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Infinity of Nolan
Comment from : Infinity of Nolan

Stelthling 7604
I was able to build my first ever 2x2 piston door because of this. It was so easy to add onto as well! Thank you so very much for this tutorial. Keep up the great work. 👍
Comment from : Stelthling 7604

Zappy NE
Subbed, ur big brian
Comment from : Zappy NE

In design no. 6 I have a way to hide everything but the lever any suggestions on how I can hide it
Comment from : GR33N R4V3N

Notthenewkid 159
Bruh playing Minecraft on a plane
Comment from : Notthenewkid 159

Ruzana Jomisko
You deserve more likes and subscribers. This video is amazing and i learned alot. Thank you😁😁😁
Comment from : Ruzana Jomisko

Morgan Wortham
Comment from : Morgan Wortham

Biel Martins
I Loved so much this video thank you :3
Comment from : Biel Martins

Mighty Snipers
With the item activated one's how do you disable it after words
Comment from : Mighty Snipers

Real Lil Toad
It sounds like he's using a walkie talkie
Comment from : Real Lil Toad

Rayth Gaming
combined this with your new jeb door that you posted last week, and added in a small item sorter to make it a key lock :D
Comment from : Rayth Gaming

Kynan Rose
The first one don't work
Comment from : Kynan Rose

Micha Grill
I just dont get behing the MCPE redstone mechanic lol
Comment from : Micha Grill

The Confused Cube
Yeah the first one isn’t working with the 1x2 door, could you please explain it. Doesn’t have to be a video
Comment from : The Confused Cube

Random thoughts & theories
Thank you so Much man! Your tutorials are needed so much! Can’t find any good tutorials for bedrock!
Comment from : Random thoughts & theories

Comment from : Me

Idk how to add it on to the 1x2 hidden door tbh plz help
Comment from : PabloGaming

Jeremy MCSSJ • 69 years ago - edited
Can you do more without you needing to place something for it to open?
Comment from : Jeremy MCSSJ • 69 years ago - edited

мυнaммad нazιq
Next stop redstone torch key hidden inputs please tq ☺
Comment from : мυнaммad нazιq

TechGaming PH
Subscribe to him!!
Comment from : TechGaming PH

TechGaming PH
Comment from : TechGaming PH

I’m trying to hook up the first one with ur 1x2 job door like you did but I can’t, please explain how to add the hidden inputs into you builds.
Comment from : DeLGhXst

Jacob Camp
I can't get the first one to work ;-;
Comment from : Jacob Camp

Gerald Mariscotes
i like your contents... It makes me whole again a bedrock ver. user
Comment from : Gerald Mariscotes

Protostar Gaming
You can add a pulse extender to this so that there are two pulses.
Comment from : Protostar Gaming

Justice For Seth Rich WWG1WGA
Just got my Switch and have been binging on MC nonstop. Haven’t played in a few years so I’m having to learn all over again.
Comment from : Justice For Seth Rich WWG1WGA

MsX Dylan
Thanks this helped a lot
Comment from : MsX Dylan

Life of Random
Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
Comment from : Life of Random

Comment from : derpyfaceman

Jin Pennly - JnJn28
Comment from : Jin Pennly - JnJn28

Reznov119 gaming
The comparator isn't turning off
Comment from : Reznov119 gaming

Loyal Stan Of IZ*ONE and a WIZ*ONE
Comment from : Loyal Stan Of IZ*ONE and a WIZ*ONE

Freedom Live
Great Tutorial Rouge Fox! I love that you don't use an entire 8 minutes showcasing only one design like so many others out there. Keep it up!!
Comment from : Freedom Live

OMG YOU ARE MEAR 600SUBS WITCH MEANS 400 LEFT FOR 1K !!!!!, CANETT WAIT btw I told every freind I know about your helpful chanel
Comment from : FBI

Legit Playin’
It is really hard to find hidden inputs on Mcpe. But yours is perfect
Comment from : Legit Playin’

عبدالله الشمري
واصل good
Comment from : عبدالله الشمري

I can't say it enough, but u r really an awesome MC:BE YouTuber! I watch all ur videos and i have a sugarcane farm in my world which uses ur design! Keep up the good work and dont stop making these amazing videos!
Comment from : Adarsh

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