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Brandon Dickens
17:47 my thoughts exactly, jim. Patrice new Ant was a racist fuck, but Patrice was still friends with him anyway and their conversations on the radio were some of the most honest dialogues about the topic of race there ever will be because of that. If he was still alive he'd have a good take on this "talk" lol
Comment from : Brandon Dickens

Ant got fired for almost exactly the same reason that 911 operator did. Big foreshadowing lol
Comment from : MrJesusdoesntsave

Paul-E G'z
I love these old segments.. just shows you how ignorant jimmy and opie were when alex jones used to come on and predict the censorship war that was on the horizon, luckily Anthony jumped on the alex jones bandwagon and got on the winning team.. THE TRUMP TRAIN!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Paul-E G'z

Paul-E G'z
The best is 2:15.. sam goes "it's an innocent commercial" then the legend takes over " well maybe to you halfbreed, she's gonna end up with neckcrust" HE SAYS NECK CRUST!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Paul-E G'z

Steve is stupid
Comment from : flyinhigh50

Steven Lynaugh
ant's a goddamn hero in this
Comment from : Steven Lynaugh

Comment from : yangfang

d d
fucking go away, Sam
Comment from : d d

Colin Mulholland
I question Ant's facts sometimes.
Comment from : Colin Mulholland

This is the segment that got him fired.
Comment from : Ibhenriksen

Gotta love Opie's passive aggressive attitude throughout the entire segment that adds absolutely nothing.
Comment from : Alex

Jew Hunter
It’s a giant premonition for ants firing
Comment from : Jew Hunter

Dick Hammerbush
Anthony is a Dago from Italy.
Comment from : Dick Hammerbush

logan my nigga you rule.....
Comment from : Treluv937

Ol DrtyChkn
Someone is not steering the ship n shiznit.
Comment from : Ol DrtyChkn

ChungLing Su
Opie is such a faggot in real life that he plays candy crush with the sound. get killed greg.
Comment from : ChungLing Su

Opie is truly pathetic

blaine d
some real funny stuff at the end opie
Comment from : blaine d

Wow Opie is one of those people who won't turn off the atrocious music when playing game apps. Too socially inept.
Comment from : Mason

Pop guy
opie is a fucking dim wit
Comment from : Pop guy

Simon Siwa
Holy shit Opie shut the fuck up about Ant being overly angry
Comment from : Simon Siwa

Cool Raymond
Jimmy's got it right. Who controls the race discussion? Whites. For whatever reason, they view blacks, and ONLY blacks, as kids they have to coddle. They don't report black on Asian violence either! And per capita-wise, there's probably more black on Asian violence than black on white. Aren't Asians a minority too? But nobody gives a fuck. There's a video on here of a bunch of spoiled college assholes, some rally all about how whites are racist and blah blah. Some Asian girl gets the mic for two seconds, mentions how black people have fucked with Asians, and the people running the rally literally take the mic out of her hand. Nobody gives a fuck. Liberal whites control the conversation, and to them "race" means black or white.
Comment from : Cool Raymond

Lil chippah D Tss tss
Black people are .....( fill it in white people ).


Comment from : Lil chippah D Tss tss

Alright, Ant gave a shout out to Colin Flaherty.
Comment from : Thomas

Kaleb Tarczewski
Hey Opie you damn moron at least move your phone away from the fucking mic if you're gonna play candy crush while on the air
Comment from : Kaleb Tarczewski

Ant is freaking hilarious, o butthurt callers
Comment from : MsKara308

No one is "offended" over those type of commercials. We are sick of the agenda driven bullshit. Those commercials are made for a reason. And those reasons are disingenuous. They are white-guilty pushed nonsense. Everyone knows that interracial relationships are out there. And there is a difference between quietly accepting them and having them throwing in your face on a daily basis and being called a bigot if you dont support it. They make it seems as if white people are the only race of people that are against interracial relationships..and that couldn't be further from reality. Show a black woman's thoughts when they see a black man with a woman of any other race besides black.
Comment from : NothingToPointOut24

Opie.....you're on the air!!! We get it that you need to make it all about you but you have listeners who want to hear the show and you could move your phone away from the mic at least
Comment from : geekrockrats

NOBODY want to hear you eating on mic,it's one of the few things where there is no gray area. I'm not an angry person but I almost feel homicidal when I hear that
Comment from : geekrockrats

Where's the one where Ant starts giving away Kick Ass DVDs to callers for being boring?
Comment from : renewer

White people are weak thats why we prey on you. Easy victims.

