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Название :  Nodata
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Кадры Nodata

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Коментарии Nodata

Wolfeblue Hey
Bruh it’s sooo weird
Comment from : Wolfeblue Hey

• RiN YT•
Dude u making gacha community die!!
Comment from : • RiN YT•

dana alharbi
WHAT THE NOW THEY HAVE KIDS MARK is a yandere and a vampire
Comment from : dana alharbi

dana alharbi
if I see someone kill a kid I will YEET THEM
Comment from : dana alharbi

Jasnine Kolawole
This is very bad sorry ❤😇😢😥
Comment from : Jasnine Kolawole

Jasnine Kolawole
I wish i had a yandera at my school
Comment from : Jasnine Kolawole

Savanna Beatty
Great job don't listen to haters
Comment from : Savanna Beatty

Charles Du
so dizzy......
Comment from : Charles Du

Uni Ville
0:30 Wipes drool of "???? (mark)"
Victoria (gf "who r u and where am i
Me:that's the dude who you wiped the drool of him .-.
Ps: I like when Josh (mark beats up mark(Josh (bf and the others do completely nothing and just stayed still,like,cAlL thE gaChA pOlIce

Comment from : Uni Ville

There’s a few spelling mistakes
Comment from : 高凯

your oc's is ugly
Comment from : Gerbson

cecil santos
Ummm what did she drink air?
Comment from : cecil santos

Gacha_Cookie UwU Moon -_-
WTF -_-
Comment from : Gacha_Cookie UwU Moon -_-

Gacha_Cookie UwU Moon -_-
I was going to say
Comment from : Gacha_Cookie UwU Moon -_-

Ash Gaming
I dont like this vid sooo weird -_-
Comment from : Ash Gaming

Yohan Palma
RIGHT!! LOL! Ok ill just dislike bro the ending is so tragic...so yeah.. (1Like= prayer for the creator😭)
Comment from : Yohan Palma

Yohan Palma
Idk lol..should i just dislike or like? Idk lol umm... seriously idk :/
Comment from : Yohan Palma

I like roblox._.
There is more dislikes than likes lmfao- never seen that before I think I’m the only one 🤣
Comment from : I like roblox._.

Ocean Girl
Comment from : Ocean Girl

Kiiah Moore
No one just walks up to someone and wipes off their Drool
Comment from : Kiiah Moore

Olivias gota game
I'm not trying to be mean but I did not like it meh sorry meh had 👎🏽
Comment from : Olivias gota game

Purple _Life
Guck this video its so gast do u think watchers understanf ur fcking vid
Comment from : Purple _Life

Kira Tu
Magically has knives in his pockets
Comment from : Kira Tu

Twilight Panda
More dislikes than likes :\
Comment from : Twilight Panda

Gacha Life ashely
That’s bad
Comment from : Gacha Life ashely

Luna plays roblox with dbxjnxj
Bad ending dislike
Comment from : Luna plays roblox with dbxjnxj

jamaica medz
umm no
Comment from : jamaica medz

Marie Jasmin Sua
Galaxy panda girl dont do vids like this #savethegachacommunity
Comment from : Marie Jasmin Sua

Crusty chaos Ashes
I love how five ppl can beat mark. But no its like there stuck in place
Comment from : Crusty chaos Ashes

Itzz Jas
This is not that good mam
Comment from : Itzz Jas

Nikki Gamez-roblox
Its ugly wrong spelling no logic its awful
Comment from : Nikki Gamez-roblox

Anastasi Kirilov
This is lame
Comment from : Anastasi Kirilov

Anastasi Kirilov
U just have frozen those character for like 3 minutes from now 5:36
Comment from : Anastasi Kirilov

Anastasi Kirilov
Did u forget about the love potion?. -. 2:02-2:42
Comment from : Anastasi Kirilov

Kirby De Leon
Idk I kinda didn't like the vid sorry no affence
Comment from : Kirby De Leon

Kay Horner
This is the worst gacha story ever one minute mark was licking blood of someones face then she has children the whole time every one is getting abused like who thought this was a good idea
Comment from : Kay Horner

Tytti Härmä
He said To Victoria (NOW GO WORTHLESS) Victoria be like :D I don't care
Comment from : Tytti Härmä

Alexander Castro
Comment from : Alexander Castro

Crizelle Jane Moreno
Comment from : Crizelle Jane Moreno

Maxine Brown
Eveveryone is just standing there
And this is the worst video I have seen in sorry
I really am sorry

Comment from : Maxine Brown

O my Mangos
Too fast and too boring
Comment from : O my Mangos

muhyadin ali
this si so cringy
Comment from : muhyadin ali

the 3 cousins maxiom milena and matthew
your cazey
Comment from : the 3 cousins maxiom milena and matthew

Nathan Lucero
Gosh call 911
Comment from : Nathan Lucero

A legend say that mark is laughing forever (hahahhahahahaha)
Comment from : angelluvcookies

Lorelei Cicero
Ok stop posting visitors like this
Comment from : Lorelei Cicero

yavuz uzunlar
She tried
Comment from : yavuz uzunlar

Trash video
Comment from : ROZITA MOHD DOM

• A x e l •
This sucks
Comment from : • A x e l •

XxAriana_ PlayzXx
Comment from : XxAriana_ PlayzXx

Leetseuz Cameelluz
Why dont you change the pic...

