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An Knook
Hey Cuties! ♡ Here's a eyebrow do's and dont's video.
I really hope you will enjoy this eyebrow tutorial. It's something else as normal but I get so many eyebrow requests video so I felt like it was about time. Hope you will enjoy! ♡ And ofcourse let me know in the comments what kind of Makeup tutorial you wanna see next. Do you wanna see a Smokey Eye tutorial or a Soft Makeup tutorial? Let me know! ♡ Xoxo An

Comment from : An Knook

Estefany Quiroz
Very helpful ! Ty 🙌🏼🙏🙏💕
Comment from : Estefany Quiroz

rana shqer
حد يترجم شو استخدمت
Comment from : rana shqer

Ratu Fianita
What's brush brand and number at 5:00?
Comment from : Ratu Fianita

Rajdeep kaur
Thanku dear it is useful video
Comment from : Rajdeep kaur

If u use the flawless on the top n bottom it gets rid of the hair shape n u wont shave them off if ur afraid ull mess them up i like the hydration brow. Mascara the best i always wanted christina aguliras❤ eyebrows when i was younger i love the flawless. I hate getting pampered thank you flawless💞 i used to cry getting haircuts. I love that razor haircut video havent tried it yet but thank you. 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞 id cry all the time getting a layered haircut 💞 love theese videos thank u
Comment from : JOANN PIZZO

Fatima imran vlogs
Very helpful thanks
Comment from : Fatima imran vlogs

Lalnipuii Ritai
Very good.. How can I get all this make up..?
Comment from : Lalnipuii Ritai

Sofia pagliuca
I just love how you do you're eyebrows I whish I should do it I just can't fade mine
Comment from : Sofia pagliuca

The Miles
Man, these eyebrows are a whole new type of art.. I can't draw a straight line, so I literally can't imagine having brows like this.
Comment from : The Miles

GetGorgeousW T
Yes so gorgeous !!
Comment from : GetGorgeousW T

mekup artist
Comment from : mekup artist

twentysix linx
Why are all the eyebrow tutorials by Eastern Europeans?
Comment from : twentysix linx

Hello There!
GReat job!
Comment from : Hello There!

ur foundation is a bit too orange, i don't know if thats what ur going for but maybe try something lighter. 😊
Comment from : T.M_beauty

DS -Share Your Pet's Stories
The fact that my "done" brows look exactly like the wrong one and I do all the don'ts
Comment from : DS -Share Your Pet's Stories

Emma Claire
Aw you’re so sweet
Comment from : Emma Claire

Elizabeth K.
Thank you An for this video, perfect explanation, now I know how to make my brows ! I’m very grateful 💜🌺
Comment from : Elizabeth K.

Rinku Chouhan
v nice
Comment from : Rinku Chouhan

Sydney Davison
Best brow tutorial. I always come back to this.
Comment from : Sydney Davison

Kavita Draco
I love my eyebrow jet black .
Comment from : Kavita Draco

محمد يوسف
Comment from : محمد يوسف

What if my eyebrow front has 12 eyebrows that are growing longer than the others so....

How do I cut them....

Comment from : ashy

Alexander Aluma
Love you Pretty Ann.
Comment from : Alexander Aluma

i tried to do mine, its not pretty as yours, you can watch it here www.youtube.com/watch?v=daqcq8METRk and im a newbie please support me
Comment from : ryannvlogs

Kyileits Makeupfunky
I love you 😍 bro🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Comment from : Kyileits Makeupfunky

she said: curry-es
Comment from : Clickie

Zakiya Nafisa
Thank you for making this video. For the life of me I have naturally Arched eyebrows so I don’t have to draw or fill in much I was having a hard time because I was drawing heavy and I noticed you didn’t square off the beginning
Comment from : Zakiya Nafisa

French Fry
Ur much more prettier without makeup girl love u
Comment from : French Fry

ayfer kaya
You are one of my favoured now.😘😘😘
Comment from : ayfer kaya

ayfer kaya
Thank you for all your tutorials.I can not do same as you 😣😣😣but your tutorials are gorgeus.Because of you i learnt lots of tricks and at the end treats on my face 😊😊😊.It is really good to find you.
Comment from : ayfer kaya

Kristin Malinowski
God stop talking about how you’re not trying to offend anyone!!! You skipped talking about how to do the upper part of the brow just babbling about how you don’t want to offend anyone!!! How annoying! It’s like come on with it!! We get it already!!!
Comment from : Kristin Malinowski

