GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony - Ending / Final Mission - Departure Time [100%] (1080p)

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Название :  GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony - Ending / Final Mission - Departure Time [100%] (1080p)
Продолжительность :   20.09
Дата публикации :  
Просмотров :   1.644.852
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Кадры GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony - Ending / Final Mission - Departure Time [100%] (1080p)

Описание GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony - Ending / Final Mission - Departure Time [100%] (1080p)

Коментарии GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony - Ending / Final Mission - Departure Time [100%] (1080p)

Luis QuintanaUwU
Wait this is actually a real game
Comment from : Luis QuintanaUwU

Toro Montana
14:13 Good advice during a pandemic (also if you're a cheapskate like me)
Comment from : Toro Montana

Luís spoke Brazil, what an honor
Comment from : Otakuuツ

Possessed bean
If no one knew all 3 ending for gta 4, the ballad of gay tony, and the lost and dammed all take place at the same time and the same day and time, In gta 4 in the revenge ending in the backround you can see a play going down and a smoke trail behind, after the ballad of gay tony ending when you listen to the radio after completing the ending you can hear the radio cast talk about the plane that went down and also a crazy man who faught threw a prison and left some prison and many cops injured and killed.
Comment from : Possessed bean

Luis Lopez
I miss Tony.
Comment from : Luis Lopez

The last great GTA DLC.
I miss GTA 4 + EFLC.
And starting to hate Rockstar with GTA 5.

Comment from : Lambert

Julien Rodriguez
4:57 Bye Bye Birdie!!
Comment from : Julien Rodriguez

fatty lesbian
I really liked him as a protagonist
Comment from : fatty lesbian

Yoda Raphael Charles
gta tbogt have 26 MISSIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????
Comment from : Yoda Raphael Charles

fahim shahriar
@13:47 my reaction was-
"the FUCK!!!😱😱😱😱"

Comment from : fahim shahriar

Richmond James Official
Who saw drunk niko and johnny k
Comment from : Richmond James Official

Robyn Shaw
When i saw niko and Patrick i was happy
Comment from : Robyn Shaw

mahamed abdikarim
Wow. How did luis survive
Comment from : mahamed abdikarim

Rockstar games really put amazing details. For example the running, joging and walking animations of all the 3 characters were different. Like Rockstar just didn't used the same animations. Niko walks like a soldier and runs like an athlete.
Comment from : AD TV

18:02 that made me happy lmao
Comment from : GAJ3T

Wtf they teased GTA 5 with the ending!!! "VISIT LOS SANTOS"
Comment from : Ayman

Creature Catchers
15:44 One of the best lines I've ever heard
Comment from : Creature Catchers

Coco HD
these were such amazing games to close the decade
Comment from : Coco HD

Half of the conflicts in the GTA 4 stories were cost by those damn diamonds. Smh.
Comment from : Heatwave619

Jaydan ode
Comment from : Jaydan ode

The most amazing ending to the GTA IV trilogy. And It foreshadowed V
Comment from : SKIAnway

Ik I sound stupid but is tony in the gta online
Comment from : jkline706

Philip De Santa Maria
Comment from : Philip De Santa Maria

I like this game. Great story cool character and everything u want from the regular gta 4.
Comment from : JaysOddFuture

Swifty Playz
I was so sad man 😢
Comment from : Swifty Playz

Djole ZR
Armed cops approaching to innocent black people 15:11
Comment from : Djole ZR

Iyas Zukhruf
15:05 Tony Stark And Luis Lopez Cannot be stopped
Comment from : Iyas Zukhruf

Iyas Zukhruf
7:33 the hero is coming
Comment from : Iyas Zukhruf

Mylifeis funny
i love happy endings
Comment from : Mylifeis funny

Dina Hamdy
gta the ballad of gay tony its my best game its game its great thank you bye bye
Comment from : Dina Hamdy

Is it just me or did that rocket fired at 7:38 sound like a late 80s anime sound effect?
Comment from : M.R.P.

