bless!
Comment from : Raquel Carreon

Pili Ramos
Cuando llegan los fines de semana....espero estos momentos con alegría..acompañada de esta maravillosa música de miss tácitas de te..y las caricias de mis gatos...y las caricias de esta maravillosa música..
Gracias gracias gracias

Comment from : Pili Ramos

Comment from : Thaddydaddy

Mattie Rowlands
Roses are red
Violets are blue
You should by studying
And I should be too

Comment from : Mattie Rowlands

TONY Rodriguez
Excellent chill music. I can feel all my tension and stress leaving.
Comment from : TONY Rodriguez

Andi Oke
I Love You Music Jazz
Comment from : Andi Oke

zertz yt
Only me lol?
Comment from : zertz yt

Karen Karminda
This is my home cleaning song... Brings up my mood
Comment from : Karen Karminda

stefyyyk 23
thank you. it's make me easier to make my little brother going to sleep. because i want to study too right now. (sorry for my bad english)
Comment from : stefyyyk 23

Hobo Joe
It's summer
the flowers are blooming

children are playing on the field

street buskers playing calm music

everyone is happy

everyone is safe

nobody is racist

we are a community

we are family

i wish

the world could be like this

sipping a cup of warm coffee

chatting with my friends

in a world of peace.

Comment from : Hobo Joe

Paul Sarmiento
siempre veo cuando se temina para jugar jaja
Comment from : Paul Sarmiento

Paul Sarmiento
ami mama le encanta eta musica todo el dia la escucha y no me deja jugar nada y no quiere que le saque la musica
Comment from : Paul Sarmiento

Paul Sarmiento
ami mama le incanta esta musica
Comment from : Paul Sarmiento

Paul Sarmiento
Comment from : Paul Sarmiento

Gracias por ayudarnos a musicalizar nuestro primer programa en vivo!!!
Comment from : FamchiTV

AngelRex Andregetta777
Comment from : AngelRex Andregetta777

Vitor Lima
Comment from : Vitor Lima

si lees esto, no leas y ESTUDIAAA!!!!
Comment from : Aangelocat

matti matti
Hello all
Comment from : matti matti

ed cz
I love jazz So much.
Comment from : ed cz

B u g
Comment from : B u g

Darya Abigail
Listening to this now, and i loveee 😍😍
Comment from : Darya Abigail

Natalie Sanchez
Thanks my dog is now sleeping 😂

Comment from : Natalie Sanchez

Wilson Sales Belchior
Comment from : Wilson Sales Belchior

Rose Hudson
Where is this place located? I love the cobblestone streets.
Comment from : Rose Hudson

Comment from : ITIS WELL

Clement Verdin
Nice music 😀👍🎵🎶🎙
Comment from : Clement Verdin

WORST music to study with
Comment from : StopFear

Khanyi Ndweni
Using this in my video essay for school, cause it’s just so beautiful. Hope my teacher likes it.
Comment from : Khanyi Ndweni

Vanilla Ski
this is exactly what the doctor ordered delightful 😂
Comment from : Vanilla Ski

๓໐໐ຖ คг๓ץーがピ
ahora ya se porque a taehyung le gusta este tipo de musica uwu me agusta mucho escucharla rrelaja uwu
Comment from : ๓໐໐ຖ คг๓ץーがピ

Maria Ellena
I like it
Comment from : Maria Ellena

Choose Box
Comment from : Choose Box

About to take my AP Lang exam ! Thank you for thissssss
Comment from : Akasha

Van Gabens
Now it,s better
Comment from : Van Gabens

Bruno Oliveira
someone listening in 2020?
Comment from : Bruno Oliveira

Martyna Dubiel
This is great for studying or doing work.
Comment from : Martyna Dubiel

Larissa Silva
Af, uma obra de arte...
Comment from : Larissa Silva

Robust TW
At a store where there was people screaming at each other. Put this on my earphones felt like I was at a jazz café
Comment from : Robust TW

Noveleo Dacua
perfect for work from home :-)
Comment from : Noveleo Dacua

Christopher Del Castillo
Ain't nothing like sitting at my yard having a 🥃drinks listening to some chill out jazz music. ☁️☁️☁️
Comment from : Christopher Del Castillo

Comment from : 我が家のゆず

Dutch alley?
Comment from : Ferdi

Thu Ha Binh Le
This reminds me of the past, oh was it happy...
Comment from : Thu Ha Binh Le

Rose FabFour
THis is great!
Comment from : Rose FabFour

Ile Mont
Excelente música para leer..me encantó.. saludos desde México
Comment from : Ile Mont

Galaxy Eyes Ash Cannon
Name of the first jazz song please?
Comment from : Galaxy Eyes Ash Cannon

Alessandro Stefanes
Comment from : Alessandro Stefanes

Alessandro Stefanes
Comment from : Alessandro Stefanes

Tiffany Chin
Comment from : Tiffany Chin

Tiffany Chin
Comment from : Tiffany Chin

Tiffany Chin
Comment from : Tiffany Chin

Tiffany Chin
😁😶happy mothers and fathers day ok
Comment from : Tiffany Chin

lo-fi ._.
Comment from : BRINDÃO

Michael and Matthew Weiss
Thinking about experiencing Amsterdam, Holland and seeing His beautiful tulips in season.
Comment from : Michael and Matthew Weiss

Isabelle Vincent
why does the song at minute 4 remind me of the rollercoaster tycoon soundtrack
Comment from : Isabelle Vincent

Vlad Patru
ITS realy relaxing

Comment from : Vlad Patru

Thomas Maillard
Anyone heard at 2:40:00 a strong influence of Ghibli music? might just be me, but the resemblance is crazy haha
Though, I love this for studying and thank you Cafe Music BGM for this

Comment from : Thomas Maillard

Arizal JR
Relaxing Sleeping 🛌🛌🛌
Comment from : Arizal JR

Riza Khamiyeva
Қазақтар бар ма?
Comment from : Riza Khamiyeva

trucker's freetime
This jazz music is so nice. I love it. :-)
Comment from : trucker's freetime

Eng Koh Teo
Comment from : Eng Koh Teo

breath dream
what's the first song name?
Comment from : breath dream

Des B
This made 12 min feel like 30
Comment from : Des B

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