Sirusho - Qele, Qele (Armenia) Live 2008 Eurovision Song Contest

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Информация о Sirusho - Qele, Qele (Armenia) Live 2008 Eurovision Song Contest

Название :  Sirusho - Qele, Qele (Armenia) Live 2008 Eurovision Song Contest
Продолжительность :   3.09
Дата публикации :  
Просмотров :   3.130.591
Лайков :  
Скачивали :  

Кадры Sirusho - Qele, Qele (Armenia) Live 2008 Eurovision Song Contest

Описание Sirusho - Qele, Qele (Armenia) Live 2008 Eurovision Song Contest

Коментарии Sirusho - Qele, Qele (Armenia) Live 2008 Eurovision Song Contest

Ceylan Avci
i tasted like a turkish song inside this song
Comment from : Ceylan Avci

Rafael Xelilov
Comment from : Rafael Xelilov

Tigran Tashjian
armenian ariana grande
Comment from : Tigran Tashjian

Spo Spo
Comment from : Spo Spo

Esq el temazo que se marcaron
Comment from : Alejandro

Armenia until this day hasn’t submit a better song/performance since Sirusho. Idk what the hell they’re thinking with all these other submissions. Bring an artist or a song like this so we have a chance. 12 years has gone this is still the best performance we’ve had
Comment from : degacci

Zafer Aslanli
Comment from : Zafer Aslanli

Lilit Sargsyan
Any 2020 viewers?🤍
Comment from : Lilit Sargsyan

George Ionita
beste eurovision songs of all time in 2008
Comment from : George Ionita

I love this song. ı think this is the best song in armenian eurovision history ... love from TURKEY
Comment from : HACI MEHMET POLAT

Oguzhan Akcay
2008 deserved Armenia
2015 deserved italy
2017 deserved Bulgaria
2018 deserved cyprus
2019 deserved switzerland or italy

loves from Turkey 🇹🇷

Comment from : Oguzhan Akcay

ferhat yorulmaz
Songs have not religion, nationality or language. Respects from Turkey :)
Comment from : ferhat yorulmaz

Remember me and my brother dancing on the couches with this song..love from Greece!
Comment from : theGeeks

esmeralda x
Comment from : esmeralda x

Vladimir Arakelyan
Comment from : Vladimir Arakelyan

Levent dogu Tarhan
Nice song.from turkey.
Comment from : Levent dogu Tarhan

Carlos Santiago
She deserves #2 🤩
Comment from : Carlos Santiago

dilara and her tears
Comment from : dilara and her tears

Erhan Sukara
eurovisionun en güzel şarkılarından.
Comment from : Erhan Sukara

Comment from : Anni

hal budge
Fuego of my childhood
Comment from : hal budge

Stefanos Papastefanoy
is that rebecca black
Comment from : Stefanos Papastefanoy

🤘🇦🇿❤🇹🇷🤘 Kələsi bax bele keləsiiiiii girsin gözüve
Comment from : Dayı_313

What does qele mean though?
Comment from : MsGeorgeSR

Adel Mehdizade
its a great performance for a killer:)
Comment from : Adel Mehdizade

manolis sakelaris
Love from Greece 🇬🇷😍💋
Comment from : manolis sakelaris

b b
She is so cool and song is such a bop! Totally love it! 🌸💖
Greetings from Turkey 💖

Comment from : b b

Gustavo Junior
When you have a powerful voice but your stage performance is not
Comment from : Gustavo Junior

Arda Cakmak
Greetings from Turkey.
Comment from : Arda Cakmak

Hidayet Mert Yılmaz
Ermenilerin sevdiğim tek şeyi bu şarkı
Comment from : Hidayet Mert Yılmaz

Ümit Özcan
very beautiful song. I do not like Armenia as a country, but the woman and her song are beautiful
Comment from : Ümit Özcan