Iyas Zukhruf
Gta crossover 18:01

Comment from : Iyas Zukhruf

Iyas Zukhruf
13:49 When you get diamond in minecraft
Comment from : Iyas Zukhruf

Lebohang Nombewu
I loved this ending
Comment from : Lebohang Nombewu

Heromoss 7
I Love GTA 4 more than GTA 5
Comment from : Heromoss 7

Vincent Hernandez
18:00 what the hell
Comment from : Vincent Hernandez

Princewill Madugba
3:30 following the timeline of TBOGT correctly, it seems revenge in gta iv was the canon choice good lesser of two evils
Comment from : Princewill Madugba

Luis Gonzalez
15:10 me when I go see my friends
Comment from : Luis Gonzalez

11:32 music???
Comment from : Nectros

Kevin Luu
Comment from : Kevin Luu

sagar debbarma
Who knows luis might be the main character in gta 6🤣🤣
Comment from : sagar debbarma

Grove-Street Gaming-OG_786
5:45 that is a cool line
Comment from : Grove-Street Gaming-OG_786

Comment from : Rocksteady.

A Guitar
Comment from : A Guitar

Jétstréam V2
Luis and Niko did a favor to each other, Niko took out Rascalov (since the Russians are Dimitri's men) , and Luis erased Bulgarin mid-air.
Comment from : Jétstréam V2

Ghost GamerX
You know what is want is GTA 6 to play with yusuf
Comment from : Ghost GamerX

Luis looks more of a character that could live in vice city imo
Comment from : ANGEL ROMAN

ryder nigga
Comment from : ryder nigga

Yellow carr!!!
Comment from : NeloSoberano

Tbogt have all the fun mission
Comment from : Awii

Sarcastically Sarcastic
7:33 the best part Yusuf Amir 😎😎
Comment from : Sarcastically Sarcastic

Sarcastically Sarcastic
19:56.. an Easter egg that GTA V's set up will be in Los Santos
Comment from : Sarcastically Sarcastic

Sarcastically Sarcastic
Just imagine, if Just like GTA V, GTA IV was three protagonist game and we would've downloaded the DLC episodes like the way we downloaded tes Expansion.. wouldn't that have been fun..

Sadly, when I bought GTA IV with the episodes, GTA IV never got downloaded, the only thing I regret is that I never played that game 😢😢 but the expansion

Comment from : Sarcastically Sarcastic

Sarcastically Sarcastic
Well I feel Luis Lopez is a culmination of various past GTA 3D era protagonists

CJ: Not a sociopath like tommy Claude or Toni

Vic Vance: Ethnicity

Tommy: Badass but Soft side for Gay Tony

Toni Cipriani: mom who is worried about son's criminal career

Claude: always ready to execute any job

Comment from : Sarcastically Sarcastic

Konstantin Titkov
I don't know why, but all best GTA parts the has main hero black.
Comment from : Konstantin Titkov

asad zaman
10:03 I was hoping to see you luis
Comment from : asad zaman

window bar
18:02 niko was sad drunk over losing his girlfriend/cousin
18:51 johnny with his other guy is moving out to San Andres

Comment from : window bar

Naufal D'Bei
Man, if only gta 5 have dlcs... Why am i even saying this...
Comment from : Naufal D'Bei

Kelly Tavera
Comment from : Kelly Tavera

sky wolf
welp the diamonds went to a better cause I guess..
Comment from : sky wolf

15:11 - the best part of this ending sequence. 😅😆

you were nodding & bobbing your head when Yusuf does the singing. 😂

Comment from : drunkpervertedmonk

Mark White
luis lopez gta 6 character;)
Comment from : Mark White

anıl bagus
11:00 song
Comment from : anıl bagus

Uzair Feeroze
This ending actually is similar to GTA V third ending
Because you clean up loose ends in both missions.

