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Yeh, CBS cut out the part RIGHT before she said MS13 thinking they were slick
Comment from : RoJo

trump and fox news are animal feces
Comment from : bigraviolees

Chris C
demonRats are GUILTY of doing nothing for the citizens of The United States.
They only focus on trying to inflict harm on The President.

Comment from : Chris C

Michael James
Jude verse 10
Comment from : Michael James

Juan Rios Jr.
Trump is getting these motherfuckers out of America Go Trump.
Comment from : Juan Rios Jr.

Bleeding Heart Media CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH !! For going against the tangent (a.k.a. out of context).
Comment from : 123456RaulMorales

Mark Lanzarotta
Q. What’s the difference between Donald Trump and a YouTube commenter? A. He has a job.
Comment from : Mark Lanzarotta

Mark Lanzarotta
Donald Trump would make a great YouTube commenter, because he’s a bottom-feeder and a Neanderthal like these clowns, and all the other clowns posting on YouTube.
Comment from : Mark Lanzarotta

Zander Doom
I Am Mexican , i have always lived in Mexico , but i understand and support Mr Donald Trump, one day little kids and women from many countries are going to be thankful about your decition on ILLEGALS.
Comment from : Zander Doom

rvpstudios studios
Comment from : rvpstudios studios

rvpstudios studios
I WISH ALL News organizations just TELL the NEWS...NOT their “OPINIONS.”
Comment from : rvpstudios studios

I sometimes get angry watching outfits like CNN but than I remember that they're sealing their own fate into the dustbin of history as more people awaken to the truth... So to that I say keep digging your own hole...
Comment from : Tavotte

Thank you Fox for reporting this honestly & thank you for becoming a news outlet that is truly becoming unbiased... I've found myself not having to fact check everything said thus causing me to watch you more frequently as I'm certain goes for many people.
Comment from : Tavotte

Jean Hou
Americans are gang people in many regards. They did take over native American land by force and they refuse to call it colonialism. The worse and very bad with all this is they became rich like crazy and the natives are almost completely wiped out of their ancestral land. Life is not fair, it's seems the animal took control and should have been took out of the country earlier. The combination of Bible and Rifle was very effective
Comment from : Jean Hou

Jean Hou
I am frustrated right now as I am trapped and put to silence by your frauds
Comment from : Jean Hou

Alan Brito
All criminals have to pay for their offenses but their still human beings. You don’t have to call the pest control. You call The Mueller Team !!!
Comment from : Alan Brito

Tuff OleBird
By the way...the gangs Pres Trump spoke of ARE AMIMALS! SUCK IT UP!
Comment from : Tuff OleBird

N Romanoff
It just goes to show you how sick in the head the Democrats are that they would side with MS 13, what would they do if tomorrow Trump came out with an apology and said your right MS 13 aren't animals I'm sorry they can all stay, in fact let's get more of them to move here.
Comment from : N Romanoff

When asked about the recent school shootings he said, "Some of them are good people."
Comment from : liquidlight86

The mainstream media is treasonous to the nation.
Comment from : Coop1913

ginger cakes
This coming frim a man who married 2 immigrants...... oh i forgot...they may talk funny but least they r white.
Comment from : ginger cakes

J M J Texas
Make America great again get out and vote against the Democratic Party
Comment from : J M J Texas

Tu Maldita Madre
Every media outlet does that.
Comment from : Tu Maldita Madre

Not Animals. Animals are true to there nature and we've betrayed ours.
Comment from : SonOfOdin

Funny how you dont show the full question. One that wasnt about ms13 ms13 was simply used as an example. She asked about anyone who is hispanic but doesnt meet an evidence threshold for being an illegal immigrant. You arent showing the full context therefore are missleading like your claiming other groups are doing. Some news media is being missleading in the other driection but he did call immgrants animals because hes not only deported gang memebers thats bullshit
Comment from : crystalblue

Trump is the animal.
Comment from : Oceanman

Johnny Nitro
White people really think there some sort of moral good humans and rest lf world bad ya wiped out almost a whole race of people to get this land ya are not humans
Comment from : Johnny Nitro

