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Skyscrapers & MegaProjects
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Comment from : Skyscrapers & MegaProjects

Frankfurt ist die schönste und modernste Stadt in Deutschland.
Comment from : Mercedes-AMG

Sad munich sounds
Comment from : flywithjones

the hamburg one is ugly.
Comment from : DanKaries

Osamas Flugschule 00
Stuttgart 21 ?
Comment from : Osamas Flugschule 00

Zahedi Hassan
Lol these are not skyscrapers but mid level buildings
Comment from : Zahedi Hassan

Maxx B.
None of the buildings planned for Berlin will ever be build... The city is incapable of such projects and too many restrictions and bureaucracy will stop all of them.
Comment from : Maxx B.

Comment from : MrAJWorks

Olli Ruzhdi Gryffindor-Ani
Ulala 😳🏙
Comment from : Olli Ruzhdi Gryffindor-Ani

I don't like the buildings planned in Berlin. Frankfurt style is mutch better!
Comment from : Selbstverständlich

Jeff B
Typical boring German architecture. Go back to the baroque.
Comment from : Jeff B

James Waters
I'm so glad to see architects and engineers and their marvelous and amazing creations that are truly awe-inspiring. At the same time, we are aware that societies are also spending vast amounts of capital in so-called, "defense budgets" for weaponry. Looks like the forces of good are winning and the armory filled with sulphurous bang-bang will ultimately be locked away forever. Pandora opened a jar containing sickness, death and many other unspecified evils which were then released into the world. Civil engineering will create into the world a great tangible future. The collective visions of architects, engineers, financiers, designers, city planners, will win the day. Military engineering will begin to wane and yes, 'wither on the vine'.
Comment from : James Waters

iris n
Frankfurt is Modern city in Europe
Comment from : iris n

Sharjil Jafri
Wo ist frankfurt airport terminal 3?
Comment from : Sharjil Jafri

Abdallah H
Great. More apartments the normal people can’t pay. That’s what we need in Germany.
Comment from : Abdallah H

No please no skyscrapers in Berlin! In Frankfurt ok. But they don't fit into the scenery of Berlin.

Das macht das Stadtbild kaputt! Gut den Alexanderplatz sollte man aber echt mal umbauen ist sau hässlich das Ding.

Comment from : fjellyo32

Julian Francisco
I IDMIRE Germany, its a super organize society, great health system, great public school , super tecnoly in every aspec of comstruction, such a Small country wIth so much to offer to the world
Comment from : Julian Francisco

H i
Comment from : H i

YouTube Kanal
Schlechtes Video
Comment from : YouTube Kanal

Wait, that East side tower in Berlin, Designed by BIG looks like their own tower for Hudson Yards, NYC and a bad copy of the OMA designed mahanakhon tower in Bangkok.
God I'm getting sick and tired of how BIG are being praised yet they produce such garbage.

Comment from : Simonkram

Messerschmitt Bölkow
You have to know that all those citys: Frankfurt, Berlin and Hamburg are not really wealthy compared with southern Germany and are quite self-satisfied and in the case of Berlin the city lives from grants ONLY while (still) thinking they are the center of the world and having to teach and judge everything and everyone.
Comment from : Messerschmitt Bölkow

A new compact skyline city? I'm open, since I want to see what Germany's style will be. Just hope they don't go overboard with unnecessary megatalls like Dubai or EXCESSIVE AMOUNTS like New York. However, like New York, build out of necessity
Comment from : TheRagingInfernape

wolfgang friedle
I think Not so,Look Berlin Airport, After 10 Years Work not Ready,No Future at All
Comment from : wolfgang friedle

Robin _
Wo ist Stuttgart 21?
Comment from : Robin _

dhsd | #leel
This tower is higher than these:

Comment from : dhsd | #leel

Edgar Bee
Unfassbar, wie sehr unsere hässlichen Städte durch noch mehr hässliche gesichtslose Gebäude verschandelt werden.. Mir grauelt schon davor
Comment from : Edgar Bee

Classical Carpet
How can a building project be delayed by 10 years, wtf happened to that airport?

I thought Germans were supposed to be punctual and efficient.