Tiberius Ergot
The Moors*
Comment from : Tiberius Ergot

theodore papageorgiou
The Mores did so much fuck'n it changed the bloodline forever
Comment from : theodore papageorgiou

theodore papageorgiou
Can't seem to get many Opie & Anthony shows anymore and it doesn't really bother me .
Comment from : theodore papageorgiou

That Did some black dude shit on your face line was fucking funny lol! Ant just went full ether mode on the dude and he didn't really have a chance at a normal conversation lmao. Great line he got in there though. Gotta give him that at least.
Comment from : SuperStrik9

Ant's on FIYA! He fucking ETHERED that first caller!
Comment from : SuperStrik9

Ant tends to use facts to back u[ his views, If you agree with him or not facts are the best way to get to the truth of a hell of a lot of issues. It's coming up with solutions that should be the hard part. That is if you can even get close to that point. Most issues seem to get stuck on the defining the problem part because people get offended so damn easily and don't want to deal with the facts.
Comment from : SuperStrik9

...that's not what anachronistic means...
Comment from : ThaKeeid

why does paula get fired but he doesnt, kind of makes his point.
Comment from : thetoothmaster1

They just wouldn't let up on the jewish guilt and they cow towed to it and eventually put them in camps because they wouldn't call it for the bull shit it was, there going to take this new anti racist movement to the same level if people don't watch o0ut.
Comment from : thetoothmaster1

The nazi movement started as a anti racist movement too, from their point of view.
Comment from : thetoothmaster1

Ant could yell the alphabet for 10 minutes, I'd enjoy and laugh regardless.
Comment from : jibberjabber098

Internet Guy
hes blocked me on twitter many times over now
Comment from : Internet Guy

ka ea
Comment from : ka ea

angry ant = good radio
Comment from : whatthehellimbored

You probably would.. because you're a perfect white man.. When Gawd made you he said.. "Let there be white.." and so it was..
Comment from : Wolf7th

Except for the fact that blacks make up 50% prison population. I would say they have the highest cultural problems.
Comment from : jackwuzhear

Samuel Milton
Comment from : Samuel Milton

Night Goat
Goddamn common sense, Anthony!!
Comment from : Night Goat

Night Goat
Knowing that Patrice is gone, I don't know if I can put up with Ant's tantrums anymore. Patrice sort of balanced things out. I miss him as well. Ant's not even funny when he completely loses his cool like he is here. Jimmy says it doesn't make him uncomfortable, and I'm all for honesty as well, but this is just awkward. It's like Jimmy and Opie know Ant never really grew out of his crybaby phase and nothing will stop him except, ironically, his racist dad with a smack to the head.
Comment from : Night Goat

David L
aww, poor ant.
Comment from : David L

Has Anthony fucked the interns yet?
Comment from : lucasfunkt

David Fullam
Ant destroys them again.
Comment from : David Fullam

Bear Jew
his rage is beyond justified. Not just for the shows entertainment but in general.
Comment from : Bear Jew

terrell lacour
I love the title..Ant "Talks" to some callers!!!Hahaha Ant rules
Comment from : terrell lacour

FC Tank
Ant is bang on- White men are phucked
Comment from : FC Tank

LoL Anthony is quickly becoming my favorite American.... Any idea where we can now get the full shows, after scotty and the others got killed by the PRIS--ehrm sorry Google!, yes Google!
Comment from : Manintoga

Stephen Coad
That ignorant black guy couldn't shut his fucking mouth for a second. One big word. Well done.
Comment from : Stephen Coad

Zach Montoya
There's no way, even if they thought it was a good business decision, opie and jimmy would certainly leave.
Comment from : Zach Montoya

ye, hes got some good points but a person with an opposing opinion will just become defensive when they get attacked. he could use his cool cat anthony shit to just embarrass people. far more effective
Comment from : Sia

Instead of name calling, can you deconstruct Anthony's arguments?
Comment from : MrFiremarshall007

Ant has good points about cultural problems within the black community. No snitch policy, idolizing gang members, etc.
Comment from : MrFiremarshall007

Fat middle age angry guys who overcompensate for having a small penis & having an irrational fear of people they have no experience with or understanding of.. I'm not saying black people are perfect.. there's need of responsibility & accountability of action, but to act as if all black people are heathens and whites are angels is just a straw-man fallacy that most racist tend to argue..
Comment from : Wolf7th

And Jim's comments at the end tied it up nicely.
Comment from : JerseyBear

They wouldn't fire him, it'd end the whole show and they'd still have to pay everyone. It won't happen.
Comment from : JerseyBear

I love the first caller calling Ant out. I agree with Ant on a lot of stuff but he goes too far too often.
Comment from : JerseyBear

Ant can make some good points but he seriously needs to control his rage. I'm not saying he should never get heated but he goes way too far where it does get pretty uncomfortable at times.
Comment from : Xtal

Ants growing up was totally racist.
Comment from : Blocka

Three new Dru Boogie songs.
Comment from : Phil

Rick P
New material for the next Dru Boogie song
Comment from : Rick P

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