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Название :  Nodata
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Bill Petrina
This gave me chills
Comment from : Bill Petrina

Why does this have a thumbs down? Kinell. So good.
Comment from : Presuming_ed

When concerts come back, they will definitely be one of the first bands I see. I’m getting chills watching this on my phone, I can only imagine what it feels like being in the crowd when they preform
Comment from : MrAbelende

Harvey Taylor
i come back to this so often and it never gets old
Comment from : Harvey Taylor

Donna Pettigrew

Comment from : Donna Pettigrew

Ashy Chan
Not a metalcore fan, but damn, this is a talented band.
Comment from : Ashy Chan

I saw Tom at his last concert.. Rock im Park - nuremberg.. I shall treasure this memory. (':
Comment from : Phillip

Aut Bhalang
the satan has his throat
Comment from : Aut Bhalang

Stock Market George
Im not crying....
Ok yea i am...

Comment from : Stock Market George

Ffs, I want to hear YOU sing it, can you not fucking put the mic toward the crowd for 2 seconds please
Comment from : Kromatizer

Heavy Daggers
This band tho
Comment from : Heavy Daggers

Lav Patel
This is not a song. This is an anthem for all heart-broken.
Comment from : Lav Patel

RIP Luke Sandoe, man! that Mr. Olympia presentation using this song jus wow! we will always remember you.
Comment from : GumonX

Dakota Zelis
seeing those guys hug at 3:38 genuinely made me shed a tear. absolutely beautiful
Comment from : Dakota Zelis

Elliott G
Can anything top this?
Comment from : Elliott G

valentin rovira
0:15 woman :"wtf I'm doing here"
Comment from : valentin rovira

ML GAMING Lockwood
Comment from : ML GAMING Lockwood

Robert Lane
Was at this show, incredible experience 🤘
Comment from : Robert Lane

My mum just died of cancer... Coming back to this song hurts a lot and helps at the same time.
Comment from : Radorian

Juan Ignacio Escandar
1:28 :)
Comment from : Juan Ignacio Escandar

I feel its overlooked how dangerous and difficult it is to do melodic screaming like that. And he excels at it, in an almost unprecedented way. I know how to scream/growl, I am semi decent at singing I guess. But I cannot combine the two like that to save my life. I once thought I permanently fucked up my voice attempting. There's a reason why the vast majority of vocalists don't do what Sam does, or at least to the degree that he does it, truly one of the greatest vocalists of all time, even though his cleans range isnt huge, in my book he is up there with the legends Rob Halford, Russell Allen, etc
Comment from : ArtyMcParty

Petr petersons
Looks like audio was added in studio and mixed in to the video
Comment from : Petr petersons

Aaron Berger
1:29 absolute couple goals
Comment from : Aaron Berger

Lester Alexia
I wish someone would edit this song by going through what videos are happening in 2020 ???????
Comment from : Lester Alexia

John Lister Palines
I wish they could perform to Albert Hall like bmth did
Comment from : John Lister Palines

Jens Trappe
Hope to get these time again after fu#☆ing covid 19...
Comment from : Jens Trappe

Comment from : Phazz

Peter August
I love how "metal" progresses from day to day, while all the mainstream garbage sounds the same from artists to artist and song to song.

Would love it if they would make their sound a bit harder, but definitely am curious of whats to come next. Keep it up boys!

