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Название :  Nodata
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00:03:15 - Arrival at Zvartnots Airport
00:06:18 - Meeting with Nikol Pashinyan
00:07:36 - Press interview
00:32:08 - Reception on Yerevan's streets
01:11:06 - Pro-opposition rally
01:37:36 - Exhibition of the SOAD's concert at Yerevan in 2015
01:49:17 - Serj Tankian's speech
01:53:31 - Serj Tankian sings 'Bari Arakeel'
02:10:31 - Meeting with fans

Comment from : Mau

sandra mouro
Comment from : sandra mouro

Meanwhile In Science
who the fuck is he that Premier Minister of a country is hosting that pot head in airport.
Comment from : Meanwhile In Science

Berdj Achdjian
How to use a singer to manipulate the general opinion for a political aim ...
serz sargsyan did it in 2015
Macron did it with Haliday National funerals in 2018
many policians did it ...
today Nikol Pachinyan ...
so .. it is not a revolution .. it is just how to take the leadership

Comment from : Berdj Achdjian

Ele realmente é uma personalidade grande demais na armenia, claro que tem os armênios que vivem no país, tem a Cher, as kardashians e assim vai, mas a dimensão que o system toma no país é incrível
Comment from : HugoTankianZemok

Веселов Дмитрий
Хороший все-таки голос у него
Comment from : Веселов Дмитрий

DDevil Sako
Fucking dope bro
Comment from : DDevil Sako

hugh edwards
Comment from : hugh edwards

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