Max ThunderTM
É a Paula Fernandes do Brasil?
Comment from : Max ThunderTM

Едильжан Кожахан
My top:
1st Armenia
2nd Ukraine
3rd Greece

Comment from : Едильжан Кожахан

NexVisual TV
Comment from : NexVisual TV

Gunel Ceferova
Olmayan sesle oxumag nece de yorucudu. Ozuve yazigin gelsin.
Comment from : Gunel Ceferova

Gunel Ceferova
Karaokede ozunu hiss edir yazig
Comment from : Gunel Ceferova

Still can’t understand why Armenia or Greece didn’t win that year!!!
Comment from : V S

Vladimir Arakelyan
Comment from : Vladimir Arakelyan

Red М
Comment from : Red М

Mrt Mrt
Basit bi müzik ve parça...
Comment from : Mrt Mrt

Jorgo Kapnopoulos
12 year's later and still a hit🔥💙
Greetings from Greece

Comment from : Jorgo Kapnopoulos

Game Changer
Eternal hit in Serbia! 🇷🇸
Comment from : Game Changer

Ivan Kostic
For me was this Woman the Winner 2008! Serbia
Comment from : Ivan Kostic

Gregorio S Díaz
La puta nostalgia del tiempo que pasa y no vuelve. Eso es esta canción.
Comment from : Gregorio S Díaz

panos asxetos
2020 greetings from 🇬🇷
Comment from : panos asxetos

Qele Qele is still a bop, Sirusho is still a cutie 🇹🇷🇦🇲
Comment from : METÉ

Someone PLEASE bring her back to represent Armenia 🇦🇲 🇦🇲🇦🇲🔥🔥
Comment from : M H

Bitki doktoru
Comment from : Bitki doktoru

10 points from Turkey🇹🇷
Comment from : señorita

Kübra Bakaç
what a beautiful song :) from Turkey
Comment from : Kübra Bakaç

Erhan Sukara
Eurovision en güzel şarkılarından biri.Hala dinliyorum.
Comment from : Erhan Sukara

Yusuf Aytekin
2005 Greece - Helena
2008 Armenia - Sirusho
2009 Turkey - Hadise
2018 Cyprus - Eleni Foureira

Real Queens of Eurovision

Comment from : Yusuf Aytekin

Μουσική Ιδιοφυΐα
I haven't ever seen a cringy song like this
Comment from : Μουσική Ιδιοφυΐα

Cavi Dilaver
Oğurçu bicikler
Comment from : Cavi Dilaver

Ebru Yıldız
Hiii just wanted to say this was the best armenian entry in eurovision just because of armenian lyrics and their ethnic music. Want to see more! Greetings from Turkey.. :)
Comment from : Ebru Yıldız

Eagle Gaming
2020 anyone?
Comment from : Eagle Gaming

Delightful Energy
What happened to Eurovision? It was a huge party with amazing artists! Where the happiness of this contest went?
Comment from : Delightful Energy

2008 was the greatest year for ESC in my opinion!
Comment from : Bizel

Нурлан Утегенов
Кто-нибудь еще смотрит в 2020г?
Comment from : Нурлан Утегенов

Иван Миленковић
Jebena Anđela Nenezić...
Comment from : Иван Миленковић

maría paz Lojo Casal
Comment from : maría paz Lojo Casal

Marinos Andoniou ITC
Amazing year.....
Comment from : Marinos Andoniou ITC

ehmed ehmedzade
Comment from : ehmed ehmedzade

Elastic Heart
Comment from : Elastic Heart

FPX Productions
This and LoveWave are the best armenian entries
Comment from : FPX Productions

Vlad Tepes
The best choreography EVER.
Comment from : Vlad Tepes

Gunel Ceferova
Voice is soo bad
Comment from : Gunel Ceferova

Ashot Hovsepyan
2020? Quarantine? No!
Qele,qele 🇦🇲

Comment from : Ashot Hovsepyan

Leon Daniel
i haven't met a single person who dislikes this entry, it's that damn good.
Comment from : Leon Daniel