The questions i want to ask
1.turn mark angry
2.turn josh angry
3.victoria get her power
4.dont make mark to jail(because he will be dead)
5.put mark to Josh's house
6.josh set's up chains hanging up on the wall
7.josh will say... Josh=soon ill mary with Victoria she is mine! (devil face)
8.josh will head up stairs
9.mark must break out...
So he will head up stairs
(final) 10. Mark sneak in to the kitchen to get a knife and banish josh...

The end...

Comment from : Leetseuz Cameelluz

Maartje Bomert
Comment from : Maartje Bomert

L.O.G League of games
Comment from : L.O.G League of games

L.O.G League of games
Wait love potion it can effect if she drank it then who she sees first bBOOM inlove
Comment from : L.O.G League of games


Maitri Nugroho
Bish I'm milling you josh
Comment from : Maitri Nugroho

Maitri Nugroho
Ish do something like tell the teacher
Comment from : Maitri Nugroho

Is no one wants to tell the teacher or something or just standing there!?

Like this not just because it was the one which wasn’t blurry out of the others and the story overall is very good
Comment from : iiWolfix

Cesar Segura
Did you see the cat.!?
Comment from : Cesar Segura

Can u make them talk
Comment from : Venom_Wolf

ՏᗰOᒪ_ᑕᕼOᑕOᒪᗩTᗴ ᗷᖇᗴᗩᗪY ᑕᕼIᒪᗪ
Ok you people gotta stop this,this has gone too far!
Comment from : ՏᗰOᒪ_ᑕᕼOᑕOᒪᗩTᗴ ᗷᖇᗴᗩᗪY ᑕᕼIᒪᗪ

Kiiah Moore
That was a horrible gacha life video
Comment from : Kiiah Moore

Itz_. Gezyla _ gacha
Comment from : Itz_. Gezyla _ gacha

Gabrielle Smith
Comment from : Gabrielle Smith

Dainer Playz Roblox
I’m calling the fbi and cops
Comment from : Dainer Playz Roblox

อะตอม คนสวย
WHAT YOU!!!???😬😠😡👎👎👎👎👎👎
Comment from : อะตอม คนสวย

Pink_Bubbletea •Editing and drawing•
LIKE EW! Just ew.
Comment from : Pink_Bubbletea •Editing and drawing•

Pink_Bubbletea •Editing and drawing•
Comment from : Pink_Bubbletea •Editing and drawing•

Kingstar LP
Comment from : Kingstar LP

Blanka Kocsár
Its terrible
Comment from : Blanka Kocsár

Elixirs TMB
what app?
Comment from : Elixirs TMB

Xxgacha life galaxy wolfie andrea
hey is too lazy
Comment from : Xxgacha life galaxy wolfie andrea

Sticky Lemøn
Noone did anything
Comment from : Sticky Lemøn

W-wipes d-drool? Eeeeeeh!?
Comment from : Gacha_StephYT

All I need to say get a editing app, and work on your Ocs
Comment from : きよこ

Āńt Gàmęr
Ok no offense but this is kinda cringy to me
Comment from : Āńt Gàmęr

StadiaXiXi Xi
1 min and she ded
Comment from : StadiaXiXi Xi

Cadence Baca
Why did he lick her blood off
Comment from : Cadence Baca

Cadence Baca
Please please make more that was so good
Comment from : Cadence Baca

Leana Patel
If she didn’t love him why was she blushing?
Comment from : Leana Patel

Exposing Grill
Me:huh meh
Draco:senpai would you help me
Draco:*kiddnaps* ahaha ur mine
Me:ahhhhhhhh help
People:aww look at them there so cute
Me:ugh what do mellow head I mean draco
Draco:umm sorry senpai here is ur new room
Me:uhh why u have a body pillow of me
Draco:hehehehe ^_^
Me:ugh ur so dumb

Comment from : Exposing Grill

Ditse Cochesa
Next time if your going to make a gacha life video make it great
Comment from : Ditse Cochesa

Ditse Cochesa
It's sucks
Comment from : Ditse Cochesa

•Moon Chïld•
Part 2 please
Comment from : •Moon Chïld•

Pastel Emerald
Kadi is from the presents :/
Comment from : Pastel Emerald

вΙαсК ρεαЯιѕ
Comment from : вΙαсК ρεαЯιѕ

Lil’Potatoe Butt
I love it when u call me señorita, I wish I could pretend I didn’t meet ya, but every time u do la la, it’s true la la, ooh~ u keep me coming, ooh~ u keep me coming for u~ I def didn’t say those lyrics right
Comment from : Lil’Potatoe Butt

werewolf gamer
I like how they all turn to statues when something doesn't happen to their character.

Comment from : werewolf gamer

Noah Marks
I don’t like this it made me cry 😭💔👎😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔
Comment from : Noah Marks

Someone Judges
The story was good its just that in my opinion you could probably use Power Director or Kine Master instead of screen recording (good video overall)
Comment from : Someone Judges

Michelle Bartholomew
Wut the Heck!! That dude Mark needs to go to Jail Now!!!!!!
Comment from : Michelle Bartholomew

Retaj Syria
Comment from : Retaj Syria

Retaj Syria
Comment from : Retaj Syria

Antonique Allen
Why did mark go to jail
Comment from : Antonique Allen

Jose Estrada
I dont like it
Comment from : Jose Estrada

I am chicken goins
Why don't the backround character call da police
Comment from : I am chicken goins

30likes 30dislikes XD
Comment from : Rytukas

saya benci dadah
Why isn't the other helping there just shock and doesn't help her they're just standing HeLP THEM!!!
Comment from : saya benci dadah

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