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"When using a whip the horse will obey you but will eternally fear you" Unknown-
Comment from : CAT SLOANE

Elizabeth Coberly
Did she fkn get arrested and horse taken???
Comment from : Elizabeth Coberly

Christian Henderson
Go for class
Comment from : Christian Henderson

Raymond Stockbrugger
Comment from : Raymond Stockbrugger

K9_PLAYZ_ 24
She is just a piece of trash because 1-she is going to cause the horse to be terrified of the trailerhave a phobia towards trailers
2-she is going to mentally and physically scar and hurt the horse causing permanent damage
3-she shouldn't even own a horse if she doesn't even know how to handle it

Comment from : K9_PLAYZ_ 24


That woman is lucky I wasn't there I would have ripped the whip out of her hands and beat her to a pulp to see how she likes it
Comment from : CAT SLOANE

Karoline Gloomluck
Why you own a horse if you can't even treat him/her normal?
Comment from : Karoline Gloomluck

crazy horse girl07
i dont know what this lady was thinking , i mean if this horse doesnt want to go into the trailer, then think of some other way to get it in the trailer, lure it in with some treats for all i care, just dont use the handle to whip it with this lady clearly doesnt know how to own nor take care of a horse, and especially know how to confront its feelings. its so sad and upsetting to see people like this own such a beautifull and strong creature. implus- it looks like she is ''afraid'' of ''her own'' horse. and since the horse is (for now) not bucking (though it was about to) it cleary shows that it is in some sort of distress and pain. and why would you say" good girl" and continue beating the horse? you should not own "her". imagine if she was going to a rodeo (which she probally is going somewhere like that) and she publishes this video before going, and people get ahold of it, what would they think of you. as i continue watching the video, i notice that the horse isnt defending her self very well, take this chance to stop, before you loose an eye. she clearly also doesnt want to hurt this lady, which is very loyal of the horse, i think someone should call an animal abuse patrol or something like that before this horse looses its trust in all people.
Comment from : crazy horse girl07

crazy horse girl07
Comment from : crazy horse girl07

crazy horse girl07
Comment from : crazy horse girl07

crazy horse girl07
is that an arabian filly???
Comment from : crazy horse girl07

Kianna Sampson
This is not the way the horse is meant to be treated
Comment from : Kianna Sampson

Familie De Villiers
The horse should run her over like what the fuck and there's a f***ING woman WACTHING!!!!!they both need TO.GO.TO.HELL
Comment from : Familie De Villiers

Clem Ivie
Beautiful horse, fine trailer, nice equipment wasted on a good looking girl with an idiot’s brain. I believe I would slip up on her with a lead rope that wouldn’t damage but sting her tight jeaned butt so she would know how it feels.
Comment from : Clem Ivie

Josefine Melissa
this woman needs serious help
Comment from : Josefine Melissa

francisca molina
Idiots like these are just stupid. Learn how to load a horse you idiot!
Comment from : francisca molina

francisca molina
She doesn’t know what she’s doing at all! How stupid can you be!
Comment from : francisca molina

Queen Bee
That horse is going to be scarred for life about his traveling experience and never let go in your trailer because he’s going to think that he’s going to get whipped again
Comment from : Queen Bee

Lily Gittins
Mean l love horses and l was crying when l saw that the big fat bully was hitting the horse it was like she is killing that lovely horse
Comment from : Lily Gittins

Branch Windom
He’s trying to get away from you and when he dose you smack him harder for no reason and those are not the proper places to discipline the horse usally on the back butt of the horse you fucking no good bitch
Comment from : Branch Windom

Amy Fleming
This is really not nice to the horses I would hate to be the hores
Comment from : Amy Fleming

Bharatbhai Patel
Good whipping
Comment from : Bharatbhai Patel

Milk Prince
What the fuck? This is disgusting
Comment from : Milk Prince

George Pengelly
This woman calls herself a horse trainer.🙁
Comment from : George Pengelly

Ermanno V.
Maybe that girl needs whiplashes too... 🤔
Comment from : Ermanno V.

BrokeGangroblox xx
Comment from : BrokeGangroblox xx

Peteiy Cat AKA Jordyn
Ok the only time you should use a lunge whip is if your lunging a horse. You should most certainly not use it for this, and this is harmful to the horse, if a horse isn’t moving do what a responsible riding/owner would do, not this.
Comment from : Peteiy Cat AKA Jordyn

Jessica May
Hitting the horse in the face with the HANDLE saying good girl for going towards the trailer cos SHE HAS NO WHERE ELSE TO GO OTHER WISE ITLL BE BEATEN
Comment from : Jessica May

Montana Sellin
And she calls her self a horse trainer HAHAHAH horse trainer my A** 😂I could load that horse onto that float with my eyes closed and no whip😡 whips have a purpose and it is certainly not for that🤬🤬
Comment from : Montana Sellin

Tara Burton
Please be nice to it and then it might go in
Comment from : Tara Burton

Maud Heinen
These people ding deserve horses
Comment from : Maud Heinen

What are you doing..omg! You need to go to prison
Comment from : TheORIGINALIronGrace

