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Pavel Zařezávač
Dříve se dělaly u nás ve Škodovce ,ale koukám, že Rusko je lepší než my. Jsme v (_!_) 30 let po cinkání umíme dělat jen kancelářské krisy a bandu idio-ů na Letné.
Comment from : Pavel Zařezávač

I'm jamming to this beat
Comment from : Molamolafish

Eric Girond
great !
Comment from : Eric Girond

Péter Végh
3.6rtg. Not great but not terrible. :D :D :D
Comment from : Péter Végh

Ali Alios
No graphite ? Fking amateurs xD
Comment from : Ali Alios

how do they push out the middle part without severely deforming the whole thing
Comment from : Molamolafish

Tactical Panda

I was in awe of how wonderful the entire thing is. How many decades, centuries of technology refinement in order to arrive at this point? Everything in that factory-required IMMENSE amount of work, skills, dedication, design, engineering etc.. Words just can't seem to express how amazing this is.

Comment from : Tactical Panda

Akhil Vijendra
Holy fckin shit. This video is just EPIC.
Comment from : Akhil Vijendra

Coolant flow rate: 86000 m3/h. That's beyond my imagination. Is that correct?
Comment from : pepeknam

awesome tech, awesome music, awesome cutting.
Comment from : tomato

I don't know how much do the guys who did this video earn, but they deserve a raise!
Comment from : LeyendNkTh

Here's a question: why is a nation which possesses this level of technology still poor af?
Comment from : ⵉⵜⵔⵓⵏⴰⵓⵜ

Toby Davison
Fascinating video!
Comment from : Toby Davison

Awesome video with great graphics and still showing the actual hardware. Good looking hardware. Major kudos to the Russians.
Comment from : yzmaximus

Von Luckow
This is so cool
Comment from : Von Luckow

Bulging Battery
Is this reactor safer and more advanced than the old RBMK reactors?
Comment from : Bulging Battery

José Francisco Miles
Привет , ROSATOM .
Comment from : José Francisco Miles

hello hun
I doubt seriously that there is a manufacturing facility in the US that can match this, in capacity, or quality. The only the US has going for it is a military that can bully itself around the world.
Comment from : hello hun

Carpe Diem
Türkiyeye Yapılacak Akkuyu Nükleer Santarındeki reaktör bu galiba VVER- 1200
Comment from : Carpe Diem

Franek Kimono
Puściłbym takie czerwone kółko przez dżunglę w Calais:)
Comment from : Franek Kimono

Comment from : regnar3712

According to our press and other media, the only high-tech product of Russia is valenki.
Comment from : ̐

1:51 One Ring to rule them all
Comment from : mar-on-solaris

what a great video, I think it gave me a hard on
Comment from : AF AF

video production = next level
Comment from : AlienAshtray

Hottie at 2:42
Comment from : varukasalt

Neilas Astelan
I take it this is part of a breeder reactor?
Comment from : Neilas Astelan

Adem Duygu
Türkiye'nin ihtiyacı olan reaktör teknolojisi budur Ukrayna ile teknoloji transferi yapmayı ümit ediyorum
Comment from : Adem Duygu

I will take 10 of these for my state.
Comment from : Gammareign

Eric Robinson
Three years to forge something like that. Wow. How many do they have on the fabrication line at any given time?
Comment from : Eric Robinson

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