Elisabetta Franchi | Fall Winter 2019/2020 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Информация о Elisabetta Franchi | Fall Winter 2019/2020 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

Название :  Elisabetta Franchi | Fall Winter 2019/2020 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive
Продолжительность :   17.36
Дата публикации :  
Просмотров :   97.848
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Кадры Elisabetta Franchi | Fall Winter 2019/2020 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

Описание Elisabetta Franchi | Fall Winter 2019/2020 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

Коментарии Elisabetta Franchi | Fall Winter 2019/2020 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

He Guards My Heart And Soul
Now Elisabetta is the ONE who knows how to create 1 million LOOKS out of ONE CONCEPT! Whew!!! This is one of the baddest runway producers of wearable clothing. I'm fantasizing😄
Comment from : He Guards My Heart And Soul

Adriana Garcia Meza
Wuauuuu qué ropa! 😎👍
Comment from : Adriana Garcia Meza

jagfruit 1
Who is the guy that she walks out with? Anyone know?
Comment from : jagfruit 1

Reb Belleza
Comment from : Reb Belleza

Giovanna Donvito
sogniamo sempre belli
Comment from : Giovanna Donvito

Andre Franchi
basgi a famiglia
Comment from : Andre Franchi

Eugenia Amiri
She is the best👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Comment from : Eugenia Amiri

The only outfit I didn't like was the red sequined little number over white vinyl jumpsuit!! Yuck. The rest is lovely.
Comment from : Garland5

Ivanir Fátima Medim
Comment from : Ivanir Fátima Medim

Alisha Dennis
💘 💘 💘 love,love,love this collection. So sixties retro with a fresh twist. Just fabulously creative and sharp and beautiful. Keep bringing your 🔥 hot fashion style to us. Wonderful and fresh touches.
Comment from : Alisha Dennis

Nadia Franchin
Sfondo illogico cupo!
Comment from : Nadia Franchin

Nicole Straub
Great Show 👍
Comment from : Nicole Straub

Katarzyna Rogoża
można to tak zerżnąć projekty karla l? dopiero co zmarł. żenada
Comment from : Katarzyna Rogoża

de wolff
More bodysuits 😍
Comment from : de wolff

Nice, but theese were new in the late 60s, early 70s...
Comment from : Lorelei

Elizabeth Venturini
An English riding feel to the clothes with a modern twist. Like it.
Comment from : Elizabeth Venturini

Bonnie Condon
CONGRATS TO THE VIDEOGRAPHER!!!...... best coverage of a fashion show
Comment from : Bonnie Condon

Bonnie Condon
That coat @2:56
Comment from : Bonnie Condon

Dana Ray Art
darlings.. a pair of those boots.. any color..!
Comment from : Dana Ray Art

Massimo Giordano
È VERAMENTE BRAVA ,,,👏🏻👏🏻 ogni capo della sua collezione brilla di luce propria ,🌹⭐️🌸
Comment from : Massimo Giordano

Beverly Roberts
Love love love this show. So many great fabrics and outfits. Great job. The first Mama and daughter outfit was just tooooooo cute. The off white long formal dress was stunning, the one with the diagonal breast slit and the long slit on the leg.
Comment from : Beverly Roberts

Catherine Malian
Comment from : Catherine Malian

Nadia chaussures designer
Little bit touch of Chanel ❤
Comment from : Nadia chaussures designer

Suzanne Miley
Stunning! Great camera work and video editing as well.
Comment from : Suzanne Miley

Alex Grin
Comment from : Alex Grin

mr 1000faces
chanel meets glam
Comment from : mr 1000faces

Mariyeen Acheege
Another cool fucking show from Elisabetta Franchetti!!!!!
Comment from : Mariyeen Acheege

Sandy Chacon
I love this designer 💕
Comment from : Sandy Chacon

Andrea Lewis
Dam i would smile all the time in your outfits fab 4 real
Comment from : Andrea Lewis

Andrea Lewis
Your welcome
Comment from : Andrea Lewis

Andrea Lewis
You rock keep going love it your great keep going
Comment from : Andrea Lewis

Alanood Abdulaziz
How much I love this brand 🔥😍
Comment from : Alanood Abdulaziz

Tamar Chikviladze
არაფერი ახალი ((
Comment from : Tamar Chikviladze

For the most part I found this to be a very beautiful collection... Wonderful belts, boots & other accessories. I would be proud to wear most any of these outfits.
Comment from : Dakiniwoman

