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Название :  Nodata
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Dude Perfect
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Comment from : Dude Perfect

las gringas
soy el comentario en español que estabas buscando 😎
Comment from : las gringas

Comment from : Kirste

KB Kachru
IV played it so cool
Comment from : KB Kachru

Zerman Helbazer
That is the laugh of a legend

Comment from : Zerman Helbazer

Mimi Paterson
I love how in every story types videos there's a raging one
Comment from : Mimi Paterson

Sachit Itla
Does that sand really hurts
Comment from : Sachit Itla

Sachit Itla
Hey, I could't play your game. Is it not working because My laptop is Chrome
Comment from : Sachit Itla

100 subs before 30 videos
This video deserves 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 dollars
Comment from : 100 subs before 30 videos

Nathan Riesenburger
Who else got scared at 1:34
Comment from : Nathan Riesenburger

Lenni Lehtinen
When you ask who im .... so im activity guy
Comment from : Lenni Lehtinen

Brooke Dennison
The peeps at the beach with him : 👀
Comment from : Brooke Dennison

2:36 those muscles tho
Comment from : PyroAussie

Julie Kennedy
Comment from : Julie Kennedy

Lye Rojas
We all know we had to deal with hot sand
Comment from : Lye Rojas

Royal Swayne
I'm the pool guy all the way
Comment from : Royal Swayne

The Bakeosaurus Rex
It’s alright Garret I took a picture before Ty destroyed it
Comment from : The Bakeosaurus Rex

Agent 47
We all Know we wait for the Rage Monster xD
Comment from : Agent 47

you should see the results of me after work working outside im sunburned a lot
Comment from : TheSuperiorKitten

Brennertube HD
I’m in destin rn
Comment from : Brennertube HD

Zack Firion Valdez

Comment from : Zack Firion Valdez

Chris Clement
Bob Miller. BOB MILLER!
Comment from : Chris Clement

Just A Bigfoot With Internet Access
Man, this video is ALREADY 3 years ago?! Dang, I'm old
Comment from : Just A Bigfoot With Internet Access

Sienna Galbraith
0:28 my dad when he puts sunscreen on me.
Comment from : Sienna Galbraith

Nicholas Mitchell
How come when Garret asked for a Sand shuvvle he wanted the yellow one not the purple one isn’t he the Purple Hoser
Comment from : Nicholas Mitchell

Vanessa Gabbard
Im in qaurintine
Comment from : Vanessa Gabbard

Varsha Khadd
Cody: Ow my feet are on fire!!!
Cory : Save yourself

Comment from : Varsha Khadd

Ilija Čvorić
Everyone hates overprotective moms
Comment from : Ilija Čvorić

debismita mishra
My favorite stereotype is 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁

Rage monster

Comment from : debismita mishra

Mile Atanasovski
You should try vacation stereotypes just sitting stuck at home boardem who else miss the beach
Comment from : Mile Atanasovski

Janice Tutaki
i love your vids<3
Comment from : Janice Tutaki

its_ zach
July 2020 ??
Comment from : its_ zach

Sujal Jain
Awesome video guys😎😎👌👍🤘🤘👍
Comment from : Sujal Jain

Parker Beaird
I wonder how Ty was after the sunburned part 😧
Comment from : Parker Beaird

Jasper G
Respect to ty for getting a sunburn on pursose
Comment from : Jasper G

Caleb Zamudio
Did anyone else noted that after the hot sand garret disappear
Comment from : Caleb Zamudio

Sergeant NerfsALot
The goggle kid
Comment from : Sergeant NerfsALot

1,000 Subscribers With 1 Video Challenge
To whoever see's this, have a wonderful day!
Comment from : 1,000 Subscribers With 1 Video Challenge

Juan Jaime
Comment from : Juan Jaime

Reading Reading
I live in in the place you visit in Destin
Comment from : Reading Reading

Ayaanplayz Miah
do u do a reality show
Comment from : Ayaanplayz Miah

C Nichols
0:45 :o why does the water look green??
Comment from : C Nichols

Patrick Nuccio
I love the comments about the hair xDDD
Comment from : Patrick Nuccio

Alexander R
Whos here in quarantine watching old vids
Comment from : Alexander R

ลูกครึ่งหัวใจไทย ในอเมริกา
R.I.P. golf cart
Comment from : ลูกครึ่งหัวใจไทย ในอเมริกา

