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Название :  Nodata
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Vic does gaming
Big Tonny
Comment from : Vic does gaming

Kieran O'Dwyer
Getting this under 6 30 crushed my soul many a time
Comment from : Kieran O'Dwyer

Heri Risnandar
11:04 Wtf is this 😆
Comment from : Heri Risnandar

Nick Higgins
I've noticed every dickhead in the GTA Series always owns an SUV of some kind, except Little Jacob's gang.
Comment from : Nick Higgins

I dunno what my name is
0:42 Ron?
Comment from : I dunno what my name is

m& m
Ich schaffe die Mission einfach nicht ... kann mir jemand Tipps geben? 😭 am liebsten würde ich einfach überspringen, aber das geht ja leider nicht... bin echt verzweifelt ☹
Comment from : m& m

Matthews Silva
Maybe the Russian Yusuf Amir?
Comment from : Matthews Silva

Epic Nathan
Hey how do i detonate sticky bombs on PC?
Comment from : Epic Nathan

blade griggs
8:35 LOL
Comment from : blade griggs

TwinSwords79/Dual Blade
Bulgarian is hilarious, I’m glad they went this route...it’s like under that Scary Russian mobster persona, is a regular guy who likes rock and roll and a hockey team
Comment from : TwinSwords79/Dual Blade

Megumi Bandicoot
Going Deep... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Comment from : Megumi Bandicoot

Mike Nash
Comment from : Mike Nash

Jetfighter OCE
I played this game when I was six and I completed all of it
Comment from : Jetfighter OCE

you are not allowed to read my name
Uhh what were you doing with an ice cream truck?
Comment from : you are not allowed to read my name

Jon Adams
going deep
Comment from : Jon Adams

This mission isn’t popping up for me I’m supposed to get a call? I finished mission no.3 and been dicking around waiting for another mission to pop up but nothings happening
Comment from : Skott

Nine 9005
3:17 still relevant everyday
Comment from : Nine 9005

Yeah luis drinks a lot of sprunk dont he ever since he's been hanging out with gay Tony
Comment from : TropicIslandProductions!

3:32 "I make you rich. I make you MAN."

For some reason, I find his inflection hilarious when saying this.

Comment from : Trilmonté

8:47 Scariest laugh and good voice acting.
Comment from : FunnyLi

Skull Crusher
3:17 that’s some Roman shit
Comment from : Skull Crusher

Chicago teD
I used to love how all other sound would cut out before a sticky went off
Comment from : Chicago teD

Shadsy The Hedgehog
Ray Bigbulge.
Comment from : Shadsy The Hedgehog

4:15 what’s the name of the music
Comment from : MisterMAYHEM935

Ejeh Whe
0:43 yusuf Amir's chopper
Comment from : Ejeh Whe

Bruce Wayne
Bulgarin in GTA 4 felt intimidating
Here , nah ...

Comment from : Bruce Wayne

cow raiser Milton
Bulgarin = my friend is here
that part killed me 😂

Comment from : cow raiser Milton

Anthony Cambron
Oh and Joseph Barnes that is the guy who Niko owes money to
Comment from : Anthony Cambron

Anthony Cambron
Ray Bulgarin lives with his sister Ms Bulgarin on Steinway, Dukes across the park over Patrick Mcreary's house and play as Niko Bellic.
Comment from : Anthony Cambron

Kevin Clark
We get it, you like headshots lol
Comment from : Kevin Clark

Emre Çağıl
Where is Timur from?
Comment from : Emre Çağıl

Comment from : Fafnir

“Catching up with some old friends”
Wonder who that is (Russian revolution)

Comment from : Richard

Nicky Haugh
4:08 - 4:11 = People who do that sort of thing are just purely and mentally INSANE at the simplest point of becoming totally unstable!!!
Comment from : Nicky Haugh

Nicky Haugh
2:42 - 2:45 = YES!!! YES!!!!

Bloody Hell!!!

