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Название :  Nodata
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Коментарии Nodata

Humpy Verma
Beautiful collection....
Comment from : Humpy Verma

Kouki Pichou
C'est la bonne qualité et la bon marque, très confortable merci pour vous.
Comment from : Kouki Pichou

Arshi Razi
any one can tell me which animals skin use to made geox shoes
Comment from : Arshi Razi

j'aime très confortable
Comment from : MAGHALI MAGHALI

I like Geox shoes, they're good but it's a shame they aren't made in Italy despite of Geox is an Italian brand.
Comment from : paperboy

I Bought Geox shoes :)
Comment from : Maroyaka

siti sofia Triastariyanie
i just bought GEOX shoe breathes last week, woman model..kind of flat shoe..but after one week of usage the lower sole is broken. The glue they use is not good i think. This is my first experience with GEOX and so much dissapointed. High price but low quality in my opinion. I bought for around usd200. Please suggest me what should I do?
Comment from : siti sofia Triastariyanie

teddy keintjem
he got problem with his feet, n he solve it in d best possible way.an irritating experience that start him great shoe busines.inspirating
Comment from : teddy keintjem

Yazmin Km
Veramente fantastici geox shoes ♥♥
Comment from : Yazmin Km

balram singh yadav
Value of saving IPR...nice to watch..
Comment from : balram singh yadav

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