Andi Anam
Comment from : Andi Anam

Rich1111 10
F for the sand castle 1:44
Comment from : Rich1111 10

Johannse Ven
Bob miller
Comment from : Johannse Ven

Muna Abdi
I love dude perfect stereotypes
Comment from : Muna Abdi

Muna Abdi
Dude perfect the best trick shots
Comment from : Muna Abdi

Appa thebest
Hey I went there
Comment from : Appa thebest

marni agno
Comment from : marni agno

Andy Pollart
I’m Chief Chafer always
Comment from : Andy Pollart

Ethan Yang
I think them destroying the sandcastle should be the rage monster part.
Comment from : Ethan Yang

noah Douget
just imagine going to the beach and seeing dude perfect
Comment from : noah Douget

HiLOUL_ 44
Y’a des français
Comment from : HiLOUL_ 44

Wait the rage monster and activity guy look similar or is that just me
Comment from : JE M

Dayna Cook
1:54, Ty was gonna get wasted by a big wave🌊
Comment from : Dayna Cook

Jayden Laing
Did Ty actually get burnt
Comment from : Jayden Laing

William Jones
Comment from : William Jones

Isaac Medina
The old guy is like, someone to look up too
Comment from : Isaac Medina

Shahriar Chowdhury
Happy New year
Comment from : Shahriar Chowdhury

i am yeeted
What are you guys? I’m definitely diving catch
Comment from : i am yeeted

Aderet Noble
I went to the beach during quarantine
Comment from : Aderet Noble

HaPpY iDiOt
Comment from : HaPpY iDiOt

Geo James
Lego too
Comment from : Geo James

Geo James
Pls no rage monster
Comment from : Geo James

Geo James
Sorry guys li
Comment from : Geo James

Geo James
And lego
Comment from : Geo James

Geo James
But I like you
Comment from : Geo James

Geo James
You are ok
Comment from : Geo James

Geo James
I like lego
Comment from : Geo James

Blaster 1793
Legend says they never found Bob Miller
Comment from : Blaster 1793

PW_ MILFanta
Comment from : PW_ MILFanta

Alana Popovciuc2
He says your surfboard looks sick/cool

Me realizing:they have the samesurboard🤣😂😂🤔🤨🤨

Comment from : Alana Popovciuc2

Max Nissen
0:30 the water he will swim in will turn whiteish on contact
2:47 thats red dye or something right?
well youtubers do crazy things for views

Comment from : Max Nissen

I am the diving catch guy
Comment from : juliaDB0321

Melissa Lucenti
My leg
Comment from : Melissa Lucenti

Mason Williams
Comment from : Mason Williams

Connor Rought
Literally no one
Not a soul

Random white clothing guy: BOB MILLER

Comment from : Connor Rought

Matthew Harcourt
2:18 totally my mom
Comment from : Matthew Harcourt

tameena dominoes
Who want video editing reply here to ask GCTCC =Garrett,Coby,Tyler,Cody,Cory.
Comment from : tameena dominoes

Comment from : LimitedRobloxTV

Luis Calle
Did ty actually get sunburned????


Comment from : Luis Calle

Anybody who isn’t American:
What does mom mean

Comment from : RockyPlays

Jeremiah Jadal
Do they know that sunscreen make coral white
Comment from : Jeremiah Jadal


MariaJoe Anto
I am joe for India I am big fan i love your new video i am
Comment from : MariaJoe Anto

Šįm Ķąý
I just love, love all ur stereotypes. The way u act like those ppl is Amazing.♥️👌♥️
Comment from : Šįm Ķąý

SHB Trickshots

imagine if they forgot to record

Comment from : SHB Trickshots

SHB Trickshots

imagine if they forgot to record

Comment from : SHB Trickshots

Auston Wickman
Comment from : Auston Wickman

Prof. cheesy
Anybody miss this... Like if I agree
Comment from : Prof. cheesy

David Sumrall
Boys Barry me ha ha

Uh oh

Comment from : David Sumrall

David Sumrall
Can you guys all like this
Comment from : David Sumrall

David Sumrall
I love you video
Comment from : David Sumrall

David Sumrall
Do you think that TT got a sun bern
Comment from : David Sumrall

Liyla and Lotus
Ty looks so much more like a rage monster with his sunburn
Btw one like equals a less time of him and the sunburn

Comment from : Liyla and Lotus

Fey Akinwumi
Maybe some of the stereotypes took a long time to film, but the first one shoulda been easy
Comment from : Fey Akinwumi

Madison Farley
I am the hot sand situation 100%!!!
Comment from : Madison Farley

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