Zhibek Ismurzinova
Молодец, умничка
Comment from : Zhibek Ismurzinova

De’ Anna VP
It’s good to show people different ways and how to easily get the results, but makeup is a creative art. Do, there is no such thing as wrong if that’s what an individual wants.
Comment from : De’ Anna VP

Carnetha Clark
Beautiful 🦋
Comment from : Carnetha Clark

Thank u!
Comment from : Jessatouch

Elsie x X
British vs American
Comment from : Elsie x X

Gemma Kendall
you went over the top with the dont eye brow no afence
Comment from : Gemma Kendall

linda iglesias
Its already 12:09 AM and i thought that i could try it RN lmao
But yes i did and it worked sooooo good! My eyebrows looks like if a literally put nothing on it, kind of a natural look and i love it! Thank u so much!

Comment from : linda iglesias

Please do an updated oneeeee
Comment from : Makeupbyluisleon

Erin C
You have beautiful eyes even before the make-up.. thanks for the tips 😁
Comment from : Erin C

GB Salon
Best Beauty Salon of Henna Eyebrows in Brisbane : www.gbsalon.com.au/henna-eyebrows-in-brisbane/
Comment from : GB Salon

aparna bhadbhade
Wow that's a lot of time spent on an eyebrow
Comment from : aparna bhadbhade

Magnificent Michole
Omggggggg I never thought to put my foundation over my eyebrows first this was very helpful 🤙🏾🗣💯
Comment from : Magnificent Michole

reymart langamin
I love it😍
Comment from : reymart langamin

Receitas da Val
Very nice. Beautiful.
I' m your new friend.

Comment from : Receitas da Val

are you dutch? Your accent is heavy
Comment from : bibi

Comment from : maia

Eve Muego
sub to sub po😊
Comment from : Eve Muego

xxmanthatyoufearxx x
I don't do the 'block/ square' type look, but I really love supper dark brows.
Comment from : xxmanthatyoufearxx x

cutie pie
Great video.Can u plz share a video on basic makeup for beginners how to start makeup and keep long lasting.How to select foundation shade and concealer shade should be light or dark than foundation shade . How to apply lipstick like a pro and keep long lasting
Comment from : cutie pie

Abby McQuiston
Your eyes are beautiful!
Comment from : Abby McQuiston

keyana s.
Comment from : keyana s.

Every "ting" 😂😂😂
Comment from : pr1ncess

Why your eyebrows fake bitch erase that shi
Comment from : MR HYPE

Briana Perez
I always feel like they over exaggerate on the do's and don'ts....overall I love your brows🙂
Comment from : Briana Perez

Haylee Cline
“Everything ting” lmfaoooooo I cant 😂😂😂
Comment from : Haylee Cline

I love your accent
Comment from : ShxIsSoCute

Alyssa Mariana
Damn, I only use one eyebrow product on my eyebrows.. Besides concealer
Comment from : Alyssa Mariana

when she grabbed that mascara "Oh no she better not. Oh no she did."
Comment from : FuzzyFelina

Eva Gilardi
U have an accent
Comment from : Eva Gilardi

so glad i have full eyebrows lmao
Comment from : vanessa

I’m sorry but the left (her right) looks like trash lmao.

Wait I’m a fucking idiot she was doing it one purpose wtf.

Comment from : Faith

Saipo Undac
Not desame the right is good but the left is bad
Comment from : Saipo Undac

Theresa Ayala
Can someone show a start to finish make-up tutorial. I have all the tools, but really don’t know all the different things to do. Like can I use primer along with moisturizer? You know things like that. I have contour pack , but really don’t know how to use it. Also my eyebrows really need help. They are basically almost bare. Someone please help. I would be greatly appreciative. Thank you.
Comment from : Theresa Ayala

wWhat should i do if my eyebros are different ?? I mean, i can t find a shape, so yeah ..
Comment from : Kidras

Queen Jazz
Im your no.1 Fan here in Philippines😍i always watching your video and it soo satisfying in me😍
Comment from : Queen Jazz

Evelyn Ayala
The don't s look better btw ♡♡♡(btw don't you t th ink the shade depends on the other person? ???? It's nice though just do whats good on you♥♥♥
Comment from : Evelyn Ayala