Damage control walks into the ring!
Comment from : BLSoldier

Maggie Doggie
I’m kind of liking this more and more, as, the story is getting out that the FAKE NEWS outlets misled and attempted to divide the American people through blatant lies. Although most of the Commies and lil snowflake college students are too dumb and weak to verify - this will still come to light and end up hurting the fraudulent news agencies.
Comment from : Maggie Doggie

This liberal media is out of control. The bias is so blatant it is not even funny. I was an independent before I voted for Donald Trump and I do not care what happens. President Trump has done more for us Americans than any other president in our generation and it has only been a year. TRUMP 2020!
Comment from : ASH

I'm mexican , and I know he's talking about the ms13 kids
Comment from : Jesus

bryhn black
This type of blatant lie against Trump is what will get him re elected!!!
Comment from : bryhn black

Hold up, he said immigrants coming in are animals. If he said we’ve kicked out a lot of criminals associated with “MS-13” “etc.” “etc.” then that would be different. I’m not saying he needs to die or anything, but by the sound of it it was a poor structure of a sentence and or also a poor choice of words.
Comment from : OAM595

Scotty Irish
Liberal media takes things out of context? No way! 😆
Comment from : Scotty Irish

Ron Young
Imagine that, more fake news from the mainstream propoganda outlets!!!
Comment from : Ron Young

juan Jones
Mexicans just want their land back. And they took it.
Comment from : juan Jones

This is one of the times I don’t support his comments . His free speech style without regard to political correctness is refreshing . But this time he insulted animals !
In all seriousness , gangs violence should not be tolerated by any society .
This man is actually trying to do something about it .

Comment from : machia0705

Will Wigginton
Only demons hate Trump.
Comment from : Will Wigginton

Ahixalis Barreto-Santiago
My family honestly believes that he called us animals. They don’t want to look for themselves because they truly want to follow the popular crowd. The media is really going out of its way to convert people. And it’s working on my family sadly.
Comment from : Ahixalis Barreto-Santiago

Charles Eric
Comment from : Charles Eric

Gary Riggs
Liberals are self proven mental retards. 😐
Comment from : Gary Riggs

My Purple Crayon
Of course! The MSM uses divisiveness, by taking advantage of ANYTHING they can, to tear apart this country!
Comment from : My Purple Crayon

Finley Currie
No, President Trump. Brutal, murderous, MS 13 gang members are not animals. They are vermin!
Comment from : Finley Currie

Mr. Sotack
And they wonder why they are called “fake news”
Comment from : Mr. Sotack

Mr. Ketchup
Someone will be fired
Comment from : Mr. Ketchup

Highway to Paris, TX
This just goes to show how much discord surrounds Trump's presidency. There is no clarity and so much confusion and I can't even firmly take a stance in the midst of the chaos. Respect your leaders, wether they are tyrants or angels all you can do is speak for yourself but attacking them does no good.
Comment from : Highway to Paris, TX

He is calling immigrants animals. The sheriff may have referred to MS13. Trump said "We're taking a lot of People" not MS13. He didnt mention that name what do ever.
Comment from : ChaosIadore

kelley Rogers
He called Assad an animal and noone cared....but ms13 is not allowed to be called animal bc they are hispanic. So fed up with liberal bs
Comment from : kelley Rogers

Otter Green
Liberals: So what if it wasn't directed at immigrant! Trump can't call anyone "animals"!
Also liberals: How can anyone call a fetus a person!?

Comment from : Otter Green

Ghxhd Vb Jn
I believe what Donald Trump says by Banning these criminals that bring rape and other attributes I'm talking about the gang called MS-13
Comment from : Ghxhd Vb Jn

Makers Mike
Trump expounded on the reporters question, and said "people". He didn't specify ms-13. The conversation as a whole was about Immigration. The reporter mentioned ms-13 but the conversation and trumps answer was about immigrants. You all love it when Sarah sanders says every day "Well, clearly he didn't mean it like that". "Obviously what he meant to say was". "He was obviously joking". etc. etc. Always trying to back pedal and cover up Trumps horrible statements on a daily basis after he takes heat for his bullshit. Here is Trump strategy: Say something untrue and scary to rile up the base and scare them with fear tactics. The base will believe what ever Trump says. Then the next day when Trump is called out for his lies, Sarah Sanders will go out and say "He didn't mean it like that". The Trump base will still remember what trump said, period. He's making fools of his base on a daily basis.
Comment from : Makers Mike