Esa mujerzuela no debe tener ni novio con lo cruel.he inhumana una bestia
Comment from : mayte

Marie M
You gotta do what you gotta do when a horse is acting up.
Comment from : Marie M

Selena Nottingham
This is dume
Comment from : Selena Nottingham

Monica xD
This lady needs to be in prison. YOU NEVER WHIP A HORSE! Especially that hard! And even worse in the face?! Wtf I hope she gets her face punched in and she deserved it when the horse ran over her seriously this lady is a disgrace and doesn’t deserve that beautiful horse which was just a little scared of the trailer it doesn’t mean she can whip it! If she was going to a show then make sure ur horse is good and comfortable with the trailer before the day of ur show or if ur trying to get ur horse to get into the trailer for any reason you don’t whip it! U just be patient you don’t even need a whip like wtf I hope she gets charged with animal abuse because whips aren’t supposed to be weapons they’re supposed to be an extension of ur arm NOT TO HARM😩😡
Comment from : Monica xD

Marissa Beegle
what the actual fuck is wrong with her. She needs the whip taken over her
Comment from : Marissa Beegle

Savannah Harcourt
That girl does not deserve to be around any animal if she is just beating the hell out of it from anger. She deserves to be locked up honestly. If i was that damn horse i would have knocked her ass over and kicked her in the head, i hope that horse didn't get in the trailer. i hope that girl drove off with no horse in the trailer and that horse living a happier life than it would have if that girl had taken it.
Comment from : Savannah Harcourt

dora the connemarra
This is torture. She simply needed to grab a bucket of feed or treats and walk the horse into the trailer it works 😤
Comment from : dora the connemarra

Ace Bøy
go fucking burn in hell
Comment from : Ace Bøy

Just Peachy
What angers me more than the abuse in the video itself, is the fact that it's sitting here on you tube, and nothing is done about it! God this country has gone to shit!!!
Comment from : Just Peachy

{ Aesthetic Idiot }
As someone from Kentucky.. A known horse state.. In no way, shape, or form is this training! Whips should either be used for 2 things.. Cow whip training where you whip the ground and show them not to fear the cow whip. (Cow whips are used to scare cows and use them to herd cows not hit). Whips can also be used for a gentle sign telling the horse to do something. If it won’t do something, gently pat the horse with the whip. Not enough to hurt it, but to show it or sign it to do something. If it does do something reward it by stroking it gently with the whip and petting it saying nice things not yelling loud.
Comment from : { Aesthetic Idiot }

What a b*tch. That horse should've kicked her in the face...
Comment from : Lenaaa

Colleen Johnson
Comment from : Colleen Johnson

Cory Andrews
That angers me! Me and my girlfriend own 4 horses in total! We have had the same situation but have never done that to one of them. This FICKS ME off some people are sick.
Comment from : Cory Andrews

kael taylor
Stop u stupid ass bitch
Comment from : kael taylor

Soph 12_74
I wanna just take that whip away and have her put her hand behind her back and then see how she’ll get that horse in because number 1 it’s now scarred for life and 2 she can’t do anything without using pain
Comment from : Soph 12_74

Katie-Marie Clarke
Stupid bitch. And she’s wonders why the horse won’t get in and shit ITS SCARED FOR ITS LIFE
Comment from : Katie-Marie Clarke

Franklin Clinton
She’s the fucking reason it’s not getting into the truck! Stupid lady
Comment from : Franklin Clinton

Franklin Clinton
If I was that horse I would run away and kick her
Comment from : Franklin Clinton

James Parker
Animal cruelty
Comment from : James Parker

Mayhem Mike
When that rear hoof meets her face, im gonna laugh!
Comment from : Mayhem Mike

She's a literal bastard and one day I hope she meets a man that takes a whip to hir 😡🤬😡
Comment from : flash51050

Emma Stewart
If I had that whip that lady would get what’s coming 😡😡😡😡😡 the horse should run away and you never forcefully get a horse in a trailer
Comment from : Emma Stewart

Jesse Walker
That woman is so idiot my mom will never do that and I feel like I want to run over her house and make her go to barn naked and taped to wall for horse kicking her in face and whipping her rest of her life
Comment from : Jesse Walker

I would whip her ass to show her what the horse felt when she used the whip. Disgusting 🤢
Comment from : Leroyrs

Horse Edits
She can fucking go to hell
Comment from : Horse Edits

Layla LionHoof
The way she said "good girl" and then full on wooded her horse on her neck
Comment from : Layla LionHoof

Diane Ambrose
she need to go to jail
Comment from : Diane Ambrose

EM Equestrian
Such a beautiful horse 😭❤️
Comment from : EM Equestrian

Katelynn Squires
Be patient jerk
Comment from : Katelynn Squires

Comment from : intedinbae

I would kick her butt with a axe
Comment from : L GAMING 6543

Sierra Fishell
omg if only that horse could whi[p her in the face
Comment from : Sierra Fishell

moo moo city
she looks ugly
Comment from : moo moo city

moo moo city
poor thing
Comment from : moo moo city

Idiodt dummy God dam
Comment from : L GAMING 6543

Steve Simasek
Anybody have her contact info
Comment from : Steve Simasek

Haley Horton
What the fuck is wrong with y’all
Comment from : Haley Horton

Tiffany Ross
What in the fucking hell she literally said good girl and then started whacking her again bitch , like WHAT THE FUCK
Comment from : Tiffany Ross

