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Название :  Nodata
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Excellent — I liked the graphic depictions of the plane’s course over the ground between departure and destination. I don’t see much need for improvement.
Comment from : jmwSeattle

natividad torres
Great video. Thanks
Comment from : natividad torres

...they shld hve returned !
Some say Capt..stubormess !
Fatal end !!! 😓😱😵😲

Comment from : FERNANDO FLORES

Link 501
Comment from : Link 501

Lus Sim
How do i report this video? it spreads wrong info and violates the pilots’ memorials
Comment from : Lus Sim

Lus Sim
I am Armenian, and I remember the day the plane crashed. We had a neighbour there... It was not because of the weather. It was because two people started shooting each other !!!!
Comment from : Lus Sim

Stanislav Kostarnov
I think, neither pilot realized fully that they were descending rather then climbing... they were confused and disoriented, making this almost a CFIT type accident
Comment from : Stanislav Kostarnov

Terrible teamwork between captain and co-pilot. It sounds like they were not communicating. The co-pilot was countering the bad moves of the captain without captain's knowledge, worsening the captain's ongoing decisions & actions. This is why in the U.S. one of the pilots declares they have control of the plane & the other one confirms "you have control of the plane". Then they agree on any actions taken by the secondary pilot in command.
Comment from : rwilson

your content is great, your editing skills need a liiiitle bit of wok, but overall its all good, subbed
Comment from : sadgxrl

It's 3 May not 2 may
Comment from : CentralAviation

Zarzokimi chhangte chhangte
Ya the real flight simulator you play the game
Comment from : Zarzokimi chhangte chhangte

Polish Hammer
Comment from : Polish Hammer

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