Sophie Ryan
Finally🙌🏼 i have been waiting for a video about eyebrows that i can relate to with the redness! Thought i was wrong all this time putting foundation on it first because its not what everyone else does. The only difference i have is that i don’t have as much hair but i like that its reference to what to do if you don’t. Great video:)
Comment from : Sophie Ryan

Ebony Dutton-Jones
How the hell do you blink like that I tried and my mum said what the hell are you doing do you have something in your eye 😂😂😂
Comment from : Ebony Dutton-Jones

Esmeralda Godinez
Comment from : Esmeralda Godinez

Nayda Rodriguez
Yeah it was helpful thank you
Comment from : Nayda Rodriguez

Paula s
thats amazing and you´re very sweet
Comment from : Paula s

Brandi Sodemann
Don’t feel bad that one eyebrow looks horrible period 😂
Comment from : Brandi Sodemann

Lynzi K
Do you generally do your eyebrows before your eye makeup? Or is that just for the video? I never know which to do first cuz I'll ruin my eyeshadow when I do the brows, but yet I'll ruin my brows when I do my eyeshadow. LOL!
Comment from : Lynzi K

Azul Minaj
Guess I've been doing it wrong all alone.. your tips is very helpful thanks much. :)
Comment from : Azul Minaj

Woww! You look amazing with your make up and you teach us very goood!
Comment from : Gabykisses

Liza Subba
Thank u m really have problem in eye brow
Comment from : Liza Subba

Curly Jhurz
What camera are you using here ms knook? Thanks! Great video quality.
Comment from : Curly Jhurz

Jhanira Renee
I liked both brows tbh
Comment from : Jhanira Renee

Danica Martinez
That don’t side I barley stopped doing the other day lol gosh I feel embarrassed walking around thinking I was cute
Comment from : Danica Martinez

Motivational Michelle
I love how these tutorials are so PC .....
Comment from : Motivational Michelle

matthew bradley
Ok love the brows but the lashes are too much. Do a more natural look and it would look so much better on you. No hate just advice.
Comment from : matthew bradley

irma bedoya
Beautiful brows any ideas for tattoo brows that need touch up
Comment from : irma bedoya

Life of Gina
I love you you said “things I will not do” instead of saying “things some people do”
You personalized it!!

Comment from : Life of Gina

Moana Kaata
My biggest problem is I have a heavy hand love your vidoes
Comment from : Moana Kaata

Beverly Collins
I would enjoy nothing more than learning how to put on makeup, a full face of makeup, foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, eye lashes, blush, bronzer, highlighter, lip liner, lipstick ...etc😢... I don't even know where to start. Makeup for beginners, who do not want to spend a lot of money. I've been looking at the prices of the Milani brand of cosmetics, I like their cosmetics and I think their prices are very nice for people who don't know what they're doing. After watching your video I think I could actually do something with my eyebrows. Thank you 🌹❤🌹
Comment from : Beverly Collins

Helen Butler
Are you restocking annytude
.Just went to place anther other and going everything out of stock.😓want achiever pair of snobbys 😔

Comment from : Helen Butler

Love birds 🐣🐤🐥
Love from Canada
Comment from : Love birds 🐣🐤🐥

niru limbu
Comment from : niru limbu

Paulina P.M.
I would like to see you with just one color of eyebrow, :) you look great but have you tried to make the end lighter? Maybe would look more sweet, i don't know :)
Comment from : Paulina P.M.

Karen Rodriguez
lo que pasa q en un ojo se ve q lo haces con mucha presion y d otra manera x eso sale asi
Comment from : Karen Rodriguez

African mammie
i really liked how uh explained everything soo well !uh just got ur new sub beautiful 😍👍👍
Comment from : African mammie

Mina Cuesta
Love this video. I’ve been doing the bad side for so long and I hate it. But I can never get to yo look like your good side. Hopefully watching this again a few times I’ll be able to get it down.
Comment from : Mina Cuesta

Felicia Joseph
You are the best on YouTube at eyes hands down
Comment from : Felicia Joseph

Mimi ToAngels
Concealer over the eyebrows? GENIUS! 🤩
Comment from : Mimi ToAngels

sandra aquino
Nice tip on eyebrows I like it I do have eyebrow pencils and I like the way she did them and I'm going to try that because mine get grade too fast very gray and I don't like the gray I do died and when I dye my hair I do like to thank you great tip thank you
Comment from : sandra aquino

Thank u for all the details. This is very useful
Comment from : slimoucha77

Adrianna St Pierre
Comment from : Adrianna St Pierre

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