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Коментарии Nodata

Araba Becca
Wow...no excuses from employees at all. Nice bakery machinery!
Comment from : Araba Becca

Ian Morrison
Fascinating. Why is the loaf split across the middle?
Comment from : Ian Morrison

3:30 is that not cleaned ?
Comment from : Smurfinz

Preksha Kunkulol
Number please
Comment from : Preksha Kunkulol

Info Tech
Can we use this video on our channel
Comment from : Info Tech

Jasbir Singh
Sir plant ki kya cost h 8218572543
Comment from : Jasbir Singh

Dianna A
Pull out ear plugs. Ear pounding annoyance coming your way.
Comment from : Dianna A

Jasmine Scholz
Has a person every laid down on the conveyer belt and gone for a ride?
Comment from : Jasmine Scholz

Brenda Savage
Comment from : Brenda Savage

Niro Setyo
who is the owner of the factory ???
Comment from : Niro Setyo

Fully automated factories must be avoided it steals jobs. Govt must not sanction the license if company human work or labour force is less than 70%.
Comment from : RASHEED KHAN

Doug Foley
Another good video spoilt by music
Comment from : Doug Foley

lots of parts to brake down too.
Comment from : gregalot200

Harvey Lee
Amazing invention
Comment from : Harvey Lee

Cool Video 🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥
Comment from : Gaps

Milciades Andrion
Most of the new jobs will be related to Robotics. Great video.
Comment from : Milciades Andrion

Allen Shaba
How much would it cost to set up company like this plz?
Comment from : Allen Shaba

Estrella Philibosian
I think human touch add taste and value in breads than machine prepared. That's just my feelings.
Comment from : Estrella Philibosian

Soon no humans required. No jobs, no money, no food.
Comment from : Ramy

thats most depressing music
Comment from : ankushzap

Jörg und Martin Manthey
Chemical breads 🍞.
Please check the expiration date?! Nothing organically.

Comment from : Jörg und Martin Manthey

I love engineering
Comment from : Lunar

Felipe Reyes
I work 16 hrs like that,
Comment from : Felipe Reyes

Tony Droid
Humans need not apply
Comment from : Tony Droid

A voice over would have been better than plain music
Comment from : snuggles03

I could bake all day to this music LOL
Comment from : Thor

Ryan Rothschild
not impressed. wanted to become a baker as a full time job, after watching this just realized its over since machines are taking over most industries.
Comment from : Ryan Rothschild

Albert Sautner
I have put in a lot of bread lines over the years and this is the best one I have ever seen. I have worked with Mark Rosenberg of Gemini Bakery equipment in Philadelphia. My name is Al Sautner.
Comment from : Albert Sautner

JS The Operator
Bruh I'm high this is crazy
Comment from : JS The Operator

Abubakr bah
Abubakar bah
Comment from : Abubakr bah

Do you think the factory workers say "Let's go get this bread" 🍞 every single day?
Comment from : 27GX76R

Colleen Love
How beautiful ☑I
Comment from : Colleen Love

How is this production line cleaned?
Comment from : shri19

Parker Bela
C'est possible d'être avec vous?
Comment from : Parker Bela

Parker Bela
Bonjour moi c'est Akasume le boulanger venoiserie pâtisserie
Comment from : Parker Bela

Michael Rief
This is a neat video IF you like automation. I have fond memories of touring a bakery as a kid. Wonderful smells.
Two Questions please:
Where is this bakery located and where is this bread sold?

Comment from : Michael Rief

Joe Helfer
Who farted
Comment from : Joe Helfer

Elaina Oliver
I got to do an essay about ths
Comment from : Elaina Oliver

Radio Rescue
Made with love for you by robots.
Comment from : Radio Rescue

Doug Blanks
After you've worked in the bakery for many many years you don't smell the Bread anymore. I guess you get used to the smell. This Bakery is very automated.
Comment from : Doug Blanks

richard hare
No loafing around here
Comment from : richard hare

Glamorous Life
Thats like gardenia in philippines
Comment from : Glamorous Life

Be Handsome
Imagine that people stop eating breads
Comment from : Be Handsome

viraj- E automation
Learn plc programming

Comment from : viraj- E automation

rahul sareen
my question is what do they do with all that bread because I believe that this factory at least operates 5 days a week so where is all that bread going
Comment from : rahul sareen

Sally Ironic
Factory Industrial Food. YUK!
Comment from : Sally Ironic

Playa Hater
What about the slicing and packing procedure, would have been a cool way to end the video
Comment from : Playa Hater

Odogg Don
What would be the price of a whole production line?
Comment from : Odogg Don

That is funny bread made in my country of birth the Netherlands. Bread has become terribly expensive here in the Netherlands.
€ 3, - $ 3.31 for a whole white bread. 2 years a go i pay €1,75 $1,93

I want only eat fresh bread from the bakery. I find the cheap factory bread as in this video terrible.
I pay gladly some more money for real fresh bread.