Comment from : Uzair Feeroze

Farhan Majdi Mohd Fazli
19:29 im so triggered of the logo of the building xD
Comment from : Farhan Majdi Mohd Fazli

Afif Danial
i think tbogt hv the happiest ending compared to any other gta
Comment from : Afif Danial

7 years old and I'm getting this reccomended
Comment from : XplsvShoti

Fernando Govea
Funny how tony and Luis problem was right there
Comment from : Fernando Govea

Omar Mejia
19:57, I wonder if people took that sign and figured a new GTA game was in the works back then, Los Santos, GTA V, Liberty City, GTA IV , the end credits for this story has made it clear but hid it in plain sight too.
Comment from : Omar Mejia

Carl Johnson
I just completed tbogt today
Comment from : Carl Johnson

The gamer mj Hernandez
I just realize that Yusuf is a better Aimer in the helicopter than me he’s good
Comment from : The gamer mj Hernandez

TORA F18F新入り
Now I know a plane can fly with only 1 engine
Comment from : TORA F18F新入り

Mr. Artist
19:57 they teased gta V
Comment from : Mr. Artist

Aegis Eurobeat
Yusuf Amir = Roman Bellic if he was rich
Comment from : Aegis Eurobeat

lol I remember when Parachutes had a radio
Comment from : Saljo

I like that in the last escene it says "visit los santos from 299" jaja is good reference
Comment from : Yasin

Buju Banton
1:17 what make this part of the cutscene more heartwarming is the fact Tony realize he been putting Luis in danger with his erratic behavior, decisions and ¨partnerships¨ because of his addiction and seeing that even after all that Luis still loyal and cares about him thats why he puts the gun down in shame, thanks him and drops the bottle of licor, in GTA V online dlc Tony is sober, dont fuck with drugs and got a picture of Luis on his desk.
Comment from : Buju Banton

Just 18:02
Comment from : Pudmunky

Kei Shikura
I think TBoGT was the most "GTA-ish" of the three games
Comment from : Kei Shikura

Much better than the main game. The gameplay, character, and controls.
Comment from : ysinine

João Paulo Brazil
Its luis mane
Comment from : João Paulo Brazil

Bobby Glapsglop
Comment from : Bobby Glapsglop

haj kasra jafari
Is so good
Comment from : haj kasra jafari

Nick Games
Kinda bothers me when I found out tlad had 22 missions and this only had 26 missions, gta 4 literally had 88 missions
Comment from : Nick Games

Playtime with Daniela and Jesse
Good boy is not good
Comment from : Playtime with Daniela and Jesse

Kansergaming 002
18:02 it's niko bellic
Comment from : Kansergaming 002

James Wegrzyn
Not gonna lie. But Luis is probably my favourite GTA character of all time lmao.
Comment from : James Wegrzyn

Nouvelia ML
what is that bike riding music name?
Comment from : Nouvelia ML

Armored Foxes
18:02 yellow carr!
Rip gta iv games
Basic game 2008-2020
Tbogt 2009-2020
Tlad 2009-2020

Comment from : Armored Foxes

Rafael Carrasco
Legit my favorite gta they need to remake/remastered ASAP
Comment from : Rafael Carrasco

Lawand Kurd
3:32 revenge ending confirmed
Comment from : Lawand Kurd

pinto pequeno
is it faster if you use the parachute instead of a car in the end of the mission??
Comment from : pinto pequeno

"i have grenade you kill me we all die"
"you can't shoot me you will blow whole plane up!"

Comment from : Oᴋ_ʙᴏᴏᴍᴇʀ

blade griggs
What is the name of the song in the car at t beginning?
Comment from : blade griggs

Wølfy Heartss
Here's hoping that Luis is the protagonist of or makes a appearance in gta6
Comment from : Wølfy Heartss

Yusuf is the fucking man!
Comment from : OOFER GANG

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