Comment from : Peter August

aiden killer yo
Comment from : Jac_b

carlos martinez
Son excelentes en vivo.🤘🏼
Comment from : carlos martinez

Adam Bayu Diano
try listen this dude, modern metalcore too

I hope y’all enjoy to listen this fresh new 🍺


Comment from : Adam Bayu Diano

kirill kudashkin
Это просто потрясающе !
Comment from : kirill kudashkin

Alex Sosa
Feeling like a dick seeing as I didn't go and have all access to that venue 😫 next time...
Comment from : Alex Sosa

Alte Schrulle
Comment from : Alte Schrulle

Seriously impressive that he can sing like that live.
Comment from : gmtfender

alb btt
Comment from : alb btt

Paul Locke
What a spine chilling performance, the vocals are so on point....incredible Architects
Comment from : Paul Locke

3:05? That's my Doomsday, right there sire!
Comment from : BirhangZ

Oli Hughes
I want a video purely of this crowd, some of the emotion pouring out of some of the people there is heart wrenching! The girl absolutely going for it at 04:05 gets me every time!
Comment from : Oli Hughes

The editing is SO jumpy
Comment from : AttilatheThrilla

Maldición, no puedo dejar de escuchar esta obra maestra.
Comment from : TheKill.

Toby Gunn
Comment from : Toby Gunn

They are incredible live.
Comment from : DG

Trent Page
Sam Carter is just one of those artist that really doesnt need Autotune. His voice is super strong without it and it's so good!
Comment from : Trent Page

Aldo Lammel
Que pedrada!
Comment from : Aldo Lammel

Rivers Edge
Can. We. Please. Get. A. Full. Concert. Bluray.
Thank you!
Sincerely, your fans❤️

Comment from : Rivers Edge

Mat Pal
"dont keep on telling me that im gonna pull through when you dont know low like i do!"
Comment from : Mat Pal

Sam Carter is by far the best metalcore vocalist right row
Comment from : SquidSquirtHD

Björn Jürgensen
It's January the 14th 03:22 in the "morning" and i am fucking crying cause I've lost an old friend. He was just 26 and fuck it that song helps me to deal with the fact that he's gone. It's not gonna take the pain but it helps to remind me the beautiful time i could shared. Thanks Architects to help me ♥️ I'm proud to say that you were my friend.
Comment from : Björn Jürgensen

Brennan Pline
Had to wipe tears from my eyes so many times, we miss you Tom :'(
Comment from : Brennan Pline

Damon Beddingfield
Holy mother of music, this band is the absolute masterclass of melodic metal.
Comment from : Damon Beddingfield

Bruno Franco
Happy 2020 !!!!
Comment from : Bruno Franco

Raghav Agrawal
Their manager must be so proud 😢. Luckiest person in the world basically.
Comment from : Raghav Agrawal

Der Kjor
I've probably listened to this song close to 50 times and still feel the same heart breaking sorrow that I did the first time. This is my #1 pick for song of the decade.
Comment from : Der Kjor

TroyC 88
Who’s Dan?
Comment from : TroyC 88

Who mixed this? So perfect... <3
Comment from : Fexiheit

No Name
1.3m views... 1m by me
Comment from : No Name

Damn, i'm sitting here crying full of emotions , It's absolutely insane, my whole Body has Goosebumps. This shit is absolutely brilliant ❤🔥
Comment from : BioToffel

Khoirul Annas
Comment from : Khoirul Annas


Early 2000’s called they want their sound back

Comment from : jefflh11237

Chad Davis
I'm from America for those that arent, the pain is fucking real, I hope you're doing okay wherever you are. ❤
Comment from : Chad Davis

Greg The Flying Whale
This is not live sound! Its rewritten, or mixed. But this is not ALL completely live, they made some chemistry with sound here after the live
Comment from : Greg The Flying Whale

Ugh, really?
Comment from : Frodo

Chad Davis
I love you Dan!
Comment from : Chad Davis

Toby Gunn
They are insane live. wtf? Like almost unbelievable..
Comment from : Toby Gunn

brayanff _ff
Te amo ale ♥️ 5-diciembre-19
Comment from : brayanff _ff

Abdullah Sani
I got goosebumps on this one,honestly..
Comment from : Abdullah Sani

Just perfect...
Comment from : bloomgate

PUNK 2077
Comment from : PUNK 2077

Kevin McFlannigan
I'm a grown ass man... But this made me shed a tear
Comment from : Kevin McFlannigan