Looooveeee it!🌷
Comment from : ixamxmsright

laura l
Comment from : laura l

Lina Breglia
❤stupendi tutti
Comment from : Lina Breglia

Massimo Giordano
Molto , ma molto brave ,,,AVANT-GARDE ,,,,certi capi ricordano PIERRE CARDIN 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Comment from : Massimo Giordano

Gergana Dimitrova
I feel i see a lot of chanel in this collection?
Comment from : Gergana Dimitrova

Eliana Rodriguez
One of my favourite brands.
Comment from : Eliana Rodriguez

Gerty Matter
Que falta de originalidade e personalidade ... todas desfilam exatamente iguais ..... horroroso
Comment from : Gerty Matter

Lynne Morris
There is nothing new in fashion, very 1970.
Comment from : Lynne Morris

Ania :3
The dresses for little girls are so cute.
Comment from : Ania :3

Ania :3
The jewlerly is cool, I like it. The nice fur, funny hats, cool boots, and beautiful, elegant clothes. Many of these clothes I would wear it defenitely.
Comment from : Ania :3

I Fil
Lizards on a podium... I like it
Comment from : I Fil

why not
Is it her best collection?no ..but since i discoverd her im always looking forword seeing her shows..im over familiar brands such as gucci and versace. She doesnt try to fit in, she doesnt follow trends love it!!
Comment from : why not

carmen roupp
interesting'ly a delight for the eyes. great lines nice soft flowing gowns cute little purses ,coats and jackets to knock your sock right off. Beatiful
Comment from : carmen roupp

Елена Руденко
Ноги ужас, походу отвратительные.
Comment from : Елена Руденко

Best collection this week for Milan...well tailored all wearable, great collection,great colors a bit of 60's mod retro a bit of horse and rider/equestrian....WOW
Comment from : 777kvp

maria graciela de michele
Muy muy lindo fabuloso...
Comment from : maria graciela de michele

Piuma D'angelo
Meraviglia... come sempre. Valore della femminilità.
Comment from : Piuma D'angelo

Елена Маминова
Классная коллекция!!!
Comment from : Елена Маминова

Nini Guerrero
Comment from : Nini Guerrero

Madina Vadache
Don’t like styling , nobody wears hats with big earrings? Metallic boots ?
Comment from : Madina Vadache

Nguyet Nguyen
Guys, do you know the list of songs played in this collection?
Comment from : Nguyet Nguyen

Equestrian gear turned couture.
Comment from : Allison

chanel +fendi+versace±(elisabetta franchi)
Comment from : FELINE FELINE

Retro MouseX
60's Retro Mod.
Comment from : Retro MouseX

Gardenia Martins
Elegante e sofisticada!🇧🇷👏👏👏
Comment from : Gardenia Martins

Gloria Tabares
Comment from : Gloria Tabares

Julia Siedina
No comments it’s just CHANNEL 👌😍
Comment from : Julia Siedina

Painted Lady
Being short sucks, I envy their legs.
Comment from : Painted Lady

Andrea Lewis
Very much
Comment from : Andrea Lewis

Andrea Lewis
Girl the designer is just fabulous you keep toping yourself wish you the best you inspire me so very you make me happy with your stunning outfits
Comment from : Andrea Lewis

Марина Иванова
Восхитительно,всегдв красивые коллекции,настоящий итальянский стиль.
Comment from : Марина Иванова

Comment from : CAROL

Маняшка Р
Каждая коллекция шедевр 👍👍👍
Comment from : Маняшка Р

Sergey Tovkusha
5.13 - 10.48
take me away Ob-se-ssion ! Уже не первый раз слышу эту музыку на модных показах, но нигде не могу её найти. Ни в YouTube, нигде. Мне она так нравится 🌸☘.

Comment from : Sergey Tovkusha

Clay Byrd
Cindy Bruni has the greatest body in the 🌏
Comment from : Clay Byrd

earlene wallace
I really, really liked this collection. The only fault in an outfit is with the one at 4:00. If someone has small breast, try not to emphasize them by encasing them with round, glittery circles.
Comment from : earlene wallace

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