Sebuhi Nebiyev
Ustune minen kelelerden oxuyur yeqin
Comment from : Sebuhi Nebiyev

Sebuhi Nebiyev
Bu qehbe ne oxudu hec özu de bilmir 😀😀
Comment from : Sebuhi Nebiyev

Ulya memmedova
Очень плохо 👎👎👎
Comment from : Ulya memmedova

kapoios min se noiazei
Best year ever 2008 for Eurovision
Comment from : kapoios min se noiazei

Нара Артенян
Илья Глинников:,,Господи,какая противная эта Сирушо.На Евровидении 2008 так вообще фальшиво спела,выступила и её эта дурацкая причёска.Это ужас!Она бы ни за что не стала пациенткой Романенко в ,,Интернах,, и со своим медицинским шприцем убил бы её.Ведьма!,,
Comment from : Нара Артенян

Alessandro Gabrielli
Qele Qele is amazing!! Incredible song!!! Really amazing how she hits that note in 3:08!!! Gretings from Antigua and Barbuda!
Comment from : Alessandro Gabrielli

Nadja Hill
I was 3 years old. It was my favorite song... My family are Armenian ❤️
Comment from : Nadja Hill

UuR Brm
Amazing song and performance . From turkey. ı love you ❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Comment from : UuR Brm

Нара Артенян
Sirushon amena vat hay kataroxneric e ,,Evratesilum,,!Yaxq!
Comment from : Нара Артенян

Milinko Petrović
Comment from : Milinko Petrović

christos mn
Everyone in Greece loves this song.
Comment from : christos mn

greek pontic from sweden
Armenia i love you so much we lived together in pontos turkey take this land 1923
Comment from : greek pontic from sweden

dilara and her tears
how do you like this song? it's just gross i think
Comment from : dilara and her tears

Matthew Ferguson
Armenia deserved to win imo. Was the better song of the competition that year. Ukraine, Greece, Sweden, Norway all also very good. Sweden were well and truly robbed of a good place in 2008 though, they deserved higher. Greetings from the UK😘🇬🇧.
Comment from : Matthew Ferguson

powerpuff girl
I love this song I am from Greece I love Armenia ❤
Comment from : powerpuff girl

mel’s crybaby
Comment from : mel’s crybaby

Ырысты Улмагамбет
2020 🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿😍😍😘😘
Comment from : Ырысты Улмагамбет

Igor Igor
Best song of that ESC in my hometown. Greetings from Serbia 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
Comment from : Igor Igor

Martina Müller
One of my favorite songs 🥰 I love very much
Comment from : Martina Müller

Arjun Singh
In Hindi 'Qele Qele' means 'Bananas Bananas'.
Comment from : Arjun Singh

Ozan Köksal
Hello Europe :)
14.04.2020 who is still here ?is there listen with corona ? :(

Comment from : Ozan Köksal

Comment from : Јелена

Nushik Gareginyan
Comment from : Nushik Gareginyan

Nushik Gareginyan
Furs ekeq haer
Comment from : Nushik Gareginyan

Nushik Gareginyan
Haer dzer debt tanemmm
Comment from : Nushik Gareginyan

Nushik Gareginyan
Axbuka na smarku
Comment from : Nushik Gareginyan

Nushik Gareginyan
Zapretili govotit
Comment from : Nushik Gareginyan

Nushik Gareginyan
Rd I'm hayr hoxi.......
Comment from : Nushik Gareginyan

Nushik Gareginyan
Comment from : Nushik Gareginyan

Mihajlo Milošev
everyone's favorite esc song in serbia 😁🇷🇸🇦🇲
Comment from : Mihajlo Milošev

Sam Galea
If there was a jury this would have been low. She's off key the whole time 👀
Comment from : Sam Galea

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