CRISTIANO RONALDO was just going out for tea and this happened...

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Название :  CRISTIANO RONALDO was just going out for tea and this happened...
Продолжительность :   4.11
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Кадры CRISTIANO RONALDO was just going out for tea and this happened...

Описание CRISTIANO RONALDO was just going out for tea and this happened...

Коментарии CRISTIANO RONALDO was just going out for tea and this happened...

Giovanni Vetrano
People are so annoying!!
Comment from : Giovanni Vetrano

Yo si entiendo español asi que no debo leer ingles subtitulo :V
Comment from : sebaspro2090

Sethee Wolfe
Love him♥️
Comment from : Sethee Wolfe

Endikagamer 2005
Privacity: 0%
Comment from : Endikagamer 2005

It annoys me in fact he can not even enjoy a coffee it must be heavy I understand why celebrities crack
Comment from : Stephen SAIZONOU

Ça m'énerve en fait il peut même pas profiter d'un café ça doit être lourd je comprends pourquoi des célébrités craquent
Comment from : Stephen SAIZONOU

Juan Marcos
Que manera de arruinarle el té a cristiano; igual y fue campaña de marketing pero no creo que haya disfrutado con tanta gente pidiendo fotos.
Mis respetos para cristiano por tratar bien a sus fans.

Comment from : Juan Marcos

selcuk sel
Realy hard life
Comment from : selcuk sel

Paula De Leon
Soy de uruguay y me encantaria conocer a cr7 aunque se q es imposible
Comment from : Paula De Leon

vedant gondalia
Thts why they get annoyed, i mean come on they have a life too..
Comment from : vedant gondalia

Akshay Singh
Ronaldo.......love from India🤘🤘
Comment from : Akshay Singh

Sergio Cardenas
Lo malo de ser famoso
Comment from : Sergio Cardenas

Emrah Sepetçi
Amma gôrgúsúzler adama bi çayını içemediler hemen aticaklar sosyal medyaya
Comment from : Emrah Sepetçi

Moussa Dembele
Comment from : Moussa Dembele

niko bellick
Cr7 is the best 👏🏼
Comment from : niko bellick

Henry Zuniga
If I was there I would’ve asked if I could drink some tea with him
Comment from : Henry Zuniga

Luís Ledezma
Arre compa
Comment from : Luís Ledezma

marcos Alves
Jesus, kkkk , será que o Cristiano conseguiu lanchar? Tadinho dele, cada bicadinha no café era um flash, kkkk.Talento, beleza e humildade.
Comment from : marcos Alves

Sumant Ukkali
Haha tell him to come India
Comment from : Sumant Ukkali

Abdul Hamid
a kind man on earth... 👍👍😘😘
Comment from : Abdul Hamid

Sana Oscar
Love Rolando ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Comment from : Sana Oscar

People please his trying to enjoy his tea time and you people ruined it!!
Im a big fan too but i wouldnt interupt him just to take a fucking selfie.

Wtf!! Please you people have nothing better to do!?!?!?!!!

My god thats frustrating
He didnt enjoy that.


Comment from : IBROCK476 PROG4MER

Munna Sulthan of Sulthans
Please subscribe my channel friends
Comment from : Munna Sulthan of Sulthans

Primitive kh tbk
He look like handsome man
Comment from : Primitive kh tbk

Primitive kh tbk
Comment from : Primitive kh tbk

Farhan Y
3:02 professor planning the heist
Comment from : Farhan Y

I had a mate in Sydney and he was in a coffee shop that was busy and a woman asked to join him.... He was waiting for his friend.... Any his friend turned up and the 3 of them chatted away.... They had no idea ... Naomi Campbell
Comment from : Ucnamuc

I think he don't completed his tea
But he's so down to earth person 💕

Comment from : J S

Iwant Peace
Just let him drink some tea bro
Comment from : Iwant Peace

Sohel mukadam
He should've asked me or Messi to everyone before a photo
Comment from : Sohel mukadam

Dr Dre 3009
Not loving CR7 is against the nature
Comment from : Dr Dre 3009

Naomi Ponziglione
Comment from : Naomi Ponziglione

El bicho
Comment from : KAK455

Best Street Fight Ever Seen
Cristiano Ronaldo And Messi they are the best footballer in the World!
Cristiano Ronaldo And Messi Hit the Like button

Comment from : Best Street Fight Ever Seen

Disaste3r _L
Wear and mask and you're golden . After you finish the cafe delete it and shock everyone
Comment from : Disaste3r _L

الصندوق الاسود The black box
Please send me 1000 subscribers⁦♥️⁩⁦♥️⁩⁦♥️⁩
Comment from : الصندوق الاسود The black box

Mokhamad Ardiansyah. S.H
Why Lionel mesi??....😁😁😅😅
Comment from : Mokhamad Ardiansyah. S.H

dani ruiz
Q pereza no poderce tomar un te
Comment from : dani ruiz

Edson Santos
Parabéns👏👏👏👏 pela humanidade, Cristiano Ronaldo melhor do mundo, silllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Comment from : Edson Santos

Neal The Great
Maybe if he asked for a coffee, he could drink it alone.
Comment from : Neal The Great

i wouldnt bother the guy
Comment from : rhomai

Ashwath 0711
People are like who cares whether he drinks a coffee or nt, I just need a photo
Comment from : Ashwath 0711

CSGoud CSGoud
This guy is so kind
Comment from : CSGoud CSGoud

Al Ansar
Waoow.... Kerennn
Comment from : Al Ansar

Erick storm
2000: "Can you give me your autograph". 2020: "Can you give me a photo"
2124: "Can you have s3x with me"