Henry Martino
I like how the crowd roared at 3:15 when the band delayed it. It sounds so embarrassing LOL
Comment from : Henry Martino

Renad Gharzeddine
i kept getting goosebumps through the whole video holy shitttt
Comment from : Renad Gharzeddine

Teddy Alamsyah
Ora ngerti artineeee tol kontoooool
Comment from : Teddy Alamsyah

Ayrton Chaile
esta cancion transmite muchisimas cosas , la amo , transmite algo de tristeza , rabia , pero al mismo tiempo transmite confianza en uno mismo , que las cosas quizas pueden mejorar , la lucha contra la cotedianeidad , muchas sentimientos y sensaciones que no alcanza con un texto y mucho menos se puede explicar .

Comment from : Ayrton Chaile

Sanji Kun
This could be my "DOOMSDAY" theme song
Comment from : Sanji Kun

noys lambent
Son: Why's my sister's name Rose?
Dad: Because your mother loves roses.
Son: Thanks dad.
Dad: No problem, Architects - "Doomsday" (Live at Alexandra Palace).

Comment from : noys lambent

one way street
one of the metlest metal song in the century
Comment from : one way street

Chantelle xoxoxo
Top 10 architects songs (in my opinion)

1: Doomsday
2: Royal Beggars
3: Hereafter
4: A wasted Hymn
5: Death is not Defeat
6: A match made in heaven
7: Holy hell
8: Mortal after all
9: Gone with the wind
10: Naysayer

Holy hell has to be one of the best albums ever created, only BMTH's "Sempiternal" beats it in my eyes

Comment from : Chantelle xoxoxo

Saw these guys in Denver, CO. Absolutely amazing live.
Comment from : John

Brantley Cooley
This definitely surprised me. It seems alot of bands don't keep live audio on these videos. But all I can say is Architects is amazing! I like their live sound better than their album audio.
Comment from : Brantley Cooley

Jeremy Wurst
this is awesome
Comment from : Jeremy Wurst

Vipe Jay
BMTH left the comment section
Comment from : Vipe Jay

Ali Pie
Love architects but this is a loosh harvesting ritual. Boo.
Comment from : Ali Pie

I just discovered this band and i want to watch them live!
Comment from : Tornamixz

No matter how many times I hear this song, I cry every single time. And I'm a grown ass man.
Comment from : TheEnigmaticOpaque

Bayu Jae
so beautifull bangsattt
Comment from : Bayu Jae

Some of the most profound music I have ever heard. Brings tears to my eyes. I am in awe. So much emotion. These boys set the bar high for what metal can be.
Comment from : Jonathan

miguel piñeros
Architects have my heart and soul . 🤟
Comment from : miguel piñeros

Derek hungwell
How the actual fuck do you give a thumbs down to architects?? Uncultured, 2 week old dingleberry eating poop heads!
Comment from : Derek hungwell

jason daniel barry
Best song EVER!!! And this mix...OMW!!!
Comment from : jason daniel barry

Rijal Lumayung
Architect Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
Comment from : Rijal Lumayung

Smooth Jiminal
Comment from : Smooth Jiminal

Rafly Moravia
because it's doomsday kid.. it's doomsday 🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Rafly Moravia

Martin Persson
Sam Carter is the Chuck Norris of metal, total badass!
Comment from : Martin Persson

Luis Enrique Matos González
cuba es una isla pequeña en el caribe, creo que deberian venir jaja
Comment from : Luis Enrique Matos González

Chris Lemieux
Fuck this is amazing
Comment from : Chris Lemieux

Vanny Syrex
In this video we can see THIS IS THE SONG OF THE DECADE! is just fuckin' amazing!
Comment from : Vanny Syrex

Chris Mckay
Comment from : Chris Mckay

Most impressive vocalist alive, and I don’t even listen to these dudes. Going to now tho
Comment from : zBIGJOHNz

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