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Название :  Nodata
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Коментарии Nodata

02:00 this is gorgeous, what a fit body you have there ma'am
Comment from : Wiedergeboren

Bill J
You would be a 10 without the tattoos.
Comment from : Bill J

Todd McCreary
You're very beautiful! And you look hot in everything!
Comment from : Todd McCreary

Droid 98
A nice, but older video. I like the full torso body suit red ones on you. Especially the one you thought was ugly at the start, but it seems I never agree with what is ugly on you.
Comment from : Droid 98

Getting ready Cash
Good morning are you from California? Also are you taking bookings for photo shoot’s?
Please email me and I will send you photos of the recent photo shows that I have done. 1stTimeGigs@gmail.com Hope to hear from you soon

Comment from : Getting ready Cash

Jamie Lamont
Liked and shared
Comment from : Jamie Lamont

Jesse LeBlanc
Santa I know I been on the naughty list can you name her coal and stuff her in my stocking I promise to stay Naughty lol
Comment from : Jesse LeBlanc

Amarildo Ferreira
Muito linda
Comment from : Amarildo Ferreira

John Stevenson
WOW!! WEll, Just WOW! Gorgeous!!!
Comment from : John Stevenson

Derrick Faulk
Comment from : Derrick Faulk

Aparecido Fogaça
Hermoza 🤩😍😍😍
Comment from : Aparecido Fogaça

Daniel Yarnall
WOOOOOOW nibble nibble nibble
Comment from : Daniel Yarnall

Curtis Blanton
Sorry babe. No camel, no subscribe
Comment from : Curtis Blanton

Allan Bartel
So yummy my goodness
Comment from : Allan Bartel

Haizen Urameshi
Comment from : Haizen Urameshi

Gnat Vova
Nice video
Comment from : Gnat Vova

Vinnie Mac
Absolute dreamgirl, Love the posing and very informative.
Comment from : Vinnie Mac

Carlos Alberto
U r wonderful... I wish u can send me a special pic??
Comment from : Carlos Alberto

David Cocanougher
Let me hold it
Comment from : David Cocanougher

David Cocanougher
Fine af
Comment from : David Cocanougher

Virgilio Diaz
It is very Interesting babygirl 😘
Comment from : Virgilio Diaz

heavy yui
Comment from : heavy yui

Johnny Tobee
I'm so hard right now hehehe
Comment from : Johnny Tobee

Noe Dominguez
Ke rico culo
Comment from : Noe Dominguez

Timothy Lazenby
I love your tattoos
Comment from : Timothy Lazenby

Timothy Lazenby
Merry Christmas to you baby
Comment from : Timothy Lazenby

Chris Bowman
Well now, it looks like l won't be watching many of Natasha;s videos in the near future. My carpal tunnel is KILLING ME just from watching this ONE video. >:-)
Comment from : Chris Bowman

Dear Santa,.................. is it too early to tell you what I want for Christmas?
Comment from : tonkatoytruck

chazeaud alain
Reste plus qu'a mètre jésus dans la crèche
Comment from : chazeaud alain

Franco Casino
All cute and beautiful
Comment from : Franco Casino

I'd possibly ...come inside... out of the cold 🤣
Comment from : brushrescue1701

Akash Samson
My favourite part of the video: 5:49 - 5:51. Love it.
Comment from : Akash Samson

donato antonucc
Comment from : donato antonucc

donato antonucc
Comment from : donato antonucc

Very good
Comment from : 龙行天下

Bubba Rhodes
I think you make every thing look good
Comment from : Bubba Rhodes

luis batista
need better lighting
Comment from : luis batista

Győző Horváth
Comment from : Győző Horváth

Xuan Mauricio Pérez

Comment from : Xuan Mauricio Pérez

Wolvering Wolf
Oh baby I love you style. .muy bonita
Comment from : Wolvering Wolf

I wish I were there
Comment from : WASIM EDOO

Miguel Lozano
Merry Christmas my Love🌹💖
Comment from : Miguel Lozano

Nice! Add more light, though.
Comment from : Rescue162

370z javes
Mamasita hermosa...😙😙😙😚😚😚😗😗😘😘😘😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🤤🤤
Comment from : 370z javes