Comment from : Nicky Haugh

Anthony Cambron
I found the house of Bulgarin in GTA 4 with Niko Bellic
Comment from : Anthony Cambron

Matthew Ducan
In GTA 4,He’s Serious
In The Ballad of Gay Tony,He has the perfect Sense Of Humor

Comment from : Matthew Ducan

I love how the swat police does moonwalk in GTA 4
Comment from : Roach

Моралист Из Лиги
Going extra dip
Comment from : Моралист Из Лиги

Laker Wang
This mission is frustrating. I kept failing. But thank you for putting this video and you help me a lot.
Comment from : Laker Wang

Deacon Blackwood
Comment from : Deacon Blackwood

Flight of the bumblebee lol nice ice cream truck music
Comment from : G G

Andrés R. Viguera
I love this mission because the amount of civilian cars blowing up/destroyed in one single place in a matter of seconds.
Comment from : Andrés R. Viguera

Scotty Lewis
There should have been a news report about what happened after this mission.
Comment from : Scotty Lewis

Cherry Popper on an ice cream truck =P
Comment from : Johny40Se7en

Dimitrije Tucović
Comment from : Dimitrije Tucović

Безумный Макс
Прикольный мужик этот Булгарин, жаль по сюжету его грохнуть надо, одно его «АЙМ НАТ Э ФАКИНЬ ФЭГГЕТ» чего стоит.
Comment from : Безумный Макс

kelvin bremont
Creepiest ice cream truck ever! Best vehicle choice for the clown from the movie IT!! Am i right??
Comment from : kelvin bremont

Comment from : Maxie

I like the idea of Luis keeping things afloat by operating an ice cream truck on the side.
Also, how Bulgarin is like a Bizarro Roman to his sisters Bizarro Niko.

Comment from : SilverSpade92

Shadowz YT
flies out the windshield off a bridge. lol

Comment from : Shadowz YT

Luis : i shot ray in the face

Ceiling : thank yooou

Comment from : KiddFromLA

I like how they got real Russians to voice Ray and Timur instead of having Americans/Brits do the accents
Comment from : NO_FUN_ALLOWED

It has confirmed that GTA series videos loses his health a lot
Comment from : R0bl0xian4life

9:50 timur : i still have smell of meat in nose luis : O_o
Comment from : gkb88commando

11:32 Dude fucking falling and screaming 😂😂
Comment from : LomeliTV

Marco Melzer
Das Video funktioniert bei mir nicht
Comment from : Marco Melzer

8:28 damn that guy fast
Comment from : PSNGamingVideos

Dylan G
Comment from : Dylan G

Ice cream truck and the Flight of The Bumblebee make some annoying combo
Comment from : mémdíler

Dimebag Darrell guitar is at 3:18 for people that know him
Comment from : Inzanemetal

StrangeLand And Brainsick
Comment from : StrangeLand And Brainsick

It's too risky if you just want to shoot their heads off, They'll wear heavy guns sometimes.
Comment from : BallXD

How if Niko suddenly found Bulgarin at his house? If He found his house, He'll blow Bulgarin's house when Bulgarin was huging with Dimitri in somewhere that is really far from his house.
Comment from : BallXD

Ruth Vela
wtf bro u a kid rolling around with a ice scream truck
Comment from : Ruth Vela

Ethan Raika
0:42 all he wanted was some ice cream
Comment from : Ethan Raika

The Batman
4:18 Wait!!!! Did Bulgarin and Timur just teleported to the Landstalker instead of playing guitars!!!!! Can't get enough of Rockstar logic.
Comment from : The Batman

The Batman
3:36 Ray reminds me of Ricardo Diaz!!!!! Both said they would make the GTA protagonists rich and both got killed by the GTA protagonists.
Comment from : The Batman

Script Kiddie
Comment from : Script Kiddie

Dominic Adams
Shootout: 6:58-8:32, 8:47-9:13
Comment from : Dominic Adams

Dutch Van der Linde
Fuck Bulgarin!
Comment from : Dutch Van der Linde

Ray: "Shut up bitch, take your pills, a friend of mine is here!"
Sister: "Ha! You don't have any friends!"

