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Название :  Nodata
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Elmas Santhosh
I really like your routine videos I am waiting for new videos😍
Comment from : Elmas Santhosh

I love how genuine you are. You are GOLD honey. Hope to grow like you someday.
Comment from : Daydreamer

Wenda Witrasari
I love how you make this film, can you tell me what camera you use ? Tq
Comment from : Wenda Witrasari

Can you do back fashion vlog in fall with all these you bought, especially the black dress with wide neckline, you stand straight longer to see more of front view, because it is a bit too fast to see each pieces. Nice fashions vlog, you so better in it, so appreciative gentle happiness with you, while minimalising fashion style, too. Thank you.
Comment from : aida

Lynn Hammer
How long did it take you to find your way around New York after relocating there? I’ve never been but it looks so interesting and a bit overwhelming lol I love your channel btw💕
Comment from : Lynn Hammer

Chlarie Peace
Love your long coat and I like red and red does look lovey with my far skin 💗
Comment from : Chlarie Peace

Vivian Li
Nothing on you is bad!
Comment from : Vivian Li

Tonya Antony
Zou je eens een video kunnen maken waarin je alleen maar naar tweede hands winkels gaat? Veel bereikbaarder qua kosten en beter voor het milieu. In de grote steden moet er daar wel wat moois bij zitten.
Comment from : Tonya Antony

Adrienne Bruce
What do you do with your old clothes when the seasons change? Do you donate them?
Comment from : Adrienne Bruce

Gin Kwon
The words I have to say every time I watch your video is OMG she’s gorgeous 😍
Comment from : Gin Kwon

Winter Bear
That first white over sized sweater was so captivating ♥️
Comment from : Winter Bear

elizabeth lopez
What are your favorite online stores to shop? ☺
Comment from : elizabeth lopez

Ella Haglind
Comment from : Ella Haglind

onesimas pou
You are beautiful
Comment from : onesimas pou

Health Nut Supreme
Take me shopping!
Comment from : Health Nut Supreme

Alli As Always
Comment from : Alli As Always

Laura Silva
You are so lucky, Sanne!💘😩
Comment from : Laura Silva

123 HS
Greece islands
Comment from : 123 HS

Michelle Gaestel
Where do you find the music for your videos?
Comment from : Michelle Gaestel

Perihan Bozkurt
South-West Turkey is good for a holiday...Alanya
Comment from : Perihan Bozkurt

robin leclerc
everything looks good on u...no wonder u love to shop!
Comment from : robin leclerc

Odette Smith
Thanks for a great channel
Comment from : Odette Smith

Hana Yo
You are soo lovely.... I love to watch your videos
Comment from : Hana Yo

Sushmita Banerjee
Your videos r cool 💕so r you👍
Comment from : Sushmita Banerjee

Una Trebovac
I love videos like this can you make more videos like this
Comment from : Una Trebovac

Wenonah Zhang
Can we have more shipping with Sanne videos!
Comment from : Wenonah Zhang

Eliana Rodriguez
What a nice vlog! Thank you for doing it.
Comment from : Eliana Rodriguez

Rita Goedecke
Sanne you must be Dutch, I live in the USA for 40 years but born and raised in Friesland. Live in California, like your video,s, just discovered that. Thanks very much for your video.
Comment from : Rita Goedecke

SanneVloet Europe
love your vidoes!
Comment from : SanneVloet Europe

Mya Phone Tint
Love you by the way 😘😘
Comment from : Mya Phone Tint

the out fit at 3;39 was so cute
Comment from : Lolitaloliops

Apple Jumalon
How much money do you spend for shopping? Hihi
Comment from : Apple Jumalon

Adele Ange
Spain in summer is so hot
Comment from : Adele Ange

Comment from : collarmole

Amelie Williams
Absolutely love your videos !! X is it ok if you could link your chocker gold necklace down below ? I love it 😍😍 xx
Comment from : Amelie Williams

Koko and Sasa
You should come to Hawaii!!!!
Comment from : Koko and Sasa

Comment from : BANE KNIGHT

Comment from : BANE KNIGHT

Where does come from her rings please ?
Comment from : Poupdamour

Sai Jhom Wan
Perhaps you guys haven't realized, she is tall as hell.
Comment from : Sai Jhom Wan

Nat Bian
This video tells us: Everything looks great on a model !
Comment from : Nat Bian

Lari A
Come to Brazil, Sanne! There is a lot of beautiful warm places to visit here. Bahia, Natal, Maceió, Fernando de Noronha, Porto de Galinhas... check it out and see if you like it! Loving your channel! Cheers from Brazil 😘
Comment from : Lari A

Julissa Guillen
You’re so gorgeous! You definitely stand out in front of everyone walking around the city! You look like a model for sure! Lol so gorgeous!! 😩😍😍😍
Comment from : Julissa Guillen

Loved this video! You got super cute stuff. More please! xo
Comment from : Sherri

Ayesha Gull
Hair nice
Comment from : Ayesha Gull

She’s so pretty. I also just realized how tall she is. 🌻 Have a good day!!
Comment from : selena

Teresa Louro
Your skin is just so amazing ..... and your lip colour is that natural?
Comment from : Teresa Louro

Anne M
Did you end up wearing those snake skin boots you got from Zara in Paris?
Comment from : Anne M

Rotem Barat
What a great video! I enjoyed it so much 😃😃
Comment from : Rotem Barat

Kaydeen Morris
love the red coat you wore to Reformation
Comment from : Kaydeen Morris

Hannah Belle Yost
I love that
Comment from : Hannah Belle Yost

Capriece Crespin
Comment from : Capriece Crespin

Sarah Elaine
Looove Aritzia 💕
Comment from : Sarah Elaine

Thanks for stopping by our Soho boutique. Always a pleasure.
Comment from : Aritzia

Carmen Márquez
where did u get your necklace with the charms?
Comment from : Carmen Márquez

lizmarie pabon
come to puerto rico 🇵🇷
Comment from : lizmarie pabon

Kate Li
I finally know how to pronounce your name correctly now :)
Comment from : Kate Li

Mariel Ferreira
Can you please do an apartment tour?!?!
Comment from : Mariel Ferreira

Watermelo n
Definitely come to Australia!
Comment from : Watermelo n

Queen Z
I enjoyed it!
Comment from : Queen Z

Shina Omisanya
The bag at 6:57 #asmr 👌
Comment from : Shina Omisanya

HI, Sanne♡I love your channel always!! All clothes look great on you.I feel to enjoy autumn fashion!! From Japanese Fan.
Comment from : SHIORI .O

Insect Chart
My favourite thing was the curtains in the dressing room in first part
Comment from : Insect Chart

Jaybee Tiratira
I saw you filming this a few days ago. I was wondering why you looked so familiar! Haha
Comment from : Jaybee Tiratira

Gayatri Nilsen
I just told myself to stop spending so much money on clothes, this video did not help hahahah
Comment from : Gayatri Nilsen

tatiana baturina
You bought amazing clothes! I liked them greatly!!
Comment from : tatiana baturina

julia pelka
It must be so hard shopping when everything looks perfect on you. I would be broke soon
Comment from : julia pelka

Pierson Schuchart
visit St. John in the Caribbean! So breathtaking
Comment from : Pierson Schuchart

Rachel R
It's crazy I live in New York and I've been to all those places !
Comment from : Rachel R

P_g1102 Lalalalalla
Really nice video, for your trip you can go to Bonnieux in France or you can go to Formentera in Spain or çinque taere in italy so good luck ❤️
Comment from : P_g1102 Lalalalalla

Jessica Montgomery
I’m obsessed with the teddy coat!!! 😍😍 I need to get one ASAP 😍
Comment from : Jessica Montgomery

Leila Kazerouni
It's super important to mention HOW reformation makes their clothes as well! Sustainable, cleaner fashion!
Comment from : Leila Kazerouni

Zoya Imran
You need to do a boyfriend tag !!
Comment from : Zoya Imran

Iqbal Al Hakim
I always waiting your next vlogggggg
Love you sanne vloet

Comment from : Iqbal Al Hakim

Iris Vierhout
I’m just liking it before watching 😂 I love my fellow dutchie.
Love the shopping videos as well.

I hope to see a video about shopping in Amsterdam soon, need some ideas😜

Comment from : Iris Vierhout

Aiesha Huss
What backpack are u wearing girl in this video ??? I love it !!!!❤️❤️☺️☺️☺️☺️
Comment from : Aiesha Huss

Idzell N. Blanc
I love the outfit in the min 01:52 and the red checkered coat. Haha that's was funny 03:13. You're really sweet!
Comment from : Idzell N. Blanc

Fashion, Beauty, and Rosé by Jodieann
Such a great haul! I enjoyed watching. Where is your black turtleneck from? I love it :).
Comment from : Fashion, Beauty, and Rosé by Jodieann

Rebeca S
I didn’t understand when she said her necklace’s were from? The LF store? Can’t find it online.
Comment from : Rebeca S

Daziury Melendez
You should come to PuertoRico is very warm and in Christmas season the people are very “Parranderos “ is very fun you will love it . Btw: Love your videos ❤️
Comment from : Daziury Melendez

kaja belle
Thank you, Sann for the infor about your accessories! I've been wanting to know. Love what you bought😍
Comment from : kaja belle

Antonia Tarditi
I have some recommendations for your holidays!! Cartagena is a beautiful city in Colombia that I’m sure you are going to like!! San Andrés and providencia are beautiful too! All of these places have warm weather! 🌊☀️
Comment from : Antonia Tarditi

Antonia Tarditi
I have some recommendations for your holidays!! Cartagena is a beautiful city in Colombia that I’m sure you are going to like!! San Andrés and providencia are beautiful too! All of these places have warm weather!
Comment from : Antonia Tarditi

Comment from : kristiehshanc

Elif Boronkay
Love you Sanne
Comment from : Elif Boronkay

bruna minetti
Hi Sanne finally ..I learned how to pronounce your name ...;-) love you and your vlogs you are so natural and cool ..greetings from Italy
Comment from : bruna minetti

Zarah L
Just commercial👎
Comment from : Zarah L

Marianne Mäkinen
I like you shopping video!
Comment from : Marianne Mäkinen

Love those videos!
Comment from : THOMAS DELPHINE

Hello Its me
Your so pretty
Comment from : Hello Its me

Emily kurtz
go to bora bora
Comment from : Emily kurtz

Yayy NY hotspots! Every single one of clothes you got look very good on you ! Especially the red shirts and black dots dress !!! On your next holiday, maybe you should consider going to Bora Bora ! That's my dream place to go !
Comment from : ナシ

Kloyd Arne Peña
you came to the islands a few months ago...are you coming back to the Philippines...???🌴🚶‍♀️🤗😍😘
Comment from : Kloyd Arne Peña

11:55 waar zijn je laarsjes van? I love itttt! 🌞
Comment from : Xxmystoryxx

Elizabeth Jones
Come to Australia!!!!!
Comment from : Elizabeth Jones

alexis h
thank you!!! this video is super helpful!!!!
Comment from : alexis h

Lia's trip
Come to Buenos Aires, Argentina!!
Comment from : Lia's trip

Meghan Perkins
Aritzia!! My favourite :)
Comment from : Meghan Perkins

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