Mr Trump, Please don't offend real animals by comparing those demons to them.
Comment from : N J

Khozaima Anshar
Mai mai 50 thauzhan dawolar mani pliz
Comment from : Khozaima Anshar

Khozaima Anshar
Hi hawau
Comment from : Khozaima Anshar

I am Plexus
Out of context??? A 5 year old understands why it's wrong to refer to another person as an animal. Dumb orange clown.
Comment from : I am Plexus

You know I am not a FOX fan however it's good that I can use it as a source for some mainstream news which I try not to expose myself to very often.
Comment from : Hyper_5pace

his wife is an immigrant LMAO
Comment from : DatBoiJorge

Bob leroy
Trumps family came here from a third world country. So did his wife. Now he wants to deport people when genus an anchor baby himself. Two faced
Comment from : Bob leroy

Scottybob Videopants
chuck schumer takes the lie even farther: "When all of our great-great-grandparents came to America they weren't 'animals,' and these people aren't either." ...obviously, he doesn't know the difference between illegal criminal alien gang members, clearly stated as ms13 murderers, rapists and child protitution ringleaders, and his great-great-grandparents.....ol' chuckie is a typical, grandstanding, lying democrat, dumber than a box of rocks....he just lowered himself to the sub-basement intelligence level of nancy pelosi and maxine waters--both clearly suffering from dementia and/or alcohol abuse......
Comment from : Scottybob Videopants

The news clearly edited his clips. The original was trump stating that Ms13 gang members are animals.

This is Democratic narrative news depending on non educated and or non English speaking people to recieve the information the wrong way.

Comment from : Wes

Trump can say whatever the hell he wants. He's so fucking stupid his entire political party comes to his rescue everytime he opens his mouth.
Comment from : samdroidva

Like the BLM spokesman, said about using police body cam footage..."Context is Racist!"
Comment from : zbudda

Juan Rivera
i don’t like trump...at all, but this quote was poorly represented and taken out of context. as a moderate democrat, i see very leftist liberals represent him unfairly (and the funny thing is, they don’t have to. This guy shoots himself in the foot on a regular basis without anyone’s help!) so, when we do this, we are part of the problem. look for REAL issues, stop nitpicking BS!
Comment from : Juan Rivera

Tristan Ruby
Defending ms 13, Pelosi! views from her princess dreamland, miles out of touch with American people. Maybe she should employ ms 13 as part of her personal housing staff! Or go hangout with them on the streets without protection
Comment from : Tristan Ruby

"Bloody GINA is now head woMAN of CIA, that waterboarding witch is a real ANIMAL, just like Stormy Daniels in the bedroom, she totally gave ME a FULL category 5 golden tsunami, drenched! JOBS! BOOBS! SKITTLES!"
- Donald Trump

Comment from : JCTiggs

Herr Führer Trump
Stop making excuses for that old, senile animal. Surely, Trump was thinking about his mother, ex-wife, current wife, and in-laws when he made that statement. What a bunch of animals.
Comment from : Herr Führer Trump

sanity 1
You fascist apologists. HE didn't qualify MS-13 gang members. As usually, he threw a broad net and characterized any undocumented immigrant as animals. That's like discussing an Italians gangster problem, and then declaring all undocumented gangsters as animals. Tired of the what he mean't righty bs!
Comment from : sanity 1

Pat Downs
The real question is why are these animals still in the country long after Trump was elected? We voted for him to actually
DO something, not yammer to the press. They are still here and their numbers are growing. Why are Trump and Sessions still talking about them? Stop talking. Do something. Round them up, put them on a C130 and drop them in the Atlantic. We've had enough speeches to last for the rest of the century. Enough.

Comment from : Pat Downs

Wow, I have to say. They got me, they really did. I was upset for days thinking he called immigrants animals, but I was fooled by these news outlets. Shame we don't have a right to an opinion nowadays.
Comment from : thewaterman122

Ritz Ray
A cat, a dog, a hamster and so many more are "animals". So immigrant gang members are like these "animals". Hmm its nothing new for someone who always talks out from his AS%
Comment from : Ritz Ray

Rational Explorer
There not animals there lower then fucking animal faeces I would have loved to say that on national television take that libtards.
Comment from : Rational Explorer

John sarab
Out of context? LISTEN TO THE AUDIO! Trump you are an insect.
Comment from : John sarab

Another issue that the psychologically deranged anti Trumper's cant even see with clarity.
I hope the Dems don't call them any names(animals) and support MS13, for fear of offending them. 2018 and 2020 is looking better and better and is in the bag for the GOP !

