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Название :  Nodata
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Buddha's Lounge
Playlist available on Spotify @

Comment from : Buddha's Lounge

Rasul Guliyev
My dream live in Italy.
Comment from : Rasul Guliyev

Maria Rita Teixeira Santos Sampaio
Comment from : Maria Rita Teixeira Santos Sampaio

Malena Luz Zeballos
Alguien podria hacer una lista de los temas? Gracias 💜
Comment from : Malena Luz Zeballos

Evey Eve
My daughter and I made homemade pizza, rigatoni and pasta sauce and a lovely italian salad. We played this music as we cooked, ate and cleaned the kitchen. Loved it!!
Comment from : Evey Eve

Tyler Stoltz
Just ordered some Olive Garden and this is the music I’m bringing it back to my fiancé with
Comment from : Tyler Stoltz

fryl aouida
this made me sooooo happy thannk you sooo much
Comment from : fryl aouida

Tony Gugel
Io sono italiano nato in Brasile! 💚🤍❤️ / 💙💚💛
Comment from : Tony Gugel

Traci Miller
pizza time
Comment from : Traci Miller

Mitch Bartrem
When I went on a tour across Italy I was at first disappointed that I heard no music, none at all. The movies make it seem like there’s always someone out playing. But it was quiet, so quiet, even in the main cities. But as I walked around I realized I didn’t mind at all. The music was in the natives speaking, the art and graffiti that graced the walls, my footsteps on the stone streets, how the many buildings had been around for centuries. I could feel the soul of the city in the silence. And I can’t wait to go back.
Comment from : Mitch Bartrem

Jenny Naidu
Comment from : Jenny Naidu

Jon M
I just ate a microwave pizza to this and I felt like I was in Naples.
Comment from : Jon M

mohamed Abdulrahman
from Egypt long live Italy ❤️🇪🇬
Comment from : mohamed Abdulrahman

Cherifa Cilia
Belle musique j adore
Comment from : Cherifa Cilia

Andrew E
Ciao ciao
Comment from : Andrew E

Stav Miguel
I just want to move to my family's homeland in Sicily and visit their relatives from Italy. Go to and from in all the Mediterranean Sea FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!
Comment from : Stav Miguel

kaveeta kaur
23:25 beautiful
Comment from : kaveeta kaur

Oscar Gutierrez
Ciao from California USA 👋🏻
Comment from : Oscar Gutierrez

I'm Indian but I don't knoe why I love Italy soooo muchhhh...
Comment from : MAYURI GUHA

Nur Arissa Izzati Mohamad Roki
Aw my heart melts :')
Comment from : Nur Arissa Izzati Mohamad Roki

serena stewart
thank you
Comment from : serena stewart

Imma Lizard
My dad's Italian but my grandparents didn't really teach him any Italian. I've been trying to learn it.
Comment from : Imma Lizard

Dodge 57
Comment from : Dodge 57

Zribi Rahma
Imagine Andrea Bocelli singing o sole mio in front of you 😱😢
Comment from : Zribi Rahma

The Dark Shinobi
Excellent mix. Thank you very much from an Italian man 🇮🇹👍🏻😎
Comment from : The Dark Shinobi

Best country in the world!
Comment from : Dominick

ناجي خالد ناجي -i
21:10 The godfather theme😍❤
Comment from : ناجي خالد ناجي -i

Dr. Natalya Mirintsova
Viva Italy! From Russia with love❤️
Comment from : Dr. Natalya Mirintsova

abbas ahmad
Listen to this music while I eat dried tomatoes with bread, cheese and basil sauce
Comment from : abbas ahmad

Starts with O sole mio, should've known...😂
Comment from : Loes

Had a wonderful time in Casa del Mar Sicilia.. wish everyone is safe there
Comment from : nu-Relax

saluti da azerbaigian.Ho amato e imparato la tua lingua.Devo dire che hai un linguaggio molto carino.
Comment from : FREE FİRE OĞUZ

Siddhant Mohanty
Godfather :)
Comment from : Siddhant Mohanty

Luisa Moud
Let's go to Capri, Torquato Tasso Place, Lauro Place and Naples.
Ciao dalla Italia