Comment from : lexpee

Korean Machine Factory
Comment from : Korean Machine Factory

S Thammachote
Love the music, what is it?
Comment from : S Thammachote

Dattatray Barge
Comment from : Dattatray Barge

kh sana
Good job
Comment from : kh sana

Jason Grigg
Thigh slapping music?
Comment from : Jason Grigg

Mark Anderson
Music spoiled the video☹️
Comment from : Mark Anderson

EU toasters must be huge.
Comment from : waterbug85

Kat Sakay
i think they dont use gloves becoz it was all rejected.
Comment from : Kat Sakay

Ahmad Kamran
I agree these buggers never thaught no jobs no money to earn and buy bread.. what a tradegy to think so selfish investment
Comment from : Ahmad Kamran

Semir Zeynu
That's why their is no jobs around the world...
Comment from : Semir Zeynu

Nidia Molina
There is nothing like warm Italian bread with butter, mm.
Comment from : Nidia Molina

Odogg Don
How much would a such system cost?
Comment from : Odogg Don

Victor Pineda
What is the investment for the whole set-up? Maybe around 10M USD?
Comment from : Victor Pineda

Miami Watts
The music is HORRIBLE!! I'm leaving after 30 seconds!!
Comment from : Miami Watts

Dyana Mullican
Thank you.
Comment from : Dyana Mullican

Mark Day
I can almost smell the freshly baked bread.
Comment from : Mark Day

Shashidhar Sharma
Men needed - only for eating!
Comment from : Shashidhar Sharma

jeffy thomas
Which country?
Comment from : jeffy thomas

عسكري وهيبه عمار العلي
ماشاء الله تبارك الرحمن الرحيم. امنيتي امتلك هيج خط متكامل
Comment from : عسكري وهيبه عمار العلي

Yasin Momin
Wel come in India🇮🇳
Comment from : Yasin Momin

Pintu Shaik
I won't this job
Comment from : Pintu Shaik

King Mener
How much to set up a factory like that
Comment from : King Mener

Mamun Murad
High music....so boring
Comment from : Mamun Murad

Ika Studio
lets subscribe me
Comment from : Ika Studio

Gil Ortiz
All that sanitization and no usage of gloves when handling unpacked product
Comment from : Gil Ortiz

Nice and clean place.
Comment from : Jv

swapnil kulkarni
What a nicely made video.
Comment from : swapnil kulkarni

Sachin Kumar
इस मशीन को लगाने में कितना रुपया खर्च होगा इस मशीन की पूरी सिस्टम का कीमत क्या है
Comment from : Sachin Kumar

இயற்கை விவசாயம் & வேளாண்மை
Good videos superb 👍👍
Comment from : இயற்கை விவசாயம் & வேளாண்மை

Instead of the music the video showing the bread making should have an narrator to explain the process.
Comment from : fasx56

vasy bylli
Tehnologia progresează de la an la an 👍
Comment from : vasy bylli

Electric heat Very danger for health!
Comment from : LASERBLAST 1978

Mandy Chan
wow, it is so amazing. It looks delicious.
Comment from : Mandy Chan

Libbu Eneyew
I appreciate the creators os these machineries
Comment from : Libbu Eneyew

Rana Sanjay
Hi sir I am bakery chef in India if any requirement for foren country pls inform me I want to work in foreign country 8287289457
Comment from : Rana Sanjay

Isaac Garmon
I came here from Andrew Yang
Comment from : Isaac Garmon

nice Amigo
so clean no humans, not like the U.K
Comment from : nice Amigo

Gerson Mendes
O mundo da panificação é magnífico dês de artesanal ao industriale
Comment from : Gerson Mendes

Mehernosh Khajotia
What is the sq foot area to set up a plant like this?
Comment from : Mehernosh Khajotia

Elizabeth Sarcia
Comment from : Elizabeth Sarcia

Nice video!

Is no one else going to talk about the fact that the bread is falling on beat.
Comment from : Genesis

Dharshan virat Dharshan virat
Comment from : Dharshan virat Dharshan virat

I do work in a bakery in Kenya. But our bread processing process is traditional. Such Technology is good, yes, but it requires a super huge ammount of cash to incorporate it in the factory. Thats the sad part of it.
Comment from : YankyAdesh

Rihanna Rihanna
Wow Wow fantastic
Comment from : Rihanna Rihanna

Eddie Willers
Great video but WTF is that hideous noise in the background?
Comment from : Eddie Willers

Andy Kaye
it looks like an expensive operation..but if it reduces staffing by 10...and the 10 staff cost $35000 each a year..plus holidays, sick pay and managing them...then you will save about 450000 a year...thats over 2 million after 5 years..so maybe its a smart investment..🤔
Comment from : Andy Kaye

EduCare Trading
We need used bread plant for Dubai. Automatic or semi-automatic. Daily production capacity of 30000 leafs of bread.
Comment from : EduCare Trading

EduCare Trading
Necesitamos planta de pan usado para Dubai. Automático o semiautomático. Capacidad de producción diaria de 30000 hojas de pan.
Comment from : EduCare Trading

Jonathan Fox
Please use the sound of the machines. Not this annoying sound track.
Comment from : Jonathan Fox

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