Comment from : MickeyT54

Divine Tragedy
Why wasn't he more specific?
Comment from : Divine Tragedy

Yes the media clipped the video, but Trump himself never actually referenced MS-13 members specifically in his response either. He chose to generalize his comment and use the word "people", not MS-13 specifically. He therefore was referencing everyone who is trying to make it into the U.S. via our southern border. As in both those who enter illegally and those refugees seeking asylum. Language structure matters people. It's what ensures proper context and meaning as we form our thoughts into spoken or written word. And Fox News calling out other media organizations for something they do on the regular is pathetically hypocritical.
Comment from : ApollosApprentice

A Christian man doesn't call any human an animal and a president ensures his words cannot be taken out of context. The truth is he wanted them taken out of context so he could throw some red meat to his base, dehumanize a group of people and then whine about being the victim of the media when they reported on what he said.
Comment from : Thyalwaysseek

Howdy Doody
He speaks entirely out of context. He reminds me of Slobo. Religion, overt nationalism, the madding crowd. A1 loser.
Comment from : Howdy Doody

The media has really lost its edge and have really lost their common sense. If they want to call them human beings than they should come out and say that the Nazis are human beings, Taliban, Cartel, ISIS, even the leaders of Soviet Union are human beings.
Comment from : J W

It's the only way they can prove he is a misogynistic bigoted racist....
Comment from : Silentcrypt

CNN is the problem there hate for the USA
Comment from : wrx3123

Kate Sanchez
I forgot gang members aren’t human. 🤦🏾‍♀️
Comment from : Kate Sanchez

Allthingsbeautiful 2020
There are more dangerous humans on Earth than dangerous animals.
Comment from : Allthingsbeautiful 2020

John connor
All humans are animals smh come on Donald Trump. You are an animal yourself Jajaja :D
Comment from : John connor

tony Dobek
Was President Trump talking about ms-13 or the reporters!
Comment from : tony Dobek

Jack Mathis
Oh now it's out of context. Sick news program calling people sub-human. Seen it just now on Hannity. The right loves to attack non whites and protect mass shooting white Americans
Comment from : Jack Mathis

Cassandra Mata
no dijo nada que no es cierto ....si son animales
Comment from : Cassandra Mata

Olmes Rodriguez
Fucking animals so what. He's right like always .TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Comment from : Olmes Rodriguez

Hay i got an Idea, everyone of these MS-13 what ever gangs coming in Over & Over again, How about Plugging then in with an RFID Chip put it where they would think twice about cutting it out, or surgically removed....*Sedate/Chip-em/Boot them across the Border*.
Comment from : MrRebar15

glad im pres ,i would bombed crap out them ,unthankful ungateful ,pos.
Comment from : Bobby

You mad Bro
What else would you call them? Friends... fucking retards
Comment from : You mad Bro

john walczak
When you hack up two teenage girls, with machetes. Calling MS - 13 ANIMALS sounds about right to me. Same with TERRORIST beheading people. The world would be a better place without them.
Comment from : john walczak

Peggy Williams
Great president. Trump is just saying what we are thinking.
Comment from : Peggy Williams

Mark Pateri
Good job, Fox News!
Comment from : Mark Pateri

The King
"Out of context" is a codeword for caught red handed spouting racist bullshit.
Comment from : The King

Jake Tapper appears to be the only honest mainstream journalist left.
Comment from : JLP4444

MeMyself And I
This country is messed up I wish it was given back to the native Americans this country is a mess and is so divided people can't even unite because of political parties
Comment from : MeMyself And I

Fox is real news
Comment from : Stalinium

Wow they really stick this words in his mouth?
Comment from : KARMA777

Chihuahua Chico
Do you guys believe that Trump would have ran into the Parkland shooting, even if he didn't have any weapons? Serious question.
Comment from : Chihuahua Chico

Why is fox all over trumps nuts?! O thats right there in his pay roll!!
Comment from : H20

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