Comment from : Luisa Moud

laura nulik
Sooo beautiful! Thank you!
Comment from : laura nulik

Dura Llantas
No hay nada más adictivo que escuchar esta música. Con una copa de vino o con un buen café por supuesto. Siempre te recuerdo Italia, Amalfi, Napoli, Roma. Grazie fratelli per la vostra ospitalità.
Comment from : Dura Llantas

Avemaria Montemayor
Ciao to my love in italy this is for you..i always remember you when i play this beautiful music😘
Comment from : Avemaria Montemayor

Nagham Mohamed
I love this music and I loved Italy ,I am from Egypt.if you love Egypt press like🤷🏻‍♀️
Comment from : Nagham Mohamed

Well Then
I’m learning Italian and this helps me get into the mood haha 😆
sono di Texas! Ciao 👋

Comment from : Well Then

••• KOMOREBI •••
Imagine Team Buccerati chilling out in a restaurent to this music: Abbachio's peacefully drinking tea, Fugo is trying to keep himself calm while Narancia keeps on trying and failing to solve that one sum, Mista's asleep while Giorno and Buccerati are trying to decide what should they be ordering next from the restaurent.
Comment from : ••• KOMOREBI •••

simplyisah isah
My deep calming music. I love the playing of instruments behind. So much more to hear. Hope I could visit italy someday.
Comment from : simplyisah isah

Tittle for first song ?? Anyone ?
Comment from : BAGIKITA

bufalo buscets
Im play this music in kitchen
Comment from : bufalo buscets

Belinda Wang
Get well soon Italy 🇮🇹 from the USA 🇺🇸
Comment from : Belinda Wang

Hello from Vietnam, Thank you so much for your lovely music. I dream covid will end soon so that my love and i can be together...
Music has always been a part of my soul and my soulmate is Italian.
Ti amo tanto, amore mio 🇮🇹

Comment from : LENA DAO

Graham Fox
Love this! I wanna go back to Italy!
Comment from : Graham Fox

María Magdalena Sánchez Domínguez
Excelente música aunque soy mexicana me gusto mucho
Comment from : María Magdalena Sánchez Domínguez

Reuel Ribeiro
Aos 13:00 ouve-se 'ó Minas Gerais' kkkk
Comment from : Reuel Ribeiro

sheriff Md
Mn 9:30
I feel lik am walking in Milan streets
Ooo i wish to go there som dayyy

Comment from : sheriff Md

Shirley Beyer
Ciao Italy, God bless you, Italy is beautiful have been there. Ave Maria 🌷🔔✝️
Comment from : Shirley Beyer

Fresh Sharf
good music
Comment from : Fresh Sharf

Comment from : Duyguyy

Maria Di Giacomo
This music makes me miss italy so much 🇮🇹
Comment from : Maria Di Giacomo

Johannes Kepler
Greetings from Turkey, Italy is a beautiful country with rich culture, Can't wait to go there after i finish the highschool (:
Comment from : Johannes Kepler

Lounge Channel
This is too good xD! ♫♫♫
Comment from : Lounge Channel

Racha Adi
I drink my coffee in the morning to this video...even before I had the chance to visit Italy once... it's a magical country
Comment from : Racha Adi

Guilherme Drumond
Hello From Brazil! Have a nice day =)
Comment from : Guilherme Drumond

Mallika Seth
What stunning music! I feel transported back to beautiful Italy...can’t wait to visit again so get well soon🥰🥰
Comment from : Mallika Seth

Natalia Lin
Wish someday I can visit Italy..love the music, food everything when I watch in TV or film..I feel the city so romantic..
Italy is in my wishlist..
May my dream come true 🙏🙏

Comment from : Natalia Lin

Rajaa Shallabi
My God is this like Music from Heaven, lots of love from Libya to Italy :)
Comment from : Rajaa Shallabi

Tamim no copyright music
Very Nice.. Music
Comment from : Tamim no copyright music

Be strong my 2nd country love from 🇹🇷
Comment from : MR.Sanchez

Bore Ragnarok
Making my first pizza so i looked up this i hope it helps
Comment from : Bore Ragnarok