Comment from : Classical Carpet

Check Warsaw skyscrapers under costructions. It's gonna be an iteresting "race":-)
Comment from : laglowala

I don't like the architecture of the Berlin projects!
Comment from : Selbstverständlich

岡田茂吉 Mokichi Okada
nice city
Comment from : 岡田茂吉 Mokichi Okada

Orvell George
The Alexander a tower in Berlin will only be 150m high.
Comment from : Orvell George

Jentul Jay
Germany is highly decentralised with many A & B cities scattered around the country. However, it's skyscrapers are very modest with no Wow effect. They seem to be jittery to push the boundaries of architecture.
Comment from : Jentul Jay

Anyone Working as civil engineer in germany
Comment from : AABID AL HAADI

Ulrich Lehnhardt
nothing under 300 m should be called a skyscraper!
Comment from : Ulrich Lehnhardt

Spiritt Chaser
no, Russia will lead. 40 skyscrapers of more than 80 floors are planned until 2028.
Comment from : Spiritt Chaser

Ortega Peru
BER Like if your German and got the Joke :D
Comment from : Ortega Peru

Stephen Herrington
All the people from immigration and mass migration have to have new buildings to live in!!
Comment from : Stephen Herrington

gemannt needs something over 400m
Comment from : PixelPhoenix

Robert Ciesluk
German future are minarets and mosques.
Comment from : Robert Ciesluk

Jonathan 1234
BER the airport for Berlin is the most stupiest project ever. The amaount of needed money has reached more than the double estimated price. Another point is that the complete terminal is to small for the forcast of people who travel from that place. It would be easier to demantle that airport and build a new one at another place. An idea from my side would be, that the programm will be stopped and for example a runtrack be build so that the hole earth moving wouldn‘t be for nothing
Comment from : Jonathan 1234

hassan messaoudi
As an Algerian . Germany is destroying itself with those buildings . Seriously modern architecture suck . Traditional architecture is better . I cant even recognize the culture and the city . It look like America .
Comment from : hassan messaoudi

ArmAn Khan
Love to Germany from India
Comment from : ArmAn Khan

Mike Egah
Now, every country want to have skyscrapers. Are those buildings underconstruction because 2030 is 12 years from now..
Comment from : Mike Egah

Jennie Kim is the IT GIRL
Comment from : Jennie Kim is the IT GIRL

What a sad country !!!!
Comment from : SteMos

Israel Diaz
make a video about mexico. there are also many good projects ❤🇲🇽❤
Comment from : Israel Diaz

the max
Well, France should get back to work , we need to continue forward and build some of thoses beauties
Comment from : the max

I wonder what buildings will be under construction in Australia 🤔
Comment from : MapleRBX

A T_G_
I kinda expected better esthetics or beautiful architectural pieces from German designers... These buildings are all recycled ideas from towers all over the US, Europe & Dubai!
Comment from : A T_G_

Mega World
nice and very informative video..
Comment from : Mega World

Comment from : enrigue8

Those four towers in Frankfurt, will they only house 1000 people? That really does seem a very small number for such a developtment. Or are these buildings mixed use with also office, retail and maybe hotel space?
Comment from : TowerGuy

Awesome SkyscraperProject
Good music
Comment from : Awesome SkyscraperProject

Israel ball
do Israeli future projects

Comment from : Israel ball

Jakob P
Lots of development happening in Frankfurt and Berlin. Very interesting video.
Comment from : Jakob P

Andy Orendie
I live in Germany! 1hour🚊 away from Frankfurt! ❤️
Comment from : Andy Orendie

I’m going to Dubai this December. Can’t wait to climb the Burj Khalifa. Does anyone know some other building/things to check out?
Comment from : Hoi

Mr. Kraft
Haha Brandenburg airport will be never finished ! Because of the politics ! It’s owned by the politics so there is always something wrong
Comment from : Mr. Kraft

I've recently been to the HafenCity and it's just bleak. Seeing so much bare concrete right next to the famous warehouse district of Hamburg is just bizarre.
Comment from : Gregor

Joaquin Cimas
Madrid, Milan, Barcelona or Bilbao will have good skylines in the future. The South of Europe exist... Good Video, love how Germany have a lot off middle/big cities instead of one ir two megacities.
Comment from : Joaquin Cimas

suresh bhagat
Comment from : suresh bhagat

Nice xD
Comment from : Moritz03

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