Comment from : Erick storm

Karim Ventura
Comment from : Karim Ventura

Radson Diogo
Puts, o melhor do planeta 🥰🥰⚽
Comment from : Radson Diogo

Lázaro Plácido Filho
O cara nâo consegue tomar um café sossegado kkkkk
Comment from : Lázaro Plácido Filho

footy bros
Support my channel guys
Comment from : footy bros

cassiex astley
Ronaldo: takes picture with everybody
Tea: am I a joke to you

Comment from : cassiex astley

justin Biber
عربي اثبت وجودك بلايك
Comment from : justin Biber

Que bien sienta que los gringos lean subtitulos xd
Comment from : ItsAlax07

محمد سعيد

Comment from : محمد سعيد

Santy Tube
Your personality is the BEST!
Comment from : Santy Tube

Dagmar Schwerte
Who knows the title of the Song at the beginning and at the End ????
Comment from : Dagmar Schwerte

Michael Baker
1) Лайк
2) Подписка
3) Пиши готово
4) Отвечу взаимностью

Comment from : Michael Baker

Michael Baker
Великолепно :)
Comment from : Michael Baker

Mochamad Satria
Comment from : Mochamad Satria

Sri Hidayatunnisa
Martunis why cristiano ronaldo
Comment from : Sri Hidayatunnisa

You Love Music
Genial tipo. Sencillez ante todo! Saludos cordiales! ❤
Comment from : You Love Music

the guy sitting beside ronaldo is like me and ronaldo is just like my gud friend which somehow always gets alot of attention ;D
Comment from : ACool

Dimas Aryo
Lovely man
Comment from : Dimas Aryo

Sam The Foodie
For football news videos and updates follow me


Comment from : Sam The Foodie

David Henriquez
Que gente más idiota , no lo dejaron tomarse el café tranquilo , y que ganan con tener una foto de el.
Comment from : David Henriquez

cholilur rohman
Comment from : cholilur rohman

Kami Ian
Me like: Damm leave him drink his tea
Comment from : Kami Ian

Robert Oxlaj
Soy 100% Barcelona
Pero admiro los grandes jugadores
Y cr7 es uno de ellos

Comment from : Robert Oxlaj

buya shaka
Comment from : buya shaka

ur story
I don't know in which country he is but in india surely he didn't reached his car without bouncers how simple he is😍😍😍
Comment from : ur story

Carlos López Loaiza
Yo no entiendo como una persona puede rebajarse así al pedirle una foto a otro!? Eso jamás lo haría yo
Comment from : Carlos López Loaiza

Reda Reda
El fútbol sin público no es nada...gracias a la gente Acer te famoso
Comment from : Reda Reda

Văn Thái Hồ
Xin chao
Comment from : Văn Thái Hồ

Celine Cila
ناشاء الله مش متكبر
Comment from : Celine Cila

Marios Tsesme
Honestly it must be so hard to be Christiano
Comment from : Marios Tsesme

Xhoielo Sana
I think that even when he pees he takes photos, privacy above all
Comment from : Xhoielo Sana

luis acuña gomez
Esa es la humildad y nobleza de un grande para con su público.
En hora buena chaval...

Comment from : luis acuña gomez

Baba Yaga
Comment from : Baba Yaga

Paulo Zulu
Comment from : Paulo Zulu

Dang, can he have tea. I mean i even met a celebrity and i left him alone. its rude
Comment from : Private

Lili Neves
Não teria tanta paciência fds 😂🤣coitado nem o chá 🍵 tranquilo pode tomar
Comment from : Lili Neves

nedjma nabil
Comment from : nedjma nabil

Bavaria Germania
Cooler Typ 👍
Comment from : Bavaria Germania

Saoto Lê
VN điểm danh nào
Comment from : Saoto Lê

jockstrap 123
Respect, for all his millions he still has time for the public.
Comment from : jockstrap 123

debmallya aditya
This what happens with me when i go out in a red light area ..
Comment from : debmallya aditya

Kau adalah manusia yg berhati malaikat, rendah hati, sopan, tidak sombong dan saling menghargai. Semoga Allah selalu melindungimu, sehat dan sukses dalam berkarya.Aamiin....Indonesia

waleed .Ahssan
مين هاض
Comment from : waleed .Ahssan

Them thighs thicc tho.
Comment from : TrapTastical

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Comment from : 陈大宝

Martin Gy
Genio total!!!!! Aguante Independiente y Argentina
Comment from : Martin Gy

Não Thái
Ước được gặp 1 lần duy nhất trong đời ..
À mà thôi không dám mơ mộng nữa..
❤ CR7

Comment from : Não Thái

Comment from : SHEZIN CR7

MaPi-Pinay Life In Japan-Pinki Take bamboo
Humble guy 💕❤️,God Biess
Comment from : MaPi-Pinay Life In Japan-Pinki Take bamboo

MaPi-Pinay Life In Japan-Pinki Take bamboo
Comment from : MaPi-Pinay Life In Japan-Pinki Take bamboo

Mekni Mahdi
That's also my daily routine😂😂😂😂what can I do, fans🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Mekni Mahdi

Roberio Silva
Mui bom jogador
Comment from : Roberio Silva

Churros do Léo
1 cafezinho... 300 fotos.😁😁😁
Comment from : Churros do Léo

Зинеп Гудзоватая
Comment from : Зинеп Гудзоватая

God people suck. Leave the man be!
Comment from : richlisola1

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