LePhantomChick N
Listening while making a pizza, I feel molto bene!
Comment from : LePhantomChick N

Turóczi Zsófia
Italy I miss you... Venezia, Caorle, Verona 💜 Greetings from Hungary
Comment from : Turóczi Zsófia

Rossy Chicks
Comment from : Rossy Chicks

InFamous Gunner
My girlfriend and I had a nice dinner with some wine to this song. Thanks 😁😁😁
Comment from : InFamous Gunner

Isn't the first song "It's Now Or Never" by Elvis ?
Comment from : Sid

VWORLD Explorer
So soothing
Comment from : VWORLD Explorer

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Comment from : Kidoppia

Kássia Gomes
❤🇮🇪 Amo músicas italianas. Se existe reencarnação, já vivi na Itália. Mais precisamente no sul. (🇧🇷 Brasil/Rio de Janeiro 12.06.2020)
Comment from : Kássia Gomes

Sono Azero🇦🇿Adoro la musica, la cultura e la storia italiana
Adoro l'Italia e la lingua italiana😍
L'Italia è un paese fantastico.Voglio vivere lì per una parte della mia vita❤
Saluto dall'Azerbaigian🇦🇿❤🇮🇹

Comment from : Monica

Latest-jumper 1
Wow it makes me want to go to Italy
Comment from : Latest-jumper 1

sophia i
Man I love being Italian
Comment from : sophia i

Sandra Garcia
😍🌼🌻🌺🌹🌸💓💓💓💫 Hermoso
Comment from : Sandra Garcia

Rosmery Torres
This is so peacefull, I feel passionate about cooking when I hear it ❤️
Comment from : Rosmery Torres

Josué Lucas
Que c'est beau
Comment from : Josué Lucas

Lyre N.
I would never forget the dishes I have tried in Italy. The country is absolutely fantastic!
Comment from : Lyre N.

So incredibly beautiful ♥ My family comes from Italy and this music brings me back there. Greetings from Argentina
Comment from : Mariann907

What is the title of the second song?
Comment from : MR CUTE BEAN

زهرة الربيع
Comment from : زهرة الربيع

Surinder Kaur
May you be healed forever'..lots lv
Comment from : Surinder Kaur

mateus mendes
Buongiorno a tutti
Comment from : mateus mendes

Serkan Coskunkan
Emeği nize sağlık
Comment from : Serkan Coskunkan

Akaba Gaming
I love Italy, because the buildings are very unique, and the atmosphere is very comfortable mixed with the music, the instruments are very unique
Comment from : Akaba Gaming

Coco Lola
This is so soothing
Comment from : Coco Lola

Italia e una multa bella paese! Italia e una di mi paese favoriti en tutti il mondo.
Comment from : L. MARK DANN

Ouma Shu
Kesini nyari enjoy
Comment from : Ouma Shu

Elisa G
Belleza de música...muchas gracias desde Argentina..!!!!
Comment from : Elisa G

Calogero Huygens
In my neighborhood there's always someone who plays guitar like this. And I'm not in Naples!
Comment from : Calogero Huygens

Over 20 times, I had been Italy in the past 14 years, lovely country. Ciao, Italy and many good friends! Greetings from China
Comment from : ZHENZHONG GUAN

WebMcWebb33 Telnov
Refined and dreamy all at once so much so I fall off my Vespa. I get up, I kiss my fingertips and say “magnifico!” And swivel peacefully off into a perfect sunset.
Comment from : WebMcWebb33 Telnov

Metal Lisander
the Italian language is most beautiful in the world
Comment from : Metal Lisander

APH Nyo China
Comment from : APH Nyo China

Tiryth tif
Love from France
Comment from : Tiryth tif

Italy, love from Ethiopia
Comment from : goalinger

Drum Adrenaline Animations
Viva la Italia! Love from the US to my friends in Italy 🇮🇹
Comment from : Drum Adrenaline Animations

John Paris
Cheers!! To all of you as my wife and I are having our 1998 Robert Mondavi Reserve while listening to this Beautiful music. 🥂🍾❤❤❤
Comment from : John Paris

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