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Mishon Playz
Did anybody else notice he use console edition
Comment from : Mishon Playz

Jakub Stenberg
Bro like actually thanks 🙏
Comment from : Jakub Stenberg

Fam Barrera
It works
Comment from : Fam Barrera

ToXic GuAva
Very helpful!!! All the other tutorials were way too complicated! But then I came across yours!! Thanks!!
Comment from : ToXic GuAva

Lady_ Ebao
Why tf do none of ur tutorials work man
Comment from : Lady_ Ebao

Aditya Singh
This is useless. Jeb door is for hidden base but here you can see redstone in front of the door.
Comment from : Aditya Singh

thx bro thats the only method that worked from all over the internet
Comment from : RAMESH KAREKAR

Thank you, thank you
Comment from : 천은실

Tiktook Funnies
Awesome bro
Comment from : Tiktook Funnies

Damm you hit puberty
Comment from : DimopoTown

Cool Micoh
Aww I Want Your old voice thooo
Comment from : Cool Micoh

Ameek Grewal
What is so special about using glass
Comment from : Ameek Grewal

MercilessPotato Plays
Last time was I think his age before is 12 + 3 because three years and now he is 15
Comment from : MercilessPotato Plays

Your Sleep Paralysis Demon
Bro his voice dropped faster than my grades
Comment from : Your Sleep Paralysis Demon

Alex Is cool
it still didnt work >:( but still a great tutorial it taught me some basics and i ended up making some weird glitched block that u can walk thru but mobs...cant??? its strange lol
Comment from : Alex Is cool

Elly Haynes
your voice omg
Comment from : Elly Haynes

Gam3 devi1
Jesus finally someone with clear step by step directions

Comment from : Gam3 devi1

QsQc Wavy
Thank you so much
Comment from : QsQc Wavy

Lamington Gaming
Didn't work :( but great vid!
Comment from : Lamington Gaming

For people who have problems with it put playback speed on 0.75 and pay attention very closely... also do not miss any part of the video because he turns around through the build a lot. That’s why mine didn’t work because I didn’t see him turn around. Hope this helped!
Comment from : TheRylenator

Exotiic Beast
Thank you so much!! It sucks that the original Jeb door doesn't work on bedrock
Comment from : Exotiic Beast

Robert Fogg jr
I cant get the jeb door to work from both sides when the door is closed. When I close it on one switch I cant open it from the other one
Comment from : Robert Fogg jr

tacoed goose
I just want a lik
Comment from : tacoed goose

Scott Edwards Sr
Doesn't work keeps leaving some of the pistons out
Comment from : Scott Edwards Sr

william radaza
I like it to make a Jeb door
Comment from : william radaza

GamingRomeYT The Viewer
Damn puberty hit you like a truck
Comment from : GamingRomeYT The Viewer

Doesn’t work and I did it five times
Comment from : Codylego2000

I literally said to my friend watch this guys voice be deeper than 2 years ago
Comment from : BlazinFN

abyss hd
it does not make scence
Comment from : abyss hd

I was makeing alexandrias libary and i didnt know how to make a jeb door, thanks!
Comment from : NAO YT

No hate or anything but there is a difference between a 2x2 flush piston door and a Jeb door.
Comment from : Winspear9308

Bruh Juh
Great video man. Very clear and effective, and with no annoying fluff
Comment from : Bruh Juh

Ugly Boi
The bottom pistons aren’t working
Comment from : Ugly Boi

That guy Alex
Doesn't work
Comment from : That guy Alex

Golden Crab
i thought it wasn't possible to make jeb doors on console :D
Comment from : Golden Crab

Complex Rajin
I never knew u had a YouTube channel romn
Comment from : Complex Rajin

Rip in pieces
holy hell just used your last jeb door video. i subbed m8 probably one of the only uncringy minecraft youtubers to watch.
Comment from : Rip in pieces

Thanks man great tutorial!
Comment from : Coopj05

You deserve more subs
Comment from : VepiumOfficial

Tomas Escudero
Hola amigo soi de roblox
Comment from : Tomas Escudero

Did u did this in 1.12.0
Comment from : Ardaninho

Frank Fires
i knew it was different on bedrock
Comment from : Frank Fires

Thanks man you're the best,I built this in my survival world with no trouble since you're very clear with the instructions
Comment from : Trollivania

Naol Man
You're great keep up the good work

Love your tutorials

Comment from : Naol Man

Earl Burroughs
Did not work after building twice. Had to add maxed repeaters on redstone on block down from glass leading to redstone behind bottom pistons on the side. Resolved my side pistons not sticking.
Comment from : Earl Burroughs

Hey Roman :D Congrats On 700 subs!
Comment from : BlastOff

Thanks man😀😀😀😀
Comment from : olizone

Why isn’t it working! I did everything right! (and yes I am sure I am in bedrock edition).
Comment from : Schel67

It dosen't work! NOOO!
Comment from : bPANASLAPd

Foxy Channel
It doesn’t work on mobile
Comment from : Foxy Channel

730th sub
Comment from : FiberGlassYT

Prince Sheogorath
Omg thank you! This works perfectly! It helped a WHOLE lot 👍🏼
Comment from : Prince Sheogorath

Lil Slurpee
𝗝𝗲𝘀𝘂𝘀 𝗱𝘂𝗱𝗲 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝘃𝗼𝗶𝗰𝗲 𝗶𝘀 𝘀𝗼 𝗱𝗲𝗲𝗽 𝗻𝗼𝘄
Comment from : Lil Slurpee

Thank you!
Comment from : イーサン

Mayor Blueberry
The best video for this door
Comment from : Mayor Blueberry

Bro you deserve so many more subs your tutorials are awesome
Comment from : Rupam

I subscribed and liked the video. Ive went through so many videos and this is the first one to work
Comment from : Volumosity

I remember your old jeb door vid
Comment from : Maehem

These doors just don’t work for me the pistons stay in the middle
Comment from : xCrYpTICDnAx YT

The Gamer Bros
This video was perfect it helped a lot
Comment from : The Gamer Bros

Jesus your voice got deeper
Comment from : JKSwag19

No one:

2008 Minecraft Youtubers: 00:00

Comment from : Maizano

Nate White
Hey this is Max’s Friend! Hi
Comment from : Nate White

googly 5
Just wondering, do you need to use the glass?
Comment from : googly 5

Man, so cool qnd compact, I created it on a mountain and secured it! Yes! I am ur 612th subscriber!
Comment from : MadBrickYT

me like to comment
Comment from : cole2lit

Noah Cole
Yo you want to do a minecraft series on are server its like hermitcraft and truly bedrock!
Comment from : Noah Cole

l_e_a_v_e_m_e_a_l_o_n _
Comment from : l_e_a_v_e_m_e_a_l_o_n _

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