Comment from : SyllabicRose858

Comment from : Universal

The Vigilante69
2:00 "okay man good for you" LMAOO
Comment from : The Vigilante69

I spent 88 attempts to pass this mission at 100%. And I did it FUCK YEAH SYKA BLYAT!
Comment from : spirit8888888

Kanye West is your real dad
I wonder if there is mod were luis has one leg
Comment from : Kanye West is your real dad

Niko Bellic
0:42 Luis hit Ron from GTA V.
Comment from : Niko Bellic

Whatever::: 7
9:11 dispatcher : we've got damage to property me : yeah and like 20 swat officers and 10 undercover agents down
Comment from : Whatever::: 7

jos vido
prefer seeing peeps use cockpit view but nice method man, unlike the other chumps video.. and his auto tag aiming crap...


Comment from : jos vido

yoangel gonzalez
9:06 speak english bro
Comment from : yoangel gonzalez

This misson character like no russian in mw2, which luis is joseph allen, bulgarin is makarov and timur is viktor.
Comment from : 天水圍沙田陳浩南梁笑棠

Vedran Noneofyourbusiness
I got a phone call from Tony but it skipped as soon as I got to the garage. What was it?
Comment from : Vedran Noneofyourbusiness

At the end lol, SHIIIIIIIT
Comment from : RSGames

Lil Knee Grow
The best way to start a video. In an ice cream truck with the music playing. Perfect. 😂😂😂
Comment from : Lil Knee Grow

I couldn't stop laughing at 11:33
Comment from : StoneColdReznov

João Vitor
''If the money tells you to cut your fucking legs off,you will do it,because the money is better than a fucking leg''
I don't think so LOL

Comment from : João Vitor

hey that music from that ice cream van is also a horn in gta 5. jesus rockstar you cant even be original? everything in gta 5 is a copy from earlier gtas.... really? idiots.
Comment from : MrJJtheboss

Joseph Barnes
Isn't that the same guy Niko, owed money to?
Comment from : Joseph Barnes

Zachary Leonard
Mr. Bulgarin sounds like the Heavy
Comment from : Zachary Leonard

Fuck you Luis for working for Bulgarin!
Comment from : YukiWithAGasMask

Ben S
That ice cream van music is dodgy as fuck
Comment from : Ben S

Alex Schmithorst
After completion of this mission, there should be a new Liberty Tree headline.
Picture: Cars in the Garage on fire. Title: Slaughter and Fire! Link: Garage Explosions
Subtitle: FIB Evidence Operation Goes Horribly Wrong
Notes: Several teams of FIB and NOOSE agents were brutally slaughtered after a massive multi-vehicle explosion and shoot-out at a parking garage on Topaz Street in Middle Park East. The target vehicle, a dark-blue Dundreary Landstalker, was detonated when an FIB team put a briefcase inside it that was supposed to be used as evidence, resulting in several cars exploding and catching fire. Moments later, several FIB and NOOSE teams were brutally slaughtered. The suspects are believed to be 2 Russians and a man of Dominican descent, believed to be their accomplice. Maybe it's time to consider closing the bridges linking the Eastern Boroughs to Algonquin once and for all.

Comment from : Alex Schmithorst

i never got this call for some reason
Comment from : juice

Cammero Holt
Thank you this video was very helpful.(:
Comment from : Cammero Holt

Karan Preet
what's your graphic settings?
Comment from : Karan Preet

Matt Canon
11:03 lmao!
Comment from : Matt Canon

Christine Diffey
Why. Does it only bring the seat and FBI
Comment from : Christine Diffey

Ice cream van xD
Comment from : TruckSimz

christian Sawyer
dat scream thoe
Comment from : christian Sawyer

Gib Bar
For those who have problems with the "Bomb Hidden" objetive for 100%, you need to blow the Landstalker AFTER Bulgarin tells you to blow the car, this happen after the NOOSE place the evidence in Bulgarin's car.
Comment from : Gib Bar

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