Derek Howell
Merry Christmas to you GORGEOUS
Comment from : Derek Howell

José Marcio
Comment from : José Marcio

Kevin naxi
I have a crush on her
Comment from : Kevin naxi

giovan rossi
Prettty doll.
Comment from : giovan rossi

Domingo Gutierrez
Please do t return it! You are talking crazy. U look beautiful in it!
Comment from : Domingo Gutierrez

Reese Jackson
You definitely got a hot butt
Comment from : Reese Jackson

Jonny Blond
Guys..how the hell did I get here.
Comment from : Jonny Blond

Meekah She
Somebody getting pregnant for xmas.🤣
Comment from : Meekah She

James Cory
Santa Claus goes down that chimney and sees that ass. He bends it over and cranks it open...She aint calling the police cuz he's on his sled and they aint using choppers cuz they aren't gonna shoot down his reindeer, he's got PETA on his side.Its the perfect crime...Go Santa!!!!
Comment from : James Cory

James Cory
My favorite one is the one with your ass hanging out!!! hahahha Meaning???
Comment from : James Cory

Arion Jenkins
That booty girl 👍
Comment from : Arion Jenkins

Arion Jenkins
You hot girl
Comment from : Arion Jenkins

Arion Jenkins
👍 beautiful
Comment from : Arion Jenkins

ThaClick Lover4u
I want some 🐱 for Christmas....
Comment from : ThaClick Lover4u

Den Lee
Comment from : Den Lee

Exaltacion Ramirez
New sub ... iloveyoy
Comment from : Exaltacion Ramirez

My man Santa coming clutch this Christmas like Steph Curry in the NBA Finals
Comment from : Mr.NoDaysOff

James Ward
If I found anything under my tree as beautiful as you, It would be Deck the Balls and I would be Jolly.
Comment from : James Ward

Steve Rosenberger
Too many tatoos
Comment from : Steve Rosenberger

Michael Swords
I know you're doing the Christmas thing but I was just
Comment from : Michael Swords

Michael Swords
Personally I think black would look real good on you that's just my opinion
Comment from : Michael Swords

Robert Robert Mesa Mesa
Megustaste amor
Comment from : Robert Robert Mesa Mesa

Silvio Braz
You are beautiful 😍 😚 ❤ 🌷
Comment from : Silvio Braz

Michael Power
Someone is trying to pound some sense into it. Loosing battle but you just gotta keep trying.
Comment from : Michael Power

Muhammad alzarkaui Marcelino
Esses desenhos no seu corpo 😔porque!!
Comment from : Muhammad alzarkaui Marcelino

ray ramos
oh' nice bikinis..
Comment from : ray ramos

Mark Conner
Evan Rachel Wood.
Comment from : Mark Conner

Sweet ass
Comment from : lifted0422

With all that, you sleep, you love me 😋🙈😋🙈😋😋🙈
Comment from : JGG JGG

Jason Scott
Comment from : Jason Scott

SheerWill Survival
Comment from : SheerWill Survival

antonio marco azevedo de mello
❤️❤️Linda nossos corações
Comment from : antonio marco azevedo de mello

Chris Hodgkins
Holy shit! You are stunning, nice tree too
Comment from : Chris Hodgkins

Daniel Delgado
Very nice booty
Comment from : Daniel Delgado

Agent Right
I know you think the red one was ugly but it makes your a** look great.
Comment from : Agent Right

Looks great ! Now I know what i'd like to find under my tree Christmas Day ! YOU !😉
Comment from : FloridaGreg

Noe Aguilera
Comment from : Noe Aguilera

Jermaine M
Comment from : Jermaine M

Manish Negi
I don't know why this video was recommended to me, anyways Nice booty.
Comment from : Manish Negi

Calos Jacobo
What a beautiful bb wish santa bring me one like you to enjoy it for Xmas mmmmm
Comment from : Calos Jacobo

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