FIFA 19 ICONS vs PES 2019 LEGENDS | Player Face Comparison

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Название :  FIFA 19 ICONS vs PES 2019 LEGENDS | Player Face Comparison
Продолжительность :   1.53
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Просмотров :   27.943
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Кадры FIFA 19 ICONS vs PES 2019 LEGENDS | Player Face Comparison

Описание FIFA 19 ICONS vs PES 2019 LEGENDS | Player Face Comparison

Коментарии FIFA 19 ICONS vs PES 2019 LEGENDS | Player Face Comparison

Enrique Jiménez
pes the best faces
Comment from : Enrique Jiménez

John Smith
Figo in Fifa with those shifty eyes, looks like he's just murdered someone.
Comment from : John Smith

Antonio Garcia
PES Maradona so realistic, looks actually stoned!!
Comment from : Antonio Garcia

Lucas Rozado
Pes texture work looks very impressive, however I still do have some issues with it's shading... It just doesn't stop flickering... It annoys me a lot! lol
Comment from : Lucas Rozado

Pes sucks
Comment from : MC_DEVIL _99

Bastian Basteri
En todas barre el peso con fifa
Comment from : Bastian Basteri

FIFA Gamer
Baby icon maradona is the best in pes he looks like hes drunk
Comment from : FIFA Gamer

kodrat mavlani
The texture is more real in fifa
Comment from : kodrat mavlani

Wish we could have pes graphics but FIFA’s game
Comment from : Wolf_Harry

Shit I didn’t realise how much more realistic. Pes looks
Comment from : Wolf_Harry

mr Videos football game and reality
Comment from : mr Videos football game and reality

Fifa winnis a Ronaldinho!
Comment from : Arthur

sulfith Shameer
Comment from : sulfith Shameer

Pandu Anugrah
Maradona in pes look like vietcong army lol
Comment from : Pandu Anugrah

Shubhang Chauhan
Pes is best
Comment from : Shubhang Chauhan

João_ gamer
Se a jogabilidade for boa isso não importa
Comment from : João_ gamer

B0Lt Clan
Maldini looks like Sylvester Stallone
Comment from : B0Lt Clan

Ørger Thokle
The pes icons look drunk
Comment from : Ørger Thokle

Ese es higuota o quie
Comment from : ANDRESSANDO android

Min 0:47 Maradona sin drogas, Min 0:54 Maradona con drogas :p
Comment from : PATRICK LLANCA

Johan Cruyf looks best in PES. Fifa 19 version looks nothing like him.
Comment from : broodjebakpao1994

Sahabaz Khan
Only pes
Comment from : Sahabaz Khan

Nonie Nattanon
Comment from : Nonie Nattanon

Mahde 0405
PES is much better
Comment from : Mahde 0405

Kirill Gertner
Comment from : Kirill Gertner

Pes look like they smoke 10 Blunts
Comment from : Angelo

agustin 1
el fifa es el mejor no el pes
Comment from : agustin 1

ditme may:3
Pes look more realistic
Comment from : ditme may:3

Lee Ruhs
0:07 what is his name
Comment from : Lee Ruhs

Bullet Sd
İn pes Some faces are very close to real faces . But some faces just shit in pes. My favourite fifa gaming more realistic
Comment from : Bullet Sd

Anand Ram
hahaha john cruff face 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 in fifa 19release
Comment from : Anand Ram

In fifa
Comment from : ISABEL LOPEZ

Nguyên Nguyễn Đình
Cruyff in PES looks more realistic
Comment from : Nguyên Nguyễn Đình

Lucas Rosales
maradona en el pes esta re duro
Comment from : Lucas Rosales

Viusalnazarov Naz
FIFA sucks
Comment from : Viusalnazarov Naz

Jonathan Krassic
0:27 both Gerard's faces are realistic, young and old
Comment from : Jonathan Krassic

PES 2018
Comment from : DAARUI FF

Andrés Salinas
0:18 Pes feels very proud presenting to ROCKY BALBOAAA!!!
Comment from : Andrés Salinas

BuGzz BuNnY
I miss you Cruff And George Best
Comment from : BuGzz BuNnY

Pes has better hair and facial hair, but fifa has better models
Comment from : Tom

Hälftende Difiebf
When you Upload messi Ronaldo Neymar etc. Face Rotations ?
Comment from : Hälftende Difiebf

Alladeen Madafaker
Pes,the faces look more like in real life with the sweat and pes manages to hit the right skin tone for almost every player plus the hairs and beards look amazing in pes
Comment from : Alladeen Madafaker

Rob X
Fifa looks like shitttt
Comment from : Rob X

Sreejith P
Comment from : Sreejith P

Ankan Samaddar
In fifa long hair is moving like leaf..so unnatural.. lol😂😂
Comment from : Ankan Samaddar

Nikita Ostrovski
Pes better you say? Look at Roberto Carlos head... It has fking corners.
Comment from : Nikita Ostrovski

In PES they actually look like people
Comment from : Examper

PES easily
Comment from : Hass

tekkerzfan19 - Daily Content
PES better
Comment from : tekkerzfan19 - Daily Content

Comment from : Thej'aibutousleselecto78

ahmed tetauni
Pes better
Comment from : ahmed tetauni

Comment from : VL THEUZIN

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