Ashlynn Steltzner
what the hell is wrong with people. it’s her fault that the horse won’t listen. she’s abusing her horse. 😭🤬🤬
Comment from : Ashlynn Steltzner

Why does the horse have the whip
Comment from : Snortedmyweed

Steve Simasek
Who is this women I would love to contact her
Comment from : Steve Simasek

The horse should dump on her LOL
Comment from : 감자감자

Michal S
She defended herself against an angry horse! Amazing mastery and courage! This petite woman curbed such a beast!A real, fierce Mistress!
Comment from : Michal S

Student Chloe Allen
there are so many things wrong I can say about this video one this woman clearly is not a "trained" horse trainer she thinks that is she inflicts enough pain to the poor horse that it go into the trailer two the fact that she is using the whip as a weapon when loading a horse a whip should never be used at all no matter what the horse decided to do three I work with horses myself and I have always work with the horses and never against them I want them to feel safe and have trust and respect towards me but I will always earn respect from the horse now I would never hit the horse in the face and from what I can see that it looks like that she is hitting the poor horse in the face with the end of a lung whip which causes the horse to almost pin his/her ear back and finally when a horse wont load you need to make them feel like they can safely enter a trailer and not feel scared to trapped inside and work with them enough and when you plan to trailer a horse practice with the horse a few days or a week before actually trailering the horse somewhere so when you trailer there are 0 problems between you and your horse and never take your anger out on the horse its never their fault they have no idea what it is you have to take time to get them use to it and be calm cause if your calm they will be calm as well SHE SHOULD NEVER TRAIN OR WORK WITH ANOTHER HORSE AGAIN
Comment from : Student Chloe Allen

Ellie Gregg
Why is there some one filming help the poor horse
Comment from : Ellie Gregg

Ellie Gregg
What a fucking cow she needs whipped the horse is pulling back because it’s sore ffs 😭😭😭🖕🖕
Comment from : Ellie Gregg

Jayda Krelove
She should be arrested and then never aloud to own a animal again
Comment from : Jayda Krelove

Tori Pollock
Stop abusing horses when you abuse them they will get angry😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Comment from : Tori Pollock

Animal Lover
Comment from : Animal Lover

If i was there i would litterly beat the shit out of her
Comment from : myhoovesnpaws

Haley Horton
“Good girl!” Im gonna keep smacking the hell out of you
Comment from : Haley Horton

Okaygrace_ _
Comment from : Okaygrace_ _

Emma eq
Who the heck do you think you are? U can’t tame an animal and then when he doesn’t wanna get in the trailer beat him up with a whip. That only makes him more scared of the trailer because he’ll remember that you beat him up with a whip last time you wanted him in there. I get so disgusted with people like this
Comment from : Emma eq

Dash Derp
That horse is gonna end up trampling her ass
Comment from : Dash Derp

Zac Powell
What the fuck is the girl's problem. Why is she hitting the poor horse. Fucking disgusted with how some humans act in front of other animals.
Comment from : Zac Powell

Larry The Cable Guy
Is this why feminists think they are so tough?
Comment from : Larry The Cable Guy

Angelina shumaker
If there’s one thing every equestrian should know and learn is to never take out ur anger on ur horse because most likely it’s not there mistake it’s urs and u will regret it. What a cruel human being. Whacking ur horse is not going to help them get on the trailer because they know it’s gonna happen again when they get off. I hope this lady gets kicked in the face by her horse.
Comment from : Angelina shumaker

Roxy1234 I
Your hurting the horse IM CALLING THE POLICE👮 you don't treat a horse like that you shouldn't even own a horse you should be arrested ARRESTED
Comment from : Roxy1234 I

Roxy1234 I
Wanted that horse to just run you over so bad your a jerk and you don't treat any animal like that
Comment from : Roxy1234 I

Hailey Johnson
She can rott for all I care.
Comment from : Hailey Johnson

Angel McDonald
OK seriously that horse didn't do anything to get that!!!
Comment from : Angel McDonald

Angelina shumaker
What a cruel woman.😡😡😡
Comment from : Angelina shumaker

mike ron
Unfortunately there are people like this woman in the horse world. Whips do not help horses confront their fears people! Not whips! Not tie downs! Not Spurs! Knowledge and a confident leader helps and teaches horses to confront their fears. #stophorseabuse #naturalhorsemanship
Comment from : mike ron

Madyson Bent
BItch you are so fucking stupid!
Comment from : Madyson Bent

Keocie Johnson
That's a itity
Comment from : Keocie Johnson

Gracie Swan
When she said good girl because she was going in but then hits the horse what the hell 😡🤬😠
Comment from : Gracie Swan

Paige Gillan
Couldn't even watch this. What an absolutely horrible person. She's clearly got no idea what she's doing at all, it makes me so sick thinking there are people out there who call themselves 'trainers' and act like this...
